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  1. As We Know The Dazzlings Are currently being worked on... last time we saw them No Name Showed us them in Pony Form....(Old Video... Unsure if they have been updated or not Edit:There has been no Updates to the pony models) But the Dazzlings have been and always shall be Humans/Sirens... we never seen them as ponies....the Question i'm asking here is... would you guys Rather have them Human? Or Pony? (Even Though They Don't Have a Pony Form)
  2. Oi! If you haven't already known, I do Art. What kind of art? this kind... Still Dont know what I draw? Well I draw:Colored or Black and White Human, Pony, Or Whatever it issafe, sugestive*, nsfw**​​*=Not sure if can post or not... **=Cant post here. Just contact me then, I used to do requests. Now I do commissions and I show my work here. I could once in a while do some requests, just check the thread. ;3 When finish with something, I will post the pic and/or the DA link in the thread Completion time is a little "skechy". lol. All art pieces will have my Signature "Elvis//Lopez-2015" if you have requested or commissioned something and want it without my Signature, PM me and I will Send you the Signature-less copy. To look at recent finished works, Please, check my DA, Derpibooru, or FA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Currently Working on: Toki's Request(pf2)Aaron's Request(Pf2)Coloring Some GiftsColoring some peices_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Places to Find me: DA: Derpibooru -Ask for Link- FA -Ask for Link- Commission Info And List:(Opening Soon-ish) Current Commisson Queue:
  3. I did not so long ago a series of the mane 6 as comic heroines or related. Hope you like it!! :) (Big image if you follow the links under the images) Rarity Nouveauby ~pennysilver Applejack Warriorby ~pennysilver Twilight Sparkle Adventurerby ~pennysilver Rainbow Dash Hitladyby ~pennysilver Pinkie Pie Sweets Fairyby ~pennysilver Fluttershy Kindred Spiritby ~pennysilver Plus one of the CMC: Cutie Mark Crusaders Zby ~pennysilver
  4. We know that Equestrians have their own currency --we even have it here-- called bits. There have been multiple scenes in the show itself where the characters, main and background, have had to purchase items they need. What I am curious to know is, if our countries were ever to set up trade relations with Equestria, what would the currency exchange rate be between Bits and US Dollars or EU Euros --or another official currency? Since there are scenes in the show where character have bought products (mostly produce) that we have as well here on Earth. Is anyone here capable of making a comparison?