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  1. Why not.. get to know my fellow friends better.. what are you worst phobia or phobias? you can just post a phobia if you want.. Well for me i have huge phobia of bee's. when i hear one just buzz i freak out and run faster than sanic away from that thing..I also have a huge phobia of death.. thinking about it scares me.. i may actually have a phobia of heights.. I would have to see if that's true one day.. In a safe manner ofc. So what Phobia do you guys wanna share with us?
  2. If you've seen popular British panel show Mock the Week, you'll already know how to play this. But for those who haven't, I'll explain. I reveal a scene we'd like to see (e.g. Unlikely things for Fluttershy to say, or "Things you wouldn't hear at the Best Young Flier competition"), and everyone contributes their suggestions. Every so often I'll change the topic. Try to make them as funny as possible. If you still don't get it, watch this video. The first subject is "Things you wouldn't hear Twilight Sparkle say."
  3. I've just bought spore again on steam after losing my hard copy, and I'm going to post screenies of my creations in this thread. If anyone else has spore I suggest you do the same. OR ELS.
  4. A little thing I'm doing~ Basically just post your top five *whatever you like* here. I'm doing this because I'm bored, also to get a chance to communicate with the.... community. I'll start! Top 5 MLP:FiM Characters: 5. Rainbow Dash 4. Sweetie Belle 3. Discord 2. Twilight Sparkle 1. Spike Top 5 Disney Movies: 5. The Lion King 4. Mulan 3. Aladdin 2. Toy Story 3 1. Tangled Top 5 Western Animations: 5. Adventure Time 4. Fairly Oddparents 3. DuckTales 2. Animaniacs 1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Top 5 Various Shows For Older People: 5. Heroes 4. Seinfeld 3. American Dad 2. Community 1. King of the Hill Top 5 Anime Intro Themes: 5. Lupin III 4. Highschool of the Dead 3. A Cruel Angel's Thesis (from Neon Genesis Evangelion) 2. Tank! (from Cowboy Bebop) 1. Pokemon (Original) Top 5 Comic Book Superheroes: 5. Deadpool 4. Rorschach 3. Iron Man 2. Spider-Man 1. Batman Top 5 Video Games: 5. Kid Icarus: Uprising 4. Skyrim 3. Bioshock 2. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 1. Super Mario Galaxy Top 5 Sources of Inspiration: 5. Literature 4. History 3. Music 2. Mythology 1. TV / Movies (Mainly Disney) Top 5 My Little Pony Artists (aside from the artists here): 5. AuroraChiaro 4. KP-ShadowSquirrel 3. Karzahnii 2. harwicks-art 1. johnjoseco Top 5 Ponyville Members: 5. - 4. - 3. - 2. - 1. EVERYONE HERE ~ <3
  5. now go