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  1. Yup, its that time again for Jug to try and force himself to be productive! So recently I've decided to get some feedback regarding changes coming to remade/new models so starting a popularity whoring thread would be the best way to do that :D. Here I'll be posting whatever I feel like revealing publically in the form of screenshots from whatever software I'm using at the time (99% of the time it'll be 3dsmax/Maya, other times it'll be HLMV/Ingame). Q/A: Whats currently being worked on? Several different things ranging from updated models, old models with new features or sub-models (hair/objects/etc), new models for bosses. What specifically will be worked on is entirely up to me and I'll post whatever I feel like in this thread.When will they be complete? Just like Half-Life 3 and unlike most EA games, when they're ready and tested.Can I request a certain boss model be made? As of right now I would prefer if you not since this is mainly about what I'm working on then rather what needs to be done, however you can post that in the boss suggestion thread if you provide a suggestion with it.Can I talk about certain existing/coming soon models so I can give feedback about how it looks/will look? Certainly! However please be considerate to keep it to constructive criticism as otherwise I'll more then likely ignore it. Anyways lets get to it! Currently being worked on: Base Pony Model Revamp (w/ assistance from Friagram) - This involves updating all pony models/materials to have included things such as:Functioning proper hitboxes (previously attempted before but delayed due to errors)Appropriate collision models (phymodels, just too lazy to work on them)Working Jarate/Ignite/Uber/Cloak texture (some already have this, its best just to have them all)Condensed materials (plan to have fewer downloading, however this and the above feature do require a complete redownload of all materials)Alternative submodels (for model manager wearers, like how the CMC have alternative hats)Better riggingWorking eyes (so they actually follow you around!)Reworked model to allow easy swapping between different heads (mare, colt, alicorn, etc)This'll be a long term project as all previous models will have to be remade when their new base models are done. Priority: High Progress: Soldier - 90% Complete. Skin bind done, most pre-existing ponies applied to it, need to finish eyes. Medic - 80% Complete. Skin bind done, no pre-existing ponies complete, need to finish eyes. Demoman - 60% Complete. 1st skin bind pass done, need to rework Unmentioned Classes - 20% Complete. Skeleton mapped out, base pony model not skinned to it yet. Overall Materials - 60% Complete. Template created, need to complete eye template/vmts Progress Screenshots: TBA New Pinkamena Hair Models - At the time I made them so cheap, I knew I had to remake them.Wanted to complete this and the remade Vinyl Scratch hair models for the soldier rereleases. Priority: Medium High Progress: Model - 70% Complete. UVs/Normals need to be finished, might be delayed if I want it longer Materials - 0% Complete. Model/UVs always comes first Progress Screenshots: basicmodel basicmodelback Classified 1 - Not willing to release information about it yetPriority: Low Progress: Progress Screenshots: Classified 2 - Not willing to release information about it yetPriority: Low Progress: Progress Screenshots: Starting sometime soon: Flutterbat Model (Assigned by Raini for upcoming boss, coming to Medic Rig)New Vinyl Scratch Hair Models (like Pinkamena, I wanted to redo this from scratch, no pun intended)New Chrysalis Hair/etc Models (like Pinkamena, I wanted to redo these from scratch)Flim Flam Brother Models (Coming soon to a medic rig near you for potential new boss)Revamped Iron Will/Discord/Rdash 5000 models (Improving their base models/materials/rigging/etc)ZecoraMature Spike, eventually....No King Sombra model
  2. Pixel said something rather profound to me just a moment ago. I told her that I didn't feel confident enough about my art to show her something as I was drawing. And that at some point in the future when I felt more confident in my artwork, I would be happy and comfortable enough to to show her my incomplete work, and even draw as she watches. She then said, "Maybe you're going about that backwards". . . .I think she's right. Maybe in order to get confidence in drawing publicly or at least in front of friends, is to actually do it and get over the insecurity and fear of judgement. SO--In the very near future, I will be hosting a live steam of me drawing. Tentatively dated for this Friday evening, assuming I can get the live-stream up and running by the time, and barring unforeseen circumstances. If I did this, how many people would be interested in watching? I'll probably be taking some requests too, assuming I think I could handle them. I'm not entirely sure how the whole thing will go, but I do know that I want to do this. I'll link the channel here once I get it set up and working.
  3. I've noticed many christian Bronies on the site. Some of them would like to share, as it seems, but where would that be appropriate? So here's a thread for it. Bible discussions, witnessing, and fellowship. A few rules: ) This is a place for discussion of the Christian faith, not to debate the validity of it. There is already a thread for discussion between/about all faiths. ) You needn't be Christian to be/post here, but be respecful of those that are. This particular thread is here for that specific purpose. ) If you're of a different faith, feel free to make a thread regarding it if you would like. I can even try my best to keep a link list of faiths at the top of the page, to help direct ponies there. ) More rules may be added if deemed neccessary. This is all I can think of for now.
  4. I always wonder on how we came to be I know there's been lots of arguments over this subjects since we where made about who made us and such ..And lots of scientist in the world have been trying to solve this problem about how we where made..But do you think that maybe it can be extraterrestrials that made us into their owned images and that they help us along the way for us to be able to evolve... And do you think we may ever truly find out the real answer on how we became to be or do you think the reason that we may never know the answer to it is because of fear of religion and how it will affect our belief in religion and how it will affect people as well if we ever found out the true answer on how we where truly made...Cause this has been bothering for a long time cause I always go to my back yard at night and just lay down and stare up into the stars and wonder how we where made.. So what is you're thoughts on this subject how do you think we where made ?..
  5. Like the title say if you had the power of a god to do anything you want in the universe what would you do with it would you help create a better universe or destroyed it or just cause chaos and havoc with it torturing the endless amount of souls every where across the universe.