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  1. TheGandalf's Proving Grounds of Development My discord server! Join above! I'm setting up as of now the channels and everything. You can talk to me all about development in there. --- Two Boss Ideas I'm working on
  2. So what exactly is so great about the psp vita? i heard there is a market where you can download cheap games. but is that very much worth buying compared to the 3DS?
  3. This thread is to discuss an issue that has been brewing around colleges everywhere. Not because of the college, but the students themselves. The point of this thread is to start a movement.YES! A MOVEMENT! Right here on ponyville. Things seem to spread fast here, so it was decided that we post here. Plus some of you might be having these one if not both of these issues. It is good to help one another find the right career for you if you're not sure what to go for. ISSUES 1) The point of any institution is to supply the knowledge necessary to succeed in certain fields of work. Now, new students seem to come into college not knowing what they want to do. This problem causes to make students to just pick any career without taking any real consideration on whether or not it's the profession they really want and or good at. This Discussion: What can be done to stop this? How can you help you/someone make the right call? Are you having this problem? 2) Students seem to go into college thinking that the only good careers are the ones the pay the most or make you famous in some way. This is a mistake. This has caused too many students to pick predictable degrees and overflow the workforce with the same types of people. This is why post grads have problems getting jobs too. Students are not choosing careers based on what they've been good at doing so far in their lives. Not doing causes kids to choose careers that they are either not good at or are going to be unhappy with in the future. Discussion: If agreed, how can we change this ideology of going for what makes more money or getting known? How can we present this case to the rest of students on every campus around the country, if not the world? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe we can make this happen, but it's going to take the work of all of us who are willing to change things. LET'S DO THIS THING!!!!
  4. A couple of friends and I had a great 3 hour debate/discussion on this pic. Now, you see, this is a little bit of controversial area in the Brony community, and has been used to give the community a bad name, (Howard Stern anyone?). Anyways, my point of view is that this is art, where my friend believes that this is exploitation, and is needless. I find this perfectly acceptable, however, he see's it as a type of subject matter that should NEVER be explored, even considering how tame this is compared to other pieces of work I'm sure we've all seen. Claiming that this piece sullies or corrupts one's view of the show itself, thereby destroying the shows innocent nature. That on top of the fact that he considers it within the realm of Beastiality, which I don't believe to be the case. I want to hear your guys' opinions on this, do you guys consider this piece to be in poor taste, and is the kind of subject matter that should never be explored in this community? Or do you think that this work is perfectly fine, and shouldn't warrant such negativity. Please, *encouraging push* discuss discuss....