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  1. Spellbooks have been broken for over a month now to where you can still get ammo with them. The biggest downside to using them is completely gone, and its basically a straight upgrade on classes such as Sniper and crossbow Medic, where the health nerf means next to nothing. The stat used on the weapon has been completely thrown away by valve if I'm not wrong, and won't work at all. I'm not entirely sure if it's fixable, so if it's not, what will happen to spells? Obviously, they won't be completely trashed, as people still do enjoy them, some only playing because of them. Though, I'd still prefer them to be temporarily disabled until a fix is implemented. Soooo uhhh, ideas or something? Or if it's all planned out what's gonna get changed, I'm curious to know what.
  2. Looking for ideas for the smissmas update on Tf2 I will model it and I will credit whoever's idea I used! The idea(s) have right now are: Festive Gibus (my own idea)
  3. Well cause this one certain character you guys may know him as Ahuizotl This will be something I am looking for when the Daring Do hale is finished and I am kinda doing a competition thing whoever does the best Ahuizotl voice can be possibly used in the hale fight with Daring Do so here is how he sounds like. (just look at the english one this is multi language) Here are some line examples: "Don't let her get the Sapphire Stone!" "Go, my minions stop her from getting the Stone!" and yeah leave your voice clips below and may the best Mercenary win