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  1. Hello everypony! I noticed there are a few key individuals who enjoy mixing time travel and all the fun fiascos that entail as much as I do. So, I decided to create an RP for all those guys and people wanting to join in on the time travel talk. I guarantee there will be endless fun, and I hope Septus and Dr. Whooves see this. Feel free to jump in at any time! That is the joy of time travel, after all. *Ahem* To start off.... IC: Stargazer and Delta walked through the library of the Hall of Time, deep in conversation. "So the Council is starting a new team." Stargazer spoke quietly, not wanting to spread word around. "Why are they doing that?" "I don't know. Honestly, I thought they learned certain time travelers shouldn't be given such.... priveleges." Delta whispered. "But why am I needed back? I thought you were the new guardian." "I still am, but I suppose they need the best for the new assignments."