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  1. Welll as we all know Our Dear Valve added Gun Mettle Thing aka Weapons are not dropping and Dropping ammo Boxes.Thats Broke the Spells.I have an idea about atleast make spells Little Bit More Fair.Add atleast -90% ammo Pickup.Or Cut Total ammo For Primary and Secondary weapon.Engineer Will have enought ammo on Pistol anyway but Still.Shotgun will be Kinda Useless with Low ammo. P.S. : Also Spells are Broken on Europe server again.And Engineers can use them with Building Sentries...again... Thats it THanks for Reading
  2. Thought I might start a forum for grief reports and such that way if somepony (mods/admins) are on the forums and not the server they can see any reports. In other news there was a major grief at von's farm. I'm not sure if it was reported yet or looked into but, I thought I might bring it to the attention of mods seeing as how most of the farms in von's farm have been completely destroyed. I'm working on fixing them and they should be up and running again soon. Anyway please report any griefs that have yet to be handled on this forum.
  3. So, in the newest episode (S2 E18), during 'Smile smile smile', I noticed an unnamed character I liked the design of, this character: As stated in my gallery, I was hoping that she would appear more frequently in the show (dunno why, just like her), and that she could be the next big side pony (like derpy or octavia). I don't have a name for her yet, but I was thinking Penny Doodle (as a joke) since she looks like my avatar, but if you guys have anything I'd like to hear it