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Found 4 results

  1. I'm guessing it's not possible to join with the main class even if the class is full as donor. I suggest this feature because donors could enjoy VSP to 120% and not to ~99% like now. If not, it would be still great if it'll change as example from 3 to 5 slots with the Engi as class to donors. The GIF is just for your next nightmares. Nightmares are better than no dreams.
  2. Hi everyone. I have some ideas and make it 20% cooler. 1. More payment methods like PSC ( paysafecard ) or Boku because PayPal is too unsafe for me and I would pay a little bit more if I can pay with PSC. 2. Unlimited donator for 50$ or 1 year donator for 30$. 3. More weapons need a buff like the reserve shooter. Not only some weapons like the third degree as melee weapon for pyro. The reserve shooter needs his TF2-update and should do critshots when the hale is in the air because that would be fair for this weapon. The powerjack should be better too like the third degree. My favorite class is the Pyro and I only wanna use my Collector's Powerjack as Pyros melee. I would pay for that! 4. Expired donators which were 3 months or longer donator should be 1% cooler with a few donate features. 5. The servers of ponyville should wear the tag freak because PF2 is too unknown! Thanks for reading and please respond to all of my ideas.
  3. I rarely ask for help when doing things. But this time I am getting kind of desperate. I am a dj and I love what I do. But the problem is. No one will take me serious since my set up is so small and cheap. So i am asking for your help if you will please go to the page in the link. And share it. Like it. and post it. and if you feel generous donate to the cause. there is a video on the page of me djing. One of the reason I am doing this is so that. One day I may be able to have a job that I can enjoy and have a income I can raise a family one.
  4. Thought I should post it here, because of the amount of kind people. My friend's niece has the brittle bone syndrome. They are in a financial bind, and need all the help they can get to get enough money for her surgery. This is a real donation page, not a scam or anything of any kind. If you can afford and are willing to donate, you should. Any size donations are welcome. You are helping out a child, and are the direct drive for helping her to be able to walk again. Raising money to help my 7 year old niece Berlin receive the medical care needed to help her walk. Thanks for considering helping her out, it means a lot to my friend.