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  1. The Market Garden Challenge! This challenge came into mind while discussing it with Gimpyprime about how the server doesn't have the base market garden item attributes that stock VSH/FF2 has in the items plugin. So while talking about it we wanted to see if there was any decent soldiers that was willing to take on this challenge, Even though the Market Garden does gives you full on crits in VSP, but it's not what the base plugin had intended it to do, it was primarily supposed to be similar to the Spy's Backstab but in the fashion for Soldiers. We also discussed about the weapon restrictions which is mandatory to use if you want to do the challenge, so the following weapons is mandatory for this challenge: Liberty Launcher Gunboots and or Man Treads Market Garden (Absolutely necessary) Now here's the catch, the damage you do with the loadout has to all come from the Market Garden and only that weapon, Goomba's are optional as well if you get them, If you happen to score over 2000 damage with the Market Garden/Goomba's, You can post a screenshot for it in this thread, But you must be in the screenshot itself showing the damage and or hovering your dead body the moment you died showing the damage and the weapon held has to have been your Market Garden. The main reason for the primary and secondary is too reduce the rocket jump damage you'd take if you plan to go for the hits. The primary reason for this challenge is to show that Market Garden shouldn't have gotten it's item attributes changed because it was supposed to be good with the right hands and bad in the wrong hands. If you're planning to participate in this challenge you can not use any other weapons that are not in the list above and you cannot use your primary as a damage weapon itself as well. Also for this challenge, Gimpyprime himself will not be participating in this as it would make everyone else at a disadvantage in Soldier jumping and market gardening in terms of skill level, the damage he did from the previous Soldier related Challenge. Plus this is also a means to have the Market Garden be useful once again on the server with it's original stats as VSH intended it to be, but overall just have fun with this while following the item set rules, i'll be thinking of other interesting challenges to do in the future while discussing it with some veterans from the server.