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  1. Since I really think there should be a new poll for this... well, here it is. (derp) Anyway, before you vote (and don't really read the suggestions thread), Scootz recently revealed that the FNaP hales are (maybe) coming back. (That's Five Nights at Pinkie's, for those who voted 4) However, it's likely that some people share Col's view: My point regarding if a boss should even exist if the first place has nothing to do with how it plays out. I just don't like the ideas of "ponifying anything" and making it a boss. My 2 least favorite bosses when it comes to this is Thi and Judge. Neither of the characters are related to MLP at all, and just shouldn't be bosses to begin with. I don't care how well it actually plays, why does it even exist as a boss to begin with? This is a reason why the brony fandom is despised so much, ponifying literally everything. So basically, I can make literally anything into a pony, and make it a boss, as long as it plays decently, it can get added? I just don't agree with that. If it has nothing to do with MLP to begin with, I don't see its point in existing. Said this before if I remember correctly, but if if a majority of new players don't know who a character is when they're played, why is it a boss anyways? Sorry for rambling so much. :/ So... vote away! (These endings really need to be more creative) Also, apologies if I've made this poll a bit... too soon. ​