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  1. Heres what we're going to do. One at a time, I am going to state a life question in this thread. Once the question is posted, we will think deep and answer it with our own thoughts and opinions. This will help us better understand eachother. After posting your answer, feel free to respond to eachother's post. Communicating with eachother on a personal level is the main goal of this thread. First Question What is your goal in life? (It can be as many goals as you want.)
  2. I've been doing searches around the forums for a similar topic but couldn't find anything that really matched so forgive me... I'm a recent addition to the MLP:FiM community and I didn't discover the show until about a month after I got back from Afghanistan in May. I pointed out before that I found the show after reading a lot of negative stuff on Bronies, MLP, etc. so being curious I thought I'd check it out anyway. I soon found the show to not only be entertaining and fun to watch, but also strangely addicting. It's funny to admit it but the show had exactly what I was looking for during a difficult time for me. I'm going to give you a disclaimer so please don't misunderstand me: I don't want anyone's pity, I'm not vying for attention (nor vaguely pointing fingers), and I don't want to start any flame wars. I just want to know if anyone wants to share some of the highlights of what the show/community has done for you, how you discovered it, and maybe your plans for the future. I'll start with mine: I came back from a year in Afghanistan like many of my military brothers and sisters who have served overseas: Not entirely whole. I'll keep it short because I'm not looking for sympathy and don't like to draw attention to myself. We saw action like almost everyone else who served a combat tour, Part of the job. The daily grind (As CPL Pinkamena pointed out) was the same for us. 16-20 hour days 7 days a week 365 days a year. Near the end of our tour one of my best friends was killed in an IED explosion and another was seriously wounded (thankfully he recovered). He left behind a wife and two twin daughters he never met. Also part of the job unfortunately. I was directly involved and we assisted in the response/clean up and it's something I can never really put behind me. That incident was probably the straw that broke the camel's back for me in a long line of incidents throughout my life. Suffice it to say I was nearly broken and didn't know where to turn. I stumbled on the show completely by accident and it really changed my perspective on things. It taught me to be human again, taught me to get back into things and enjoy life. It's still funny and a little embarrassing for me to admit it but it really changed my life. A show about technicolor ponies, friendship, and love really did the trick for me when nothing else could! lol. Since then I have slowly turned into a brony and started doing brony stuff lol. I bought a couple of MLP T-shirts of Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Apllejack... I bought a RD wallet... I bought the Mane 6 2" PVC figures (Even though the Fluttershy one isn't accurate)... And I named my car Dash! lol. I bought an 07 Subaru Impreza WRX STi that I found when I got back from deployment and she's pushing 300HP and 300ft-lbs of torque so I think the name is fitting! It was inspired by a sweet RD sticker I bought to put on there. So far that's been the limits of my Brony expression... Maybe I'm really addicted... I guess at this point I'm still dealing with a lot of issues and I know it will take me a long time to reconcile everything but this show and the growing community behind it has given me a solid foundation to build off of. I hope I haven't bored anyone with my ramblings and corny views but it's something I wanted to get off my chest. I'd really like to know how the show has affected others and I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone may have. I'm hoping this thread will stay positive and that I can learn some things from you all. Thanks for listening.
  3. I have lots of respect for what this person is doing and in hopes this will change you're life and motivate you as well and will help you out with you're depression upon watching the video..