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  1. 1# Fluttershy will forever be 20% more adorable than the next pony. Sure, RD might be cooler, but she ain't got nothing on to the hearthmelting adorableness of Fluttershy, nor do any other pony. As an example, compare Pinkie Pie's puppy eyes to Fluttershy's "squee" face. Now you will see that you are either d'awing or laughing at Pinkies face, while Fluttershy's face is simply so adorable your body instantly gives you a new and untested type of diabetes that makes your blood into liquid hot chocolate and your hearth into melted butter. You can't compete with that! 2# Fluttershy currently holds the record for wrestling bears. You know what the record is? Yup. "1". Yup, Fluttershy is the only pony to wrestle bears for fun and stress relief for both parts--WITHOUT ANY SAFETY MEASURES no less. People like to mention that Rainbow kicked a dragon in the face, but you know what? Bear makes your dragon invalid. Also Fluttershy basically saved RD's plot afterwards, a part the RD fans don't like to talk about. Let's go on! If you want to of course, we don't have to... 3# Fluttershy basically is the pony with the most hidden talents and powers, and is quite frankly like the Superman of ponies (or Supermare if you will), with the ability to stare anyone down, gain immense verbal and physicall power when needed, outfly even Rainbow Dash while pulling a air baloon with several passengers in it, sing the clearest and cleanest of all of them and last but not least, did I mention that she is lethaly adorable? And the best part of it all, she doesn't even brag about it herself (she have crazed fanboys like me to do it for her, but that's besides the point)! Now that is really something to admire! So I hope that I have achieved my noble goals of educating you all about Fluttershy, the only realistically best pony. Fluttershy fans should now be aware of exactly why Fluttershy is their favorite. And for those of you who thought other ponies were best? I hope you learned your lesson, but don't worry about it too much; We all make mistakes. Fluttershy forgives you. She's very kind like that.