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  1. So who here is a fan of fighting games? ..Man I know I am! Probably my most favorite genre ever. There's just something ever so satisfying as you uppercut the living daylights out of a guy and hearing the words " YOU WIN!" ~ I'm pretty competitive and I really want to enter more tournaments. There's actually one hitting up here that's been getting some attention in the fighting community. I got totally smashed in the last one.. 33rd Place. *sigh* I guess out of 200 that isn't..too bad, haha! I play on the PS3 and I've got.. Super Street Fighter IV : Arcade Edition ( Guy, Ryu, Makoto ) Marvel vs Capcom 3 ( Deadpool, Spencer, Taskmaster) *mostly* Tekken 6 (Hwoarang, Bob, Miguel) Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online ( Ryu, Yun, Q, Makoto ) Blazblue Continuum Shift , nevermind that was on the 360 and that system was sold. :x *I need to get a new copy for my PS3 anyway* ..Big long rant aside! How about you guys? Enjoy your fighters and maybe wanna shake it up with a friendly game sometime?
  2. Hey guys, I recently got re-hooked into this game and I was wondering of anyone else plays it. If you play it too add my ign: oTakkun