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  1. So everybody, I've made maps for Ponyville before... about a year ago. I came back and spent around 25 hours on this new map, hoping to see it up on servers possibly soon. I worked pretty hard on it, not sure if it's 100% satisfying. Hoping for the best, check it out!
  2. A number of months ago, I made a 5-minute-long Garry's Mod video, mostly about Team Fortress 2, leading to a climax in which Fluttershy (or, her virtual image) stares down The Scout to cause him to back off. I got a number of comments on the video saying "Was awesome but then you had to ruin it with ponies". ......This...pissed me off. When Master Chief makes a brief appearance in another video, despite even my inherent hatred of the series I don't go "Master Chief's presence ruined it." I was kind of appalled that ponies couldn't just be treated as yet another set of characters/memes to be used on the internet for any purpose in which they're funny. It pissed me off so much I spent several months working on a new video. There are so many people that would probably enjoy MLP if they got out of their heads the preconceptions of what it would consist of. Honestly? I think most of MLP's episodes would still be just as awesome if they consisted of random humanoid characters in a perfectly ordinary and original world. And I intended to prove that to people - without them realizing it. SO! The video! My goal was to make absolutely no direct reference to ponies throughout the whole thing - but both sketches are fully inspired from episodes from season 1, as you can no doubt tell pretty quickly. I even have comment moderation turned on, and I'm removing any direct references to ponies in the comments. (Tiring job when there's a comment every 30 seconds just after upload...and I'm not even sure if YouTube's commenting system is letting me get them all.) I later have a video planned making the "Villainous reveal" and will try to upload that as soon as possible (at which point comments will go back to being public) "Ponies aren't funny" will become a difficult argument for people who just willingly sat through 9 minutes of them, laughing their asses off. I spent several months, working on and off on this, and I hope you all like it!
  3. I don't know about you guys, but i like GMOD animation/stop-motion videos. So not to long ago, i started to create my own, and thankfully, around the time I did, they made GMOD pony models. So if you guys like watching these or are curious, you should check out some of mine. Some of these are kind of old and not too good. I have improved alot since :P I also just reached 100 subscribers and i will be posting more videos in the future. Thank you.