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  1. Thought I might start a forum for grief reports and such that way if somepony (mods/admins) are on the forums and not the server they can see any reports. In other news there was a major grief at von's farm. I'm not sure if it was reported yet or looked into but, I thought I might bring it to the attention of mods seeing as how most of the farms in von's farm have been completely destroyed. I'm working on fixing them and they should be up and running again soon. Anyway please report any griefs that have yet to be handled on this forum.
  2. I decided to start a thread for those of you who love construction, crafts, all that jazz! I know I do! So, feel free to post about your special hobbies below! So to start, my step dad and I decided it was time we had a new shop to work in, so we tore the old one down, and are in the process of building a new one! I'll post pictures as we go through the summer if I remember!
  3. I saw this on another forum, and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, so i though i'd bring it here. The rules are simple; All you have to do is admit something, whether it be personal/embarrassing/weird/etc. to another member of the forums. I'll go first: Nikki Lyra, i find your helpful attitude towards me charming Who's next?