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  1. So Today At A Sunday Morning Day In Tokyo I Logged On To My Computer Hop On To Vsp United States Then You Know What Happened I Saw Default Loadouts Everywhere With Not Even A Single Hat,To Be Honest I Think Is A Great Idea That People Are Playing Like in a Communist Society,But You Know What Shits My Pants Hale Without Fixing Ranges And They Still Had Crossbow and Different Weapons, Okay That Is Not Even The Main Point We Can't Avoid It, Like No Ham Shanks Or Razorbacks Or Even Demoknights With Shield Or Protection Or Even Atomizer Users Or Wingers Users And That Is Not Really Fair. I Wish They Can Stick Into The Old Traditional Versus Ponyville With Cosmetics And Choices Of Weapons Hope You Guys Can all Hear Me Out On This And Stop Cancer From Spreading #BringBackOldVsp Have A Nice Day And PEACE! (Photo)My Score For Today Worst Then Before Without My Atomizer