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  1. I think this is an issue that needs to be brought up. I for one am sick of seeing the chat spammed with binds players have constantly. Some being rude some trying to be funny after the 600th time and just binds like lenny face and other faces. Im pretty sure there are other people who are sick of this and others who will defend it because they like their little binds. I want something to be done about this. It's annoying and i am frankly tired of it. This only seems to be an issue on Normal texas but either way i want it to stop and something be done about it. An example of a rude one has to be Brony Down Under's.It has something to do with being rage killed and it has some face with shades flippen you the bird.Nice huh. Anyways hopefully people will agree with me and something will be done about it.
  2. I just now realized the supreme lack of racing games in this video game tab! Rainbow Dash would be ashamed!! XD Even though I'm no where near to being a "gear head", I do enjoy cars (in preticular mine XD) and I have found a few racing games that really entertain me from time to time. One game I personally claim to be one of the funnest racing games out there is DiRT 2. Rally racing ams best kind of racing!! Rally racing is pretty much taking amazing cars, putting them on tiny little dirt paths somewhere out deep in Malasia or Morocco and seeing who can barrel down them the fastest without wrapping themselves around the nearest tree (or rock :3). Here is some gameplay of me ripping some tail on one of my favorite tracks. As you see within a few seconds into the video, I forgot to reactive my HUD. As you can tell this is kinda important when going though a jungle at 90 mph XD. Racing action so fast paced even Rainbow Dash is scared! (Im loving these new emoticons :D) I hope I'm not the only brony here with some racing blood in me! Comment on the video, talk about your fav racing game! On your marks....Get set...GO!