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  1. Hey what you think about this game post your nick server and lvl :P
  2. If you are active in playing League, I'm sure you've heard of the skin teaser coming out for Omega Squad/Special Forces Teemo his first Legendary skin. Before the wars: Usually Teemo is portrayed as a cute and cuddly Yordle with a knack for using poison to defeat his enemies. However something's snapped inside of him after years of war. After/During the wars: Now if you want to see more, click Here for the teaser. Here are all the voice-over lines that pop up by clicking things on the teaser: "I used to live by a code.""I've done things I'm not proud of.""Turns out, I've got a proficiency in killing.""A part of you never leaves the jungle.""I settle my scores.""You'd be surprised how quick fur ignites.""Peace is a fairy tale.""This one's for my helmet brother!""We ain't all makin it out of here.""Some masks you never take off.""Size is a liability.""One day there'll be a reckoning."
  4. So everybody, I've made maps for Ponyville before... about a year ago. I came back and spent around 25 hours on this new map, hoping to see it up on servers possibly soon. I worked pretty hard on it, not sure if it's 100% satisfying. Hoping for the best, check it out!
  5. I was wondering if anyone was interested in making a LoL Ranked team. You'd need to be level 30 of course. My order of preference for roles is Top > Jungle > ADC > Mid > Support. Post here with your LoL Nickname and your role and we'll see if there's enough interest.
  6. A few minutes ago, I was instantly perma-banned from all ponyville servers with no warning by Lyra for a "bad spray logo". I didn't even intentionally spray; my spray key is the "R" key, and my push-to-talk key is the "F" key. I was just trying to communicate with my team. I'm not sure what else to say, I guess I'll just leave it to the admins. My spray: Ban Log:
  7. Now I know there are alot of you saying that muffins are best, Now im not here to disagree.I do love a odd muffin, but for me, Cookies have to be best sweet for me, I wanna know what is your favourite sweet (Dont ask why I wanna got bored 6_9) Favourite Sweet: Cookies <3 Reason: Cuz they just are...They are baws, Plus I have a cookie T-Shirt... Rating of sweetness: 7/10