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  1. help

    when i go on the donation page and i try and put my profile names it wont recognise them i did use the forum and my steam accounts and it does not recognise them so if you guys could help me with sorting this it would be a great help
  2. Hey Im kind of new to TF2 mods, looking for help on the ponyville servers, how to defeat bosses, rocketjump, bind keys, superjump as boss, special powers, stuff to get better so I dont die so early on in arena. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm developing a server that works like that of ponyville. this to have a server in mexico, nothing more. Important: I do this just to help, do not seek payment nor do nincun competition / why I ask them if they want to help them with a server in mexico (CHIHUAHUA, MEX) -close the "el paso texas" - information: My internet speed is 5MB IP: server name: Rarity Dedication Server (currently this off) MODS, AUDIO, ALL: Ponyville Server game: TF2
  4. So recently I've gotten my hands on Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max and I've been meaning to put good use to it. While I am not the best at making models, I do know how to make scenery and maps. I am also decent at making special props and rigs for models so I just wanted a good way to contribute to a community. Leave some comments on any ideas I can start on, anything helps!
  5. So for all my life i have been bullied, from catholic school to public school. Ive tried to stand up tall and ignore all the words, but as ive gotten older the words have turned into theats. For the past 2 years ive been a brony but recently only been public about it, and at school everyday I am made fun of, but going into highschool i am told things like "kill yourslef", "drink bleach", " Gay faggot, fuck you" and things like that. i just need some people to talk to about the way i feel, my parents dont really support me being a brony, my father wont even go to bronycon with me, he's dropping me off at the airport and im going by myself. Thank you for reading this post, I hope i can meet some good friends.
  6. I recently donated along side a friend of mine and while his was near instant it has been several map cycles and i still have not received any benefits. Please help resolve this quickly and thank you for your time.
  7. Hello All Squishy here Posting this here so if people need help with Rocket Jumping And Rocket Pogoing Without Buging Gimpy.. or if he is Offline you can come here.. For Those That have No Idea What It Is, It's A new Steam Group that Focuses on Training Begineer Rocket Jumpers to become Pros.. They Even have there own Site,Map and teachers dedicated to help you learn. Also If you are already ump savvy, you can Join Jump Academy as a Teacher and help a Student Like me :3... They Are becoming Very Popular and the staff is very Friendly .. I just wanna help Spread the word about this Awesome Group....btw you can Schedule Private Teachers if you need more In-Depth Teaching.. (Not Trying To Addversite it.. but it would have many Solly's if they Need it) The SFM That let the People know of it was the SFM Zero To Hero. (Can't Put Video Link Up :(... ) They Even have a WebSite.. It's Hopefully we can all be Awesome At Rocket Jumping And Rocket Pogoing...
  8. I need help with a little problem: In team fortress 2,in the folder of songs of vsponyville server,the songs arent all with the real name...and why i say that? because i used HOURS of my time searching the songs,and someones i dont found them and i needed to ask in the server.Can change to the real names or put a note bloc saying the names or something? And can say me the name of the song of luna:princessofthenight.mp3? i searching the song like 1 hour
  9. Just post some funny ass gifs... I'm bored XD
  10. I rarely ask for help when doing things. But this time I am getting kind of desperate. I am a dj and I love what I do. But the problem is. No one will take me serious since my set up is so small and cheap. So i am asking for your help if you will please go to the page in the link. And share it. Like it. and post it. and if you feel generous donate to the cause. there is a video on the page of me djing. One of the reason I am doing this is so that. One day I may be able to have a job that I can enjoy and have a income I can raise a family one.
  11. Ok I donated at 7pm on 11-20-13 and I had not got the extra stuff that I donated! PLZ HALP
  12. Hey guys. my name is Andreas Alexander Fox II. but you can call me andy for short. i'm looking to start a new RP and i was wondering if anyone would like to help me out with this. Send me your OC's background and i will send a message back letting you know that you can join. I have just a few rules. 1.) Be nice to everyone else 2.) No bullying 3) Have fun
  13. Hi everyone. I'd like to start unusual trading, and I was wondering if anyone could help me. Say for instance, what hats sell for what.
  14. I currently have $900 ready to purchase a laptop! I am searching for a gaming laptop that is in great condition and is able to of course run 3D games such as league of legends and minecraft. The mission for all is to help me find the best gaming laptop $900 can buy. Thank you very much and good luck
  15. Hello Heart Shatter hear. I am currently looking for a good gaming computer under $640 including taxes. so far i have found a couple candidates please let me know what you think, and let post me better ideas if you have any Dell Inspiron 17R 17.3" (900P) Laptop Intel Core i5-3210M 2.5GHz, 6GB, 1TB, DVD R/W, Windows 8 ---Red: Computers & Accessories Acer 15 6" Aspire Windows 8 Laptop i7 3632QM 2 2GHz 6GB 750GB V3 571 9890 886541753250 | eBay
  16. Okay so for one thing my thread had mysteriously integrated with another thread. i have no clue how that happened. Another thing is that the chat seems to be broken. is it just me or is it happening to everyone else?
  17. I am an active player in the Texas Vs. Ponyville server. I mean, I was an active player in the Texas Vs. Ponyville server. I was banned yesterday. I checked, and found out that I was banned for having an inappropriate spray. A friend recommended I look at the forums to get any help, and I found this: Here it says that any "suggestive" sprays should be dealt with a verbal warning before a ban. After reading this, I found that I should have not been banned, but rather warned before. As said I was banned by CONSOLE, I talked to some server admins, and they said that the servers have been rather strict on that kind of material, given the fact that they want to avoid any legal actions. I find that the ban I received was pretty unfair, given the fact that I received no warning, and was banned rather immediately. What is worse was that the server had at least 3 more of these, and people were having fun, not really complaining, when suddenly *POOF*, banned. Is there any way any admins could help me with this?, I will stop the sprays, as long as I am able to play on my favorite server again.
  18. Hello, i have been banned. i am Cave Johnson. i have been banned for RDM. i was in a room, there was two other guys, then, suddenly, two guys and a body! so, i started shooting the guy, and he ran away. i didnt catch him. i dont have a head set, and i couldnt talk. i didnt know the keys to do it. so i looked in the chat, and they were accusing me of it, so i looked in the options for it. and i was banned prior to then. help?
  19. So since I don't really use my account anymore, I figured I should get rid of it. I can't really find a way now but maybe some of you know? Help would be appreciated.
  20. Hey, I know this has happened before, and I seem to be the next victim of it. Tail rotor clipped something, and the helo went down. Needless to say I got banned for it. Would greatly appreciate some help on the matter. Thanks. P.S. - the spin out was pretty epic. (But certainly not intentional)
  21. Hey. I let my friend play ttt on my account cuz he had never played before and he got me banned. I dont know what he did. if it was on purpose or accident i don't know. I really like this server, and i was wondering what i need to do to be un banned. :(
  22. Hey I was recently banned from Ponyville: TTT is magic. I did not know the rules and would like my banning to be repealed. I will not break any rules again if I am acccepted. Thanks for your time n.n
  23. Okay! So my 18th birthday is this friday and my grandparents got me minecraft (yay!) the only problem is they live back home in Washington state. So I gave them my account info (my username and password) and they got it for me. They told me the account code id thing but now when I log into my account I don`t know where to put it in. Any ideas guys? I'm itching to play mc with you,
  24. ive had the idea of writing a fic and came up with this please give me ur opinion on it nd whether or not i should carry this onAbhorrent Behaviour The origin of the story is on a dark and gloomy summers night, the moon covered in smoke from the factory the smoke was dense, thick and impossible to see through. As the night extended in time the amount of smoke coming from the factory became denser and larger. From the outside of the rusty corroded gates you could hear screams of fillies being tortured with what seems to be sharpened cleavers and poison gas chambers. After they were killed the leader of the factory would cook them in an oven on the ovens inside was charred pieces of filly flank imprinted onto the oven and stains of blood sprayed against the side. At the top of the oven was a vent it led all the way to the top of factory the smoke that made the night so gloomy was coming from the ventilation hole. No pony ever dared go inside because of the horror they’ll be exposed to. The factory was owned by sacrament a devilish and spineless mad scientist pony who became at one with Satan earlier during the year. He wore a white scientist coat as white as paper with crisp brown trousers that look like they had just been ironed. Inside his factory he also had “filly killer” I device more sickening and abhorrent than the other contraptions inside the factory of doom. The factory had been there for decades no one ever comes out of it not even those who dare face the exposure of what is truly gruesome. Enough about the factory lets the start the story at the beginning. The origin of the story is on a dark and gloomy summers night, the moon covered in smoke from the factory the smoke was dense, thick and impossible to see through. As it so happens it was a night of true terror, Halloween! The cutie mark crusaders were trick or treating at every door they knocked. “ Sweetie belle… do you think we should knock at every house” applebloom said whilst staring at the face of the nauseating rusty gates of sacrament’s lurid factory. By this time scootaloo and sweetie belle both looked up together almost in sync to see the thick dense smoke. They gulped in sync as they looked upwards.
  25. hey so i recently downloaded tf2 f2p version and need help on how to play and what there is to do in the game if there is already a thread like this please link me to it as it would help and also saves he trouble of aking another thread for the same topic -datbrony-