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  1. A friend of mine told me about this Thought everyone else should know about this as well Also the comments are really stupid, but funny as hell to read (God other people's stupidity is so funny) -Have a nice day -Vgameboy00//_- (I also can't put the video in the post for some reason ;-;)
  2. Feel free and comment here if you want Nightmare Rarity as hale back. Greetings
  3. Simply said, who is your main hale? Is there any pony (or other species) you find much more fun (or easy/hard, whatever suits best) to play as compared to the rest? If so, why? Because of their innate abilities (like increased speed/jump height/resistances or either teleport/superjump)? Or because of their unique Rage-mechanics (ranging from the vanilla stun and uber like AJ, to utterly obliterating everyone you look at, like Octavia/Rainbow Dash/Discord)? Wich classes become a laughing stock to you, and wich are a royal pain in the ass to deal with? Any specific strategies you stick with, or just play on the fly? Or are you the kind of person who doesn't really care and always goes random/never is a boss instead? I'm asking this in the hope of discovering new viewpoints at certain hale's, and encouraging me to play other hales beside Mare-Do-Well/Celestia, so thanks in advance for any reply.
  4. (Texas) - Versus Ponyville Versus Ponyville (3.3) Around 2:00 AM (UTC-0:600) Central Time (US & Canada) arena_offblast_final A player named 'Talon:Lord of Big Butts' was able to non-maliciously be the hale about 6 times in a row during this map. When I looked at the /ponynext queue while he was hale, I saw that none of us were generating queue points (Even though we certainly were getting damage). After suggesting to 'opt out' of being hale, Talon did so, after that round the boss rotation then changed to the next player, and the queue points returned. The issue resolved itself after this, and Talon and the other players were able to be hale as normal. I wasn't opted out of being hale, and multiple others weren't either.
  5. Versus Ponyville Freak Fortress 2 ... with ponies! Friendship is AllTalk Texas VSP #1 - Funbox (VSP, Deathrun, Fort Wars, Dodgeball) Friendship is AllTalk Texas VSP #2 - Standard (VSP with VSH/Arena Maps Only) VS ポニーヴィル Japan - Standard (VSP with VSH/Arena Maps Only) Friendship is AllTalk Europe - Standard (VSP with VSH/Arena Maps Only) General Information ❤ Boss Information ❤ Weapon Information
  6. Well cause this one certain character you guys may know him as Ahuizotl This will be something I am looking for when the Daring Do hale is finished and I am kinda doing a competition thing whoever does the best Ahuizotl voice can be possibly used in the hale fight with Daring Do so here is how he sounds like. (just look at the english one this is multi language) Here are some line examples: "Don't let her get the Sapphire Stone!" "Go, my minions stop her from getting the Stone!" and yeah leave your voice clips below and may the best Mercenary win
  7. For the past couple of weeks, TF2 has been closing randomly on me when the hale rages. At first, it was only Nightmare Moon. Every time she would rage and get close to me, my TF2 would close. No crash report, no error, it would just close. I noticed it would always happen when I played engineer. I decided to bind a kill key for whenever someone played Nightmare Moon. Then I happened to spec another engineer, and the moment she went near him during her rage, I crashed. I've been trying various tests, such as being Nightmare Moon myself. The people on the server at the time were kind enough to let me build up my rage and then leave me alone to see if I would crash (for those of you who were there and remember this, thank you SO much for helping me with this), and I didn't. After that, I didn't crash when she raged near me, so I figured it was one of my loadouts. Various people were kind enough to play Nightmare Moon for my sake (you know who you are) to let me test this out, and this was debunked. It was suggested that it was it was my video card, my files, etc. My computer is brand new, my drivers are up to date, yadda yadda. Here's the thing, though. It's not just me like I originally thought. A couple of days ago, I found out it's been happening to others. And ever since the clean-up of the server messages (I don't know what else to call it), the implementation of the AFK Manager, and the introduction of the two new hales, it's been happening to me with other bosses. So now I'm crashing like crazy. I've been making a note of every time it happens. One reason I'm making this topic is for others log the hale crash so a common denominator can be found. I've been writing it like this: Map: Arenagate Hale: Pinkamena Class: Engineer Loadout: Rescue Ranger, Vintage Luger, Wrench When: Crashed during hale's death Map: LumberyardHale: DiscordClass: EngineerLoadout: Rescue Ranger, Vintage Luger, WrenchWhen: Crashed during rage or rage death while looking at hale Map: 2FortDeskHale: TwilightClass: EngineerLoadout: Shotgun, Vintage Luger, Vintage GunslingerWhen: Crashed during Twilight's rage/lightning Map: MC VillageHale: Nightmare MoonClass: EngineerLoadout: Rescue Ranger, Vintage Luger, WrenchWhen: Unsure Map: NucleusHale: Nightmare MoonClass: EngineerLoadout: Rescue Ranger, Vintage Luger, WrenchWhen: Crashed during rage while specing another engi near his dispencer, Hale was next to him
  8. Had for a while now but first now gotten my butt off to post it. When engineer and placing down a sentry, if at any time during the process of it setting up to level 1, and the hale rages, the sentry going into what I only can call a "Civilian mode" where it has no ammo, still full health, does not move or "search" for targets, just standing there still and doing nothing. Only ways I found to fix this is either level it up to level 2 sentry, or destroy it and hope the hale does not rage before it finishes to build. Will try to get a demo of it as soon as possible, as I know, I'm not the only one that has gotten this issue. It might not be all the rages that causes the issue, not gotten a full overview of it.
  9. Back way back then, there was Ponyville, and Ponyville has some Pony Hale bosses that we loved to beat, burn, shoot, Goomba, backstab and tele-frag. Most or all these old Hales can still be played and killed to this today with vast gameplay upgrades, but as these Hales changed, so did their identity. The old days had a single Hale Octavia with no strings attached (Vinyl), also there was a Duo Hale called DJ Pink3 and DJ PON3. Well there gone now, their rages polished and give to Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, which makes for a neat duo theme wise but unlike Vinyl, Octavia got her solo part in the concert of Hales taken from her, her time playing her melody alone was soon over unfortunately. Well, now lets see If we can return her to former glory, lets list concepts of rages or fun mechanics that we can associate with her, and with support of you guys we can set in motion some momentum to convince the higher ups to reinstate Single Hale Octavia. I will spruce this up later, just skeleton text here. Feel free to list your ideas/concepts below as-well as your support( Heck even leaving a super ^^ or +1 is awesome lol).
  10. Player: Gibus Edgeless ace stuntman (I couldn't find his steam ID, and not sure if there's a way to check it without them entering) Player was gagged, and even confirmed that he was gagged, yet was still talking using the !pony command despite this. I informed him that using this exploit was a banable offence, but he continued. I will try to get his ID as soon as possible, if it cannot be found. Proof ------------ These shots are in order of when they were taken.