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  1. Now from what i have been seeing on the HOW IT FEELS TO PLAY VSP topic people are pitching the idea of wanting Texas to move to Jersey as they seem to agree with me when i said "Two Texas servers are just dumb". So here is a more "Official Topic". Having 2 texas servers is kinda stupid and ONE OF THEM should be moved. Now the most suggested so far that i have seen is NORMAL TEXAS but i will leave it up to the ponies of this little forum to decide. From what Col and them have said doing this would allow EU and TEXAS to play together to so they wouldn't have asstacular ping range on each other and would be a lot more playable.Thanks for reading and thanks for voting!
  2. Username: Vinylbat Scratch Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41559205 Ponyville Server: Dallas Texas #1 (i think, it's been some time sorry) Transgression: Harassing comments and starting drama Hi, i went to create an appeal on the website, and it said that my ID already had an appeal pending. I'm sure that means my old appeal hadn't been reviewed even if the page states "within 24 hour reply" when it was created some time ago? Anyways, ill just copy and paste what i put there into here. Hopefully no issues with that. Hello, i was banned on 11-13-14 19:31 for harassing comments and creating drama. At the time my username was Vinylbat Scratch. Some time has passed now and it would be appreciated if to whoever this may concern, to look over my ban appeal. I would like to prove to the staff members of that i will follow the rules and wont be a nuisance to the community. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take your time into this appeal and i would welcome a reply email. Thank you. Could admins please email a reply to And please, dont send spam if you aren't a staff member. Cheers.
  3. Rainbow Dash WANTS YOU to join her alliance! For too long have we remained under the boot of tyranny that is the Fluffy Empire! Their leader has been spreading the word that Fluttershy is best pony! Such blasphemy cannot go unchecked. As Rainbow Dash's prophet and chosen leader of her followers, I deem that the time is nigh for the Enlightened to stand up for what is right. For justice! For the truth! And for rainbows everywhere! This is the DASH ALLIANCE. And the reign of Lord Fluffy must come an end! HERE. TODAY. JOIN THE FIGHT. If you're interested in enlisting, here are some things to know--about the DASH ALLIANCE. 1. This thread is MANDATORY READING 2. Upon entering, you shall make an oath, pledging your unending will to Rainbow Dash's cause. I will not write this pledge for you. I do not reward mimicry! If you truly are of the heart to join the DASH ALLIANCE, you'll will know in your soul what to say, for Rainbow has blessed you with her guidance! 3. I will grant rank and prestige to those I deem fit--much of which will be determined by how I gauge your loyalty to the DASH ALLIANCE. 4. The Fluffy Empire is our sworn enemy. But pity them more than hate them--for they are simply ignorant and misguided. We seek to give them a second chance, and to see the light that is the DASH ALLIANCE. Current Roster: Rainbow's Prophet, Chosen One, and All-Around Biggest Fan. Also, your fearless leader. Rainbro Dash 2nd in Command Kino (pending invite) All other Ranks are yet unfilled. ENLIST TODAY