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  1. models

    I need some help. When i got to join a server the pony models had the fire texture on them. Anyway to fix?
  2. Hello and welcome. I am here because I am experiencing a game breaking glitch in tf2 involving fonts (steam name and chat) Special characters and/or symbols in names are barely visible and usually mess up the name (I will post pictures when possible) Another factor is that I suffer fatal frame drops that dips me into <=4 FPS as a see another players name when I spectate or inspect target while alive. It temporarily reduces frames after lagging and goes back to normal. video: -"It's your system specs/OS" Certainly not, my game runs at an average framerate of 30-45 FPS on this server and mostly locks at 60+ on most servers. This frame drop ONLY happens in situations like in the video or when a lot of the pretty particle effects from this server appear. I RARELY lag to the point where It looks like I'm viewing a PowerPoint. -"ping" I don't have low end internet and maintain 20-45 ping. -"It's your mods / you messed with the tf2 files" My skins and huds barely affect performance. This issue appeared BEFORE I even installed these skins. In the most recent update, these special symbols glitched up. Never have I tampered with ANY font files on my computer or in the tf2 files. -"Re-install tf2/steam and verify cache files" I did all of these and the issue still persists. TL;DR Valve released a recent update and it messed up special symbols in player names. I have searched everywhere and CANNOT find a solution. Edit: It heavily involves the October 20th update (Thanks P.B!)