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  1. Whats going on the following are disabled: Chat Main Website TF2 Pony modded games.
  2. Please read the FULL post to understand this situation. I do NOT want multiple people giving me the same initial advice that I have already tried. Alright, so over the last two or three days, I happened to notice that I was not getting the boss music to properly play when VS Discord. This was the start of the problem, and it has basically made my VSP data go fully nuts. Original error: " Failed to load sound 'vs_ponyville/discord/disc_theme.mp3' . file probably missing from disk/repository " I shrugged it off "It's just one bad file, probably from the changes I made to his music for myself." Wrong It started with Discord, but now the problem is all potential sounds. A brief list includes: Rarity's Rage, Derpy's Rage, Pinkie superjumping, Background music for: Pinkie Discord, MDW, Pinkamena, Luna, Dovashy. For the !soundlist, I can no longer hear: scootaloo, GG,, better run, to the moon. Possibly more, have not checked them all ad do not want to. ** All of them produce the same error "Failed to load _____ . File is probably missing from disk/repository." Solutions I have already tried: - Deleting ALL files and redownloading them (from the server). - Deleting ALL files and redownloading them from Raini's file storage that is kept separate from the server. - Attempted substituting in other sound files to see if they would trigger. They do not. - Removing my sounds folder, Validating my tf2, and then redownloading the files. - Deletion of the sound.cache files. At this point, I would like to ask if any other players are having such a problem. The only changes to the files I have made are music changes for Discord and NMM. All other bosses have their original files. Advice is greatly appreciated if anyone has an idea I have not already tried.
  3. So, recently, I have been getting this problem in Arma 2 throughout many mods when trying to connect to a server, and I've only found mixed answers so far, I was hoping maybe I could get something useful here. Thanks!
  4. Out of curiosity, is anyone else getting an Error 502 when they try to connect to the server?
  5. Often, I have to rejoin this server twice because this error pops up: ERROR! Reliable snapshot overflow I researched how to fix this problem and they mentioned I would have to "update" some way, but I couldn't figure it out myself. I thought that the recent TF2 update would fix this problem, but I still encounter it. Anypony willing to help me?