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  1. No idea if there's a thread or anything, but figured I'd just make a fresh thread on it. Say sounds appear to be completely broken/gone. !soundlist and !sounds do not work, nor does typing any sounds in chat. Admin menu also doesn't even have the sound options at all. (we should totally get some more admin sounds btw <3) !servers does nothing. Not really sure if there's much else at this point, but can add stuff if I find out more.
  2. Send it to all your friends it's the Festive Gibus After a long week and a few days we have finally completed the festive gibus, if you guys would be so kind to upvote it I would be eternally grateful.
  3. Simple game! Would you date the above user or his avatar? or neither.
  4. The ride never ends. Go ahead and try to outwit each other with sick rhymes, kiddos.
  5. So... 60 seconds left in the round and there is a pyro on a dispenser with the normal flamethrower all he did for said 60 seconds is airblast I rage he is on a dispenser (I'm playing as Nightmare Rarity) he airblast me constantly I can't do nothing and they make it a stalemate either make Pyro's airblast cost alot of ammo or make sure they don't get ammo from dispensers/ammo packs
  6. Just post some funny ass gifs... I'm bored XD
  7. Hello Forums! Official Website! Story and Book by James Stryska Music by Unknown Lyrics by Unknown Introduction Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James, a theater and music student. I have been in musical theater for the past six years or so. I have been in shows from Grease all the way to Willy Wonka. For the past month or so I have been starting a new project, not your usual project though... A full length original two-act musical based off My Little Pony. Now I know what you’re thinking. This sounds crazy! But! It is possible. Over the course of the next year or so I will be working with a few other people on an original musical based off the cartoon. The Project The musical will have a brand new storyline as well brand new songs. You may hear some familiar ones, but most songs will be original. By the end of this project we should have either an audio only, or an animated feature film showcasing the musical. Synopsis The synopsis will be released on a later date. All I will say is that, it will be a Spike centered musical. How Can You Help? I am going to need help on this project, since writing and arranging a whole musical is not easy. I need people to help me arrange the sheet music. We have limited access to the show's sheet music, so we're going to need to write up some original music. You need to meet the following requirements in order to help with music: - Be at least 15 years of age - Speak and write in fluent English - Have some type of composing software (They cannot be Musescore, Noteflight, Finale Notepad, or any type of free MIDI writing program.) The full Finale version is allowed. That is what I use. I also recommend Sibelius. - Play at least one instrument - Be in any type of band at the current moment (Rock bands, marching bands, concert bands, acapella bands, etc.) - Can fully understand music I also need help with some of the writing. I'm taking a lot of the show's script but that won't be enough. We need to come up with a subplot as well as write brand new scenes. You need to meet the following requirements in order to help with writing: - Be at least 15 years of age - Speak and write in fluent English - Have taken and passed English II in high school - Understand how to write a script - Have been in at least two plays or musicals in their lifetime If you're interested in helping then use one of the contact features below. Once I add you I will ask you some questions as well as ask for some examples of your previous works. If I find you qualified you’ll be in the running. I am looking for one composer and one lyricist. Or one person to write music and lyrics, since I am writing the script (or book). Thank you guys for checking this out, I hope to hear back from you guys! This project is going to be great! - TMM Contact Information Skype - themusicman1105 My Little Pony - The Musical! email - My personal email - Website - F.A.Qs Can I be in the cast? I can sing! I will hold auditions for all roles once we are about done with the show. This is obviously not going on Broadway, so why are you doing this? Once done with the show we will have a digital, sounds only show available for download. This show won't go to waste! When will you be done? We won't know the official release date until we have our cast. One song may be easy to transpose while other songs can be extremely hard. You never know. Is this "My Little Musical?" No we are not. They are a different group of talented people who are putting on a whole different musical with original songs. Go check them out here! My Little Pony - The Musical! by James Stryska is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Characters and titles from “My Little Pony” franchise © Hasbro, Inc. 1982-2013 As this is a non-profit and wholly amateur production independent of Hasbro, Inc., it is currently protected under the Fair Use doctrine as applied by the U.S. Copyright Office.
  8. We have topics for 4 of the Mane 6 (Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) but none for Twilight who is best pony for srsly. Now here are the three reasons why Twilight is better than your favourite pony: 1) She is smart. Who else would live inside a library and study all day? Fortunately she found the magic of friendship, and without her we wouldn't have had lessons every week. Also she is the only pony that has any common sense, although I'm unsure whether that is related to her smartness. 2) She is the most adorable pony (U mad Fluttershy fans?) in Equestria. I'm pretty certain everyone Daww'd at filly Twilight in Cutie Mark Chronicles and she is still a cute pony. With this she also has the best and most cute quotes such as "Yes, yes, yes..." and "Hi girls" and even when she was insane she still managed to be cute. Plus with fan art like this it's quite clearer she is 20% cuter than every other pony. 3) She is the best magic user in Ponyville and possibly Equestria. She is so good at magic that she even vanquished an Ursa Minor Major AND made a fool out of The Great and Powerful Trixie, and that was in the same night! She can teleport herself and other people, pick up things, grow mustaches, turn rocks into pimp hats (like Gummy's one), blow wind and create a random door, you name another pony that can do that. Also she turned into a Rapidash in that one episode. I was in a rush to post this, so I'll expand on these points when I have more time. Also Rarity needs a bit of love, lets have a 3 reasons topic for Rarity too... D:
  9. Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:27666368 Nick: Zelgarath Reason Banned : Shooting Juicy in the back of the face. When you first look at this post you may think... "Oh me oh my! it appears that rascal Zelgarath is up to his shenanigans again!" And you are Semi-right as my shenanigans never end, but none the less i am here with a purpose. Before i begin though may i remind you of my current condition listed in the previous appeal here. ( So let me tell you the tale of how i got banned by shooting juicy in the back-face. it shouldn't take too long. I was just playing a rousing game of TTT when i was chosen as the innocent. No more then a minute into the game i start hearin juicy complain that the detective was shooting him. When i slowly walked over to the scene ( i didn't run cuz i did not want to get shot and hurt my bread and butter.) I noticed that both juicy and the detective, ghost. Were only a tad injured when the shooting stopped. This led me to believe that they were just screwing around and nothing else. So i follow the two a few feet, when Juicy starts shooting his deagle while aiming at Ghost. I open fire, aiming PRECISELY at the back of juicy's face. (Which is what i have no trouble doing, being STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTON and all.) Juicy falls to the ground and me and the detective shortly after, as we didn't realize Icey was so Eagle-eyed with a knife. Juicy asked me why i shot him and i told him "Because you shot at the detective" He said he hadn't shot the detective and this was "Against the rules as it didn't damage him" He slayed me the next pre-round and round start. This was my traitor round ironically and the round ended right after he typed the command. (I'm not sure if he slayed the other traitor or if the player just killed himself or left.) This action ruined a player's detective round and mildly irritated me. (But Zel don't hold no grudge.) after this i said over the mic "I'm startin to feel the rage of the cayyyyyyge....". we played one more round before the map changed and eveything went fly. On the new map though me and juicy exchanged some "Constructive Criticism" to put it lightly. And it ended with me saying "Idiocy can only be solved with more idiocy, which I intend to do in the future." "I just haven't reached my full idiot yet." I planned to target him my traitor round and to honor his body with a C4 plantation to the chest cavity. Afterwards he called me an idiot and asked "Does anybody like you on here" When i said "I believe a few people do." I got the elongated ban message and decided to write another lymric (limrik,limric, Lymrick. I don't know....) for you folks. So thats my "Short" story for you fine people. As you can probably tell i'm unbiased as to whether im unbanned or not. I just figured i'd make this post to prevent others from being banned the same way. This should aid the idea that if you see someone pointing a gun at a Friendly target and firing "around" said target, That should be more than enough evidence to put 2 and 2 together and pick out a traitor. and if this is in a joking or traitorbating manner, then it can only be met by a more joking buckshot to the back-face. That is all, thank you for reading. Lots of love, Zelgarath
  10. I've had it up to here with video games and TV shows over sexualizing men! It goes against what I stand for and men had enough of it! We have gone through too much for Video Games and TV shows to raise the standard for what women look for in a man! Every single time I try to play a game, all the men in it are either incredibly handsome or incredibly tone and fit! This has gone on for long enough and it has to stop right now! With TV shows we have shows like UFC and WWE with buff and handsome men and they are always being over sexualized wearing nothing but tights or a tight muscle shirt and shorts! I'm starting a petition to get this removed else people are going to grow up thinking that this is ok!
  11. Now, let's get something straight. Everyone on these forums claims their favourite pony is best pony. Fair enough, you love 'em, you think highly of 'em. What you don't know is that you're wrong. There is only one best pony. And that's because he's not only a pony, but every single animal. Even a changeling. I am, of course, talking about da man, Discord. "hello." Look at that sexy thing, with it's sexy beard, its sexy fang and sexy eyes. Now, you've obviously been blown away by his current sexiness, but you may futily try to argue "But he ain't as adoralbe as other ponies as a foal!" Well, you're wrong. "This bunny used to be angel." See, he wasn't just born awesome. No, he worked for it, using his adorableness, he'd make you lower your guard and then BAM! Cotton candy in yo face. That's how he conquered Equestria in the first place. Yeah, that's right. He was the ruler of Equestria. He owned all the bitches. Literally. He don't need fancy smanshy elements, either. He corrupted them all and ruled Equestria again. Then Tia the cheater cheated and un-corrupted them using the really sappy "friendship reports" sent by her favourite one of the ugly mares. He was defeated, but he's still alive, and he'll come back eventually. "He's all evil 'n' shit too." As a final, desperate argument, you might say "But your AWESOME GOD OF CHAOS can't possibly look good as a woman!" Well, think again. "I rest my case."
  12. I recently got Garry's Mod and have been playing TTT. I soon found out about Ponyville, and being a brony myself wanted to get a piece of that action! However, when I try to join, it says that I am banned, even though I have yet to play once. Name is CALL ME ZEBRA.
  13. How do you all feel about the administration as it currently stands in Ponyville? Are there too little admins? Are there too many? Do you actively see your problems being taken care of and discussed? Can, and would you feel comfortable talking to an admin? Do you know how to contact an admin? (8675-309) Let this topic be a public discussion about the administration. Keep in mind that it is your duty to be there for the community. You serve us as a community, we as a community do not serve you. An administrator needs to be open to criticism of his actions as well as be aware of his own actions and how they diversely effect the forum. Do not be afraid of the admins, your peers, or your brethren. Feel free to openly discuss your problems so that we may collaborate and create solutions. Also, even if everyone voted that they were fine with the administration, that would be fine too. That speaks for itself. EDIT: removed offensive part
  14. Inspiration here Guys, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY. I will understand if you want to kill me with fire. EDIT: Time taken: Five minutes, which may or may not explain the crappy writing. If you want moar, please tell me.
  15. Out of curiosity, is anyone else getting an Error 502 when they try to connect to the server?