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  1. Right now, I am conducting a fanfic where spike is spyro's son, but gets sent to ponyville through one of the dragon worlds archway portals. If you wanna keep updated on my art and the fanfic, my deviantart is this link here ---> Comment your feeling and opinions, and if so, watch my DeviantArt.
  2. This is a fanfic of mine that I'm working on, it's not quite done but hopefully it will be soon. Link here:
  3. Hey everypony! I had this fanfic I had been writing on facebook until i was banned for a week, so i deleted my account on it. However, I would love to start up the fan fic again, if anypony would like to hear it. It does have a couple ships that I am aware of at this moment, because i am not done with the story. only one ship is actually in the mlp universe (i will explain this later*spoiler alert*). There might be a little profanity every now and then, but nothing serious. I use the profanity only because it adds to the depth of the characters, to show their frustration. After all, we curse all the time when we screw up. So if a few of you want to read it, i will post chapters into this thread as quickly as i can dish em out and juggle college. Thanks again, Micheal. (yea, guess you should know my name. don't know why, but oh well)
  4. Just a short story that I had been thinking about for a while now, so here goes. Please comment and tell me how you liked that. And yes, I am still working on the other story, but I just got sidetracked. I just thought it would be fun to write this one real quick.
  5. So, this is the prlogue for one of the Fic's i said i was going to write. After many failed attempts at trying to upload it elsewhere, i finally caved and just copy/pasted it here. Please tell me if it's any good or not. **DISCLAIMER** This is very amateurish and probably poorly formatted The Prince Prologue It was a dark night when it all evolved. The sky was clear of cloud and Princess Luna had truly outdone herself in making the moon as beautiful as possible, or so it seemed. All across Canterlot it was absolutely lifeless, not a single light was on, and not a single sound was being made, it seemed that even the owls were passed out in their nest’s. The only thing that could be felt physically was the ice-cold stroke of a midnight gust against one’s coat and mane. It was as if everypony in Canterlot had simply vanished. Meanwhile, deep inside the royal castle, the deity of the sun was squirming in her sleep. Princess Celestia was seemingly having an intense nightmare, and it showed. She was kicking the end of the quilt up with her hind hoofs, and latching on the top of it with her front one’s. She made terrible, blood curling grunts and moans that almost sounded like she was being assaulted, until finally letting out a painful, fear inducing scream that echoed throughout the castle’s many chamber’s. At that point, the demi-goddess awoke, Panting, and with sweat dripping down the sides of her head. At first, she just sat there trying to catch her somehow lost breath whilst the sweat ran down her face and neck, eventually reaching her torso. Then, she limply fell back down onto her bed and let out an exhausted sigh of relief. After she managed to calm herself down, she got out of bed, wiped her face of with a spare towel she had laying around, put on her golden neck brace and horseshoes, and wandered out to her balcony. It is so quite that even her silent hoofsteps and soft breathing echoed loudly throughout the castle’s many halls and chambers, this is highly confusing for Celestia, it’s never this quite in the castle, there are always chef’s preparing next day’s breakfast or guards having unintelligent little conversations with one another, she knows that something must be up. When the princess finally reaches one of her many balconies, she just simply pauses in place, and lifts her head up to gaze at the night sky. It’s almost unnaturally cold outside, but Celestia doesn’t even shiver in its acknowledgement, she has way too much on her mind to think about what she can physically feel. She goes to let out I sigh of fear, but is then interrupted when she hears an unexpected voice beside her. “I didn’t do this…” the voice say’s. Upon hearing it, Celestia yelps in astonishment, and rapidly flaps her wings out. She turns her head to where she heard the voice, only to realize it was a little, harmless alicorn, it was her sister Princess Luna. Celestia gather’s her nerves back, and proceeds’ to talk to her younger sibling: “What do you mean Luna? You’re the only one who can manipulate the moon to this extent.” “But that’s just the problem, the only one who can possibly do this IS ME, and I didn’t do this so who could’ve?” Luna replies with a nervous tone. At this point both princesses are uneasy, and shaking in shock. Celestia proceeds to slowly shut her eyelids, and lets out yet another sigh, her breath misty against the blizzard cold air… “I know who could’ve done this… and I’m sure that you do too…” Luna slowly turns her head to face her older sister, her eyelids wide open and her pupil’s dilated in horror; “It can’t be… we… you… you defeated him all those…” “I’m fully aware of the impossibility of this situation!” Celestia interrupts; “But he just came to me in a dream, possibly a premonition, it’s why I’m up right now, it’s why I’m so uneasy… Dynamo, is returning…” Luna is now both as confused and as scared as her sister, they both thought that an event such as this would be impossible. Luna takes it upon herself to break the awkwardness of the moment and asks; “well, what did Dynamo say to you, if anything” Celestia looks back at her younger sister and replies with an answer; “All he said was that… ‘He’s coming home to take what should be his’, then all he did was some hysterical laughter” “What should be his? As in the kingdom?” Luna asks. “Most likely, after our parents unfortunate passing Equestria was rightfully his. He became corrupt half way through his rule, that’s when I had to cease him, drain his power’s, royal status, and banish him to Everfree”. Both sisters are beginning to weaken with fear now, they begin to shiver in the cold wind they have managed to ignore, and let out a big yawn each. Luna then asks another question, one of many that is boggling her mind; “Cant you just stop him again, you did it once before?” Celestia answer’s, but in a slightly annoyed tone; “I’m afraid it’s not that simple, the elements barely stopped him before, I don’t even control them anymore, that power was passed on to my students, and they are very inexperienced in this, especially somepony as strong as Dynamo. If his full power really has been restored… then I don’t think we can beat him this time”. Luna turns her head back to face the unnaturally charming moon, shrouded in silence and nerve. As another ice cold gust of wind sweep’s the two mare’s they begin to start shivering again, they don’t care of course, there is way too much on either of their minds to focus on any physical discomfort; Dynamo survived? How did he restore his power? How is he doing this? But they are still both naive, and there is false hope still shrouding them, making them ask; is this really Dynamo at all? Celestia finally lets out a big yawn she was trying so hard to supress, her breath again even mistier against the frozen air around her. “It’s getting late for you, don’t you think Tia?” Luna suggests. It’s not like an alicorn of the sun to stay up this late, although Luna, being alicorn of the night, has no business staying awake in the day. “Yes, if all this really is happening then I’ll need to rest while I still can” Celestia say’s, gently and calmly “Goodnight Luna” Celestia say’s again as she goes to kiss her younger sibling on the check “Night Tia” Luna replies as she nuzzles Celestia’s mane. Celestia starts to slowly pace her way back to her bedroom, still with the thought of Dynamo on her mind. As she pushes the sky-high doors open with the shining pink aura of her magic, she contemplates the events that could possibly happen in the near future; what damage will be done, what offense will be needed, how many will be lost. These thoughts haunt Celestia greatly, but the thoughts that haunt her most are the thoughts about Dynamo himself; how strong is his hatred, how strong is his motive, how strong is he? And now, even as Celestia lays her head on her silk pillow’s, she herself feel’s that she is to blame, after all, she is the direct cause of this rivalry between her ‘lost’ brother, The Prince of Equestria.
  6. ive had the idea of writing a fic and came up with this please give me ur opinion on it nd whether or not i should carry this onAbhorrent Behaviour The origin of the story is on a dark and gloomy summers night, the moon covered in smoke from the factory the smoke was dense, thick and impossible to see through. As the night extended in time the amount of smoke coming from the factory became denser and larger. From the outside of the rusty corroded gates you could hear screams of fillies being tortured with what seems to be sharpened cleavers and poison gas chambers. After they were killed the leader of the factory would cook them in an oven on the ovens inside was charred pieces of filly flank imprinted onto the oven and stains of blood sprayed against the side. At the top of the oven was a vent it led all the way to the top of factory the smoke that made the night so gloomy was coming from the ventilation hole. No pony ever dared go inside because of the horror they’ll be exposed to. The factory was owned by sacrament a devilish and spineless mad scientist pony who became at one with Satan earlier during the year. He wore a white scientist coat as white as paper with crisp brown trousers that look like they had just been ironed. Inside his factory he also had “filly killer” I device more sickening and abhorrent than the other contraptions inside the factory of doom. The factory had been there for decades no one ever comes out of it not even those who dare face the exposure of what is truly gruesome. Enough about the factory lets the start the story at the beginning. The origin of the story is on a dark and gloomy summers night, the moon covered in smoke from the factory the smoke was dense, thick and impossible to see through. As it so happens it was a night of true terror, Halloween! The cutie mark crusaders were trick or treating at every door they knocked. “ Sweetie belle… do you think we should knock at every house” applebloom said whilst staring at the face of the nauseating rusty gates of sacrament’s lurid factory. By this time scootaloo and sweetie belle both looked up together almost in sync to see the thick dense smoke. They gulped in sync as they looked upwards.
  7. Anarchy is Magic Intro Another Hot morning, on another Hot day in this Celestia forsaken land we live in. It’s been seven years since Princess Celestia died, plunging all of Equestria into chaos and anarchy. I’ve seen many a good Pony die. Some from other Ponies, driven mad by the sheer terror of this new, ungoverned world. Ponies had to change their ways, after the… the Creatures started coming. Destroying everything in their path, leaving no trace. But enough about that. I’ve got more pressing matters to deal with right now. Like who was dumb enough to walk out in the open this time of day. I took aim with my Sniper rifle, hoping that it would be quick and clean, leaving me to take the supplies he had on him. Survival is tough nowadays, it’s kill or be killed. My white headphones gleamed in the blistering sunlight as my mouth curled upwards into a grim smile. The sound of me cocking my rifle startled him, he looked up just in time to see me loading my gun. He dove behind a building, landing in the blood crusted sand. “Dammit!” I exclaimed. “Another wasted bullet.” I pulled out my pistol and katana, preparing for short range combat. As I jogged down the stairs from the balcony my outpost is set on, I had a brief moment to reflect on the past. Chapter 1 I woke up in my bed, just like any other morning. Unaware that this would be the morning that would change my life forever. I was awake before the sun was up, because I liked to go for an early morning fly, so I could get a good view when Celestia brought up the sun. I’m a Pegasus, by the way. In case you haven’t noticed. But anyways, I took off from my balcony, to watch the sun rise. After flying for a few minutes, I realised something was wrong. The sun should have risen by now, but everything was still dark. I flew over to my friend, Flashflame’s House to see if he knew what was going on. He, being a fellow Pegasus, was also up early. “Hey Flash! Know why the sun isn’t coming up?” he rubbed his eyes. “What? Not coming up? That’s impossible. Let’s go check it out.” With a simple nod, we flew out towards a growing group of ponies, presumably with the same question. They were walking towards Canterlot, and we decided to pass the group over, as we were never too social to anyone except Pegasi. After about an hour’s flight, we arrived at Canterlot Castle, and the sun still wasn’t up. We were stopped by a line of guards, blocking off a perimeter to the castle. “Hey, what’s with all the guards?” I inquired. “Princess Celestia is sick with an unknown Illness. No one can get through except doctors and scientists.” A guard replied. “Well, that sounds pretty serious!” Said Flashflame. Not a moment after he spoke, someone in the croud yelled out “Look, everypony! Celestia’s coming out to raise the sun!” A very discoloured Celestia came out of the castle onto the main balcony, aided by two doctors. All eyes were fixed on her as she began to raise the sun, for what no one knew would be the last time. To make up for the delay, she rose the sun to about midday. She then collapsed. The croud gasped, and then started shouting. The doctors quickly carried her inside the castle, presumably to do more tests. Luna then came out, announcing to the crowd that she would temporarily cause the sun, moon and stars to rise and set on their own, until Princess Celestia was healed. The crowd’s shouts died down to murmurs, as everyone began to go home. “Well, I guess that’s that then.” I said to Flashflame. “I guess so.” He replied. “Let’s go home.” Then, a startled looking doctor came out of the castle, carrying a mass of papers in his mouth. He opened his mouth to speak, and lost all of his papers in the process. He looked down at them for a brief moment, but decided whatever he had to say was more important than his papers. With a shaking voice, he exclaimed “Celestia and Luna are dead!” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I apologise for the lack of formatting, it was copied directly from word :p
  8. Yeah, this is a crossover, and one of the weirdest ones, that was requested to me on Deviantart. It was also the first Pony-related Fanfic I ever did. I'll start with the Prologue! ---x---x---x---xx--- Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epilogue A random Crackpot Crossover Story Idea by: Hidden Name Written by: Gabriel Martin Outside of Ponyville, you seem to zoom in on a graveyard. Inside the Graveyard, you notice an odd headstone. The headstone says "Here lies Pinkamina Diane Pie. Rest in HELL!". you also see a Half-Mecha version of Rainbow Dash, crying in pain and sadness. You also see a flower on Fluttershy's grave. Now I bet you're wondering..."How the fuck did this happen?". Allow me to explain the Story. I named it "insertnamehere ". Let's begin with the prologue, shall we? It first started out after Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy "died", Pinkie Pie was waiting for her next victim to turn into a cupcake. Little did she know, that her next victim....was gonna be her last one. Pinkie Pie discovers a rather oddly-dressed Colt walking by. The Colt was wearing a Red hat, with a odd badge on it. He was also wearing a Red Vest with a black t-shirt. Even the mane was black, but his eyes were crimson red without emotion. Pinkie also noticed those odd spheres around him, one with a rather spine-chilling aura. The odd colt walked to the cupcake bakery. "Ohhh, this one will make an interesting cupcake!", said Pinkie. What our beloved little Pinkie Pie didn't know, is that this is one pony you DONT want to mess with. As Pinkie opened the door for the odd colt. The colt walked in, only leaving silence in his trail. As Pinkie Pie was getting ready, the odd sphere with the aura that's bone-chilling started leaking some sort of shadow. Before Pinkie got ready for her new kind of "cupcakes", the shadow took form of a ghost. As she turned around, she rather got startled by the ghostly figure. The odd colt soon stared at her with his cold, red eyes. Finally, with one breath of the bitter, still air, the colt spoke with only this word: "....Curse." The ghostly figure soon turned the inside of the bakery darker than midnight, and an echoing scream was heard in the darkness. After the darkness slowly faded away, the little pink murderer vanished out of sight, and was no where to be seen.... the story. The Story of Pinkamina's Fate. --x---x---x--- Now just to warn you: Because it's crossing with both Lost Silver AND Cupcake, there might be parts of the grimdark from the Pony Fanfic. Also, this is my first Introduction Chapter for my first Pony-related Crossover ever. Dont be harsh.
  9. The Dawn of a New Relationship By:Parthenon Rated:T Cast: Applejack,You,Twilight Sparkle,Pinkie Pie,Fluttershy You wake up,sunlight in your eyes, and you notice that you are in Applejack's bedroom. Then you remember what happend last night. It felt good. You kiss her through her blonde mane and she laughs and wakes up. "Hey baby." she says,sleepilly. You say"Hi" back and look at her with your blue eyes and she smiles. "Lets go see Twilight" she says. You say "Ok" and get out of bed. As your walking to Twilight's house with Applejack, you notice that all of the ponies are looking at you with dreamy eyes. You ignore it for now. You finally get to Twilight's house. She then says"Oh.Hi. What are you doing with Applejack?" Applejack explains what happend last night. Twilight smiles and says "Well. Good for you two." You and Applejack then start to exit Twilight's house. Then,with no warning, a swarm of ponies greet you."Love me!" they all say. You and Applejack look at eachother. She then says"Run for it!". You then run for your life as te ponies follow your every move. The noise behind you dies down and you think it is ok to walk again. You then suggest going to meet Pinkie Pie. When you enter Sugarcube Corner, you notice that Pinkie Pie is making cupcakes. You say"Hey Pinkie.". She then looks at you and Applejack with a smile. "Pinkie, are you alright?" you say with worry."Oh Im ffff-fine. Yes. Fine."."Pinkie. it looks like you ate too many cupcakes. You should stop baking them." you say. As you finish your sentence,you notice that Applejack is gone. "Gotta go,Pinkie. Bye!" you say as you open the door. She then mumbles" Cupcakes are tasty." in a derranged voice. You then wonder where Applejack has gone. You then see a orange pony walk slowly down the street. Infront of her is Fluttershy. "Where is Fluttershy going with Applejack?" you wonder. You follow them,quietly and suspiciously, to where they are going. You then find that they are going to Fluttershy's cottage. You look inside the window.You scream with horror. WATCH FOR THE SEQUEL"You Go Insane"!
  10. I'm just curious, how long are fanfics, on average? Or is that kind of like asking how long books are on average? I don't really know how much the genre varies. I've not delved into it much. I guess word length would be the best measure.
  11. This is where I upload the short MegaTen/MLP pieces I write. Wrote them to get into the mood. They may or may not be relevant to Shin Equus Tensei, if you have read it. If you don't know what Shin Megami Tensei is, go here. 1. Three Deities Have a Conversation. (Spoilers for Persona 3) Three deities sat around a round table. The first was a masked man wearing a longcoat. The second was a mechanical man with a harp on his back. The third was far more demonic looking in appearance, and wore a nasty metal helmet with a string of coffins around his back. “I cannot believe,” Thanatos began, setting his cup of sake carefully down on the table, “That we have received ponies, of all creatures, as our new masters.” “I would think you would be the most satisfied out of all three of us here.” Izanagi said, “Your mistress is of the Death Arcana, after all.” Thanatos glowered at him. “Why would I be satisfied? My mistress has cancer and will die in a few years.” “You are the personification of death, are you not?” “That maybe so, but once she dies I will be sent again into the demon world, waiting for another suitable master.” Thanatos growled. “You were sent to, what’s her name, Princess Celestia’s soul immediately after you left that Seta child. You have no idea how boring it is, sitting around in that dark world, doing absolutely nothing. I rather be with Arisato, silent as he was. At least his soul had a few others to talk to.” Orpheus, in his ultimate Telos form, stared. “You’d rather be in the same soul as Nyx?” he said. “Nyx is my mother.” “She tried to end the human world.” “They were asking for it.” “And just how were they asking for a complete and utter destruction of their race?” “They destroyed the 12 Arcana shadows, triggering the Fall. They brought my mother's judgement upon themselves. And no, I do not particularly care that they did not know it would happen as a result of their actions, even if Arisato was part of the team that destroyed them.” Thanatos said, taking another gulp, “Do not discuss the matter with me anymore.” Orpheus shrugged. He wasn’t going to win this one. “You’d rather live in the same soul with Alice, Black Frost, Messiah and the other Personas?” “May I remind you, Alice never talked to me, or to the other Personas. Black Frost was amusing to watch, as long as he wasn’t interacting with me. And whenever Messiah started preaching about how they would win against my mother and save the world, I, as humans put it, turned up the music in my head and ignored him.” “I seem to remember Nyx attacking you as soon as you entered Arisato’s soul.” Orpheus said flatly. Thanatos glared at him. “I will not deny that my mother and I had issues, but we reconciled.” “If the two of you having weekly fights, with you coming out as the loser every time, counts as reconciling.” Thanatos was about to lunge forward and stab Orpheus in the heart with his lance, but suddenly he felt a tug at the back of his mind. “It seems this is your lucky day, Orpheus.” He snarled. “Mistress Octavia is calling.” “What a coincidence.” Orpheus said, “Mistress Twilight is calling me as well. And it just so happens that your master and mine are on the same team. I guess we will be seeing each other sooner than expected.” “Have fun, you two.” Izanagi said wearily. “Try not to kill each other too much.” He watched as the two disappeared in swirls of blue aura.
  12. I have a, uh, somewhat embarrassing confession to make. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of you guys read pony fanfiction, right? Well, I'm a step further than that. I'm a pony fanfic writer. If you've read through the Salutations topic, you might know this already, but...yeah. So far, I've written a TF2 crossover and I'm currently working on a Rayman crossover for NaPoWriMo. As far as my writing skill goes, I already know that I'm not the best writer around and I really want to improve in the future. I think that more and more practice is the best way to go, so I'll keep on writing. Geez, this feels weird. I think this is some kind of new experience, posting about my personal hobby. Anyway, the rest of this topic is dedicated to anyone who wants to talk about the fanfics they read, or other stuff that relates to fanfics. Um, go.
  13. hey everypony! today i had a crazy awesome conversation with a newfoal named Cinnamon Grove. it all started with a simple question about my pony character DarqTempest. the question was "Does your Pony have any background or interesting traits?" well it turned to me cranking out like a chapters worth of matrieal in the span of 2 hours heres the raw conversation Well his name is DarqTempest (naturally) he is a pegasus who was born in cloudsdale but moved when he was 12 to neighvada (im making most of this up as i go) 8:50 PM Cinnamon Gr...I'm ready 8:55 PM Cinnamon Gr...*listens intently whilst eating a muffin* Drake801 WTF Cinnamon Gr...o.o sweetiebellepede DarqTempesthis cutie mark is a thunder cloud with a chef's knife through it. it symbolizes how fast he is in the kitchen (im in culinary school).(still working DarqTempeston the cutie mark 9:00 PM Cinnamon DarqTempeststill typing lol 9:05 PM Cinnamon Gr...I'll have another muffin Cinnamon Gr...I'll have another muffin DarqTempestanywho after years of working in the mines of neighvada, Darq finally earned enough money to open his own resurant in ponyville DarqTempesthe moved to ponyville and opened a bar resturaunt "The Darq Mare" in the center of ponyville. the name kept most background ponies away (bitches). He was about to give up when a blue pony flew in with 5 other ponies following DarqTempestthe other 5 ponies were griping to leave and go to a fancyer place but the blue pony insisted on eating at his modist little establishment saying things like "cmon you cant beat booze and food!" DarqTempestgasp gimme a sec.......brain clogged DarqTempesthow ya like it so far? 9:15 PM Cinnamon Gr...s'cool DarqTempestam i being a little too long winded? Cinnamon Gr...pretty good. The mining thing is pretty unique. but please continue, I love hearing this. Cinnamon Gr...err, reading this DarqTempestgod damn i should do this more often DarqTempestanywho *clears throat* DarqTempestthe blue pegusus flew up to the bar and said "hey dont i know you from somewhere?" DarqTempestdarq thought, "yes....i have seen her somewhere...years ago in cloudsdale". (btw im doing this in more of a story format from now on) DarqTempest"i think i do. did you go to Cumulus middle school?" darq asks the blue pegusus DarqTempest"oh my gosh! Temppee? is that you? oh my gosh its been ages! how the hay have you been?" said the blue pegugus DarqTempesttempee? darq knew only one pony who called him tempee. "R-dash? oh my god! I've been great! hold on." darq says, while grabbing 6 bottles of the finest dark ale in equestria (after all, he isnt going to serve beer he wouldnt drink himself :)) DarqTempestsuddenly the purple pony accomponying R-dash coughed. Rainbow said "oh sorry, lemme introduce you guys! guys this is tempee. we used to be neck and neck in the best young fliers competition for years!" DarqTempestphew gimme a sec 9:35 PM Cinnamon Gr...ayup DarqTempestjust got out of the zone DarqTempestand its Eyup Cinnamon Gr...srry, eyup DarqTempestso what time you gotta get off? or are ya just gunna stick around? Cinnamon Gr...i got another hour before i gotta think about getting to bed DarqTempestalright *cracks knuckles* lets do this DarqTempest"hi im twilight sparkle" said the purple unicorn. "Nice to meet you. Name's Applejack" said a southern voice coming from the yellow pony alredy drinking the beer. "I'm Pinkie Pie!" said the pink pony with her head in the bar nuts bowl DarqTempestdid i put yellow? i ment orange 9:40 PM Cinnamon Gr...nah, your thinkin' of her auntie Cinnamon DarqTempest"and im Rarity" said a white unicorn while eyeing her beer. "do you serve cosmos?" said rarity. Darq Then grabbed various bottles from under the bar and quickly had a perfect cosmo served up. DarqTempest"wow...that" said a tiny voice in the back. Rainbow then rolled her eyes and said "the tiny cowering one is fluttershy". "nice to meet you gals, and thanks for the complement fluttershy" DarqTempest"would you guys like some food? best bar food in equestria!" said darq putting on his best pitchman voice. Rainbow then looked at the menu and said "well i want a filly cheeseshroom sandwich, 4 slices of daffodil and grass pizza, and some more of that beer" 9:50 PM Cinnamon Gr...i bet that samwich tastes like mushroom paskes DarqTempest"you guys want anything?" asked the blue pegugus. pinkie pie looked at the menu and said "Lemme get the nachos!". applejack said "just get me a couple more rounds of that fancy beer thank ya". "alright rarity, flutterhy? would you like anything?" said darq. DarqTempest"rarity perused the menu and said "you serve anything thats not........fatty?". "yes we do! ill make you a salad niccoise" said darq. "ooh! you are classicly trained?" rarity asked. "nope i actually learned.." darq started. only to be cut off by rainbow saying "hey darq remember the 15th young fliers qualifying round?" DarqTempest"yeah" darq said while chopping vegitables and tossing them into containers and pans on burners. "wasnt that the one when i crashed into the cloud the judges were on?" he said while finishing up the salad niccoise and sliding it to rarity DarqTempest"tempee here rivals me in speed, but when he hits the high speeds he lacks coordination" said rainbow dash as a plate with a sandwich piled high with cheese and mushrooms was slid in front of her. DarqTempesta tiny voice belonging to fluttershy then said "you are faster then rainbow dash? how is that possible?". "well" said darq as he then pulled 4 hige slices of pizza from the oven DarqTempest"while it is true that i am faster, once i get to a certain speed i start loosing control and usually crash into the nearest object" he said as he expertly kicked a fully loaded plate of nachos to pinkie pie. "twilight, fluttershy? anything?" twilight shook her head. fluttershy then mumbled "i dont like beer". darq then pulled a little black book from the side of his apron and flipped through the book. he stopped on a page and said "this is just what you need". he then pulls out various bottles from under the and expertly mixes up a pink smoothie like drink. DarqTempestfluttershy takes a sip and screams "OHMYGOSHTHISISTHEBESTDRINKEVERWHATISIT?!?!??!". "just somthing i whipped up when i was home from working in the mines. i called it "the lifter" cuz i always made me feel better after a long day" DarqTempest"wow thats the most youve ever spoken in one day fluttershy! anyway so what happened? one day you were just gone!" rainbow dash asked. "well my parents had a devorce. my dad took me to neighvada with him while my mom stood in cloudsdale. i was living there ever since. i took a job in the mines and i kinda got stuck there building high tunnels that earth ponies couldnt get to DarqTempesteventually i got enough money to move here and start up my dream! owning a popular bar!" DarqTempestgasp block DarqTempestbrain block 10:20 PM Cinnamon Gr...least its not brain freeze DarqTempestoh i am so saving this. this is good DarqTempestanywhozen. 10:25 PM Cinnamon Gr...s'pretty good so far. cool to see the ponies eating actuall food, not just desserts. DarqTempestyeah thats how my equestria rolls bitches Cinnamon DarqTempestbooze in every resturant DarqTempestanywhozen. DarqTempestrainbow dash looked around at the empty bar and said "i dont think this is very successful man. no offense." "yeah, 1 month open and ive only gotten the occasional barhopper. i think everyone is scared of the name. i cant change the name though. it has run in my family for years!" said darq sounding defeated. FLuttershy then said "maybe a change of name isnt in order but advertisment. the drink you made me could bring in plenty of customers if someone tried it." pinkie pie then said "ooh ooh! I HAVE AN IDEA!" "is it a party pinkie?" said twilight DarqTempest"how did you know? are you phycho?" said pinkie pie. "NO no a party would be perfect" said darq with the look of extreme thought. "if we can get enough people here we can get this place hopping!" DarqTempest"great see you tomarrow!" said pinkie while skipping twards the door. darq looked puzzled "wait how am i going to get this done by tomarrow?" "ive got it! just take care of the food" said pinkie as she trotted out the door. DarqTempest"well i guess ill see you tomarrow" rainbow dash said as she started to pull out some money. darq just shook his hoove and said "no your money is no good here. have a nice night girls!" the 5 ponies started walking out the door. all except for fluttershy who stopped and said "thank you for the food. and the drink" the light hit her in such a way that darq lost his words in his throat. he could only manage a faint squeeky "your welcome". fluttershy giggled and walked out the dooor. darq felt a weight let go of his chest and he sighed. he turned around and started washing dishes, waiting for the following night. DarqTempestphew chapter one bitches well there you go. tell me what you think. bare in mind i cranked this out from my flank so its not really refined. plus ts my first time writing and i think i might continue.