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  1. Since the Soldier has been one of the most underpowered classes in VSP. The class itself should use more useful improvements rather than having too many drawbacks, rendering the soldier to be quite useless in damage and lack of survivability, which greatly impacts the soldier's performance who happens to fall in the Offensive role of the team. However they are capable of granting a buff to all allies on his team, but sadly these buffs are usually short-lived. Here I have listed a bit of some major ideas for the soldier to be actually more helpful, playable and more importantly enjoyable for VSP: 1) Most primaries should include attribute 233 and the base damage for the stock rocket launcher by +20% (excluding the Rocket Jumper, black box, and the direct hit from both buffs) The attribute 233 Grants a damage bonus while being healed from the medic increasing the soldier’s base damage. The percentage is 30% Having this not only give the soldier a much better damage output, but also gives the medic a rewarding experience from his patient. 2) All banners should last longer and pure without any ‘visible’ attributes (this includes the positive and negative ones but not the hidden attribute which will be explained below). These banners have been given so many drawbacks, they’ve been quite rarely used in the VSP server, taking away the soldier’s courage to use banners to support his team. The only hidden attribute should be given for all banners using attribute 357 which increases buff durations. At least 6 additional seconds (matching the medic’s uber duration in a total of 16 seconds) should be enough for the soldier to aid his allies in the brink of battle, redeeming the Soldier’s title for being the primary Buffer in VSP. 3) Have the Beggar’s Bazooka no longer overload the chamber. This pretty much hurts a panicking soldier take self damage while filling the beggar’s bazooka. So having the ability removed can help the soldier be ready to unleash a barrage of rockets at an incoming enemy. Plus increasing the clip size by 33% with attribute 4. 4) Having the Liberty Launcher, no longer suffering the damage penalty. However giving it a slight 10% damage vulnerability from all sources while active, using attribute 206. 5) Having the Black Box heal +30 instead of 15 on hit, applied with attribute 230 which grants the soldier 2 revenge crits while the soldier’s medic was killed while healing him, and an overheal decay bonus to 33%, making the soldier's overheal last longer, this uses attribute 13. 6) Have the Original fire 50% faster, using attribute 6 which increases the fire rate. 7) Having the Reserve Shooter’s clip size back to default, leaving 4 shots in the clip. Increase accuracy by 40% using attribute 106, and use attribute 318 which makes you reload faster by 30%. 8) Have the Righteous Bison have the ability to mini vs burning enemies, using attribute 209. I know this weapon used to be a powerhouse when it used to fully crit a burning enemy. So having it mini crit can be fair instead of being underused. 9) Have the Direct Hit.. kept the way it is as of now since we can't of anything for it.. yet. These small changes can not only affect the soldier, but it can also affect his allies under his honourable might. With banner and weapon at hand, one can lead the brave souls to fight. Credits: PBandJ Cleric, Skeith.
  2. ^ ^ Hello everypony! My name is Showstopper Star and I am new to this website. I was wondering if anypony out there is from Jolly Ol' England like I am, and If any of you are attending the animecon in feburary. It would mean alot to know that there are other pony-lovers out there as well as me, who live in Britan. :) - Showstopper Star
  3. This may not be a fanfiction, but i thought i'd share it. This is a short story i've been working on for several weeks now; Love is Blind (i'm still working on the official title). This is only the first third of the total story, but... meh... _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Love Is Blind By ANONYMOUS WRITER When I wake up in the morning, I am always at my wife’s side; the lovely Tara O’Neil. Naturally, she’s wrapped in my arms, relying on me to protect her from the darkness. Granted, it can be a tedious chore sometimes, but I would never give it up. Today starts as it normally does; I wake her with a gentle kiss, I help her get dressed – all the while admiring her perfect body – and then take her down the hallway to our living room. We used to live in a house with a staircase until… ‘It’ happened. On request, I make her favourite breakfast; a traditional Full English, and for myself, I just pour a bowl of Shreddies. Then, we sit there and watch the late morning news… well, I watch, Tara listens. While giving her small mouthfuls of her breakfast, she brings up a very ‘touchy’ subject… “Aaron, why do you settle for me?” It’s not often she brings up anything like this, but when she does, it always makes my heart sink a little deeper “Tara, you should know perfectly well why I’ve ‘settled’ for you” “It’s just that… I feel so selfish” She says as she takes another mouthful of beans “You could be out on the town, in nightclubs, in strip clubs, in pubs, getting all kinds of women… but instead you’re cooped up in this old balcony, caring for me…” At this point there is a small, crystal blue tear falling down from her soulless, black glasses. I try to keep my cool, but even I whimper a tiny bit when I talk “Oh Tara, you know that you’re the only girl in this world that I would ever want” I take a nearby napkin and use it to dry her tear smeared cheeks, plus the sauce dribbling out of the corner of her mouth. “I love you…” By now, we’re both in tears “I love you too, Aaron” And for a moment, our lips meet, and we kiss. She may not be able to see me, but I know for a fact that she can feel me, on more than just a literal level; and I can feel her. We rarely have moments like this anymore, but when we do, it’s like our problems, all our problems, simply don’t exist anymore. Tara’s lack of sight, my crippling position as a Carer, our extremely low quality ‘house’, all of them seem so insignificant compared to the love I share with Tara. After what feels like a lifetime – but in reality is about thirty seconds – our embrace is broken once again. Our sorry doesn’t come back instantly, but damn, does it make its way. Like every week day at 10:00am, there is a knock on the door. The Carers. They come to watch Tara for a few hours from Monday to Friday while I’m off at my part-time job at McDonalds, barely making us enough money to survive. “Good morning, Mr. O’Neil” She says with smile. I know I should reply with my courtesy, but… “Hello, Lucy” I mutter, barely smiling. It’s not her fault; Lucy is actually a very nice girl. It’s just that she doesn’t know Tara like I do. No one does. She doesn’t know what Tara wants, likes, or needs; I dare say she doesn’t even know how to care for her properly. But, nevertheless, it is a million times better than the times when we were neglected carers; I’d often come home to find that Tara had gotten herself into some horrible accident. I guess even when things do change for the better; ‘better’ still isn’t good enough. I kiss Tara oh her cheek one last time, we exchange our parting words, and I head off to the McDonalds where I work, I don’t even bother glancing at my fellow employees, and I have to forcefully act my smile when I’m taking my customers orders. Clancy, one of my co-workers, seems to think I’m more depressed than usual, of course, he doesn’t say that directly, but he must be thinking it if he feels the need to confront me about it “Hey man, what’s up? You seem tense…” There is a short pause before any more noise is made between us. I have a quick sigh, and then briefly summarize my thoughts “Wife trouble…” He doesn’t say anything after that, he just returns to his post; brilliant help he is. After four long hours of serving food and pretending to be in less pain then I am, I am dismissed by my boss. The walk home is long and boring, but it’ll be worth it to say those words; “Honey, I’m home!”. As I open the door, I prepare to exclaim those words, but I stop when I hear Lucy’s faint voice droning on. Strange, she never usually talks for this long in a single sentence… I open the door to the living room, to see that she isn’t just talking, she’s reading Tara… “…The Bible?” I say, admittedly confused. I never took either of them for the religious type. “It was a request from Tara, she claims to be opening up in her search for hope” says Lucy. Tara nods to confirm this. “You’re ok with this, right?” Tara asks, with a sense of fear lingering in her tone “Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be? Who knows when you’ll need God in your life?” With upcoming events, this is especially true. “Well, thank you Lucy, I’ll see you on Monday” I say, dismissing Lucy. She packs up her stuff, and exchanges goodbyes with me and Tara. For the rest of the day, I read Tara some of the Bible; it’s actually rather interesting. Who would’ve that a two-thousand year old book could still provide hope and interest? Especially in this science-dominated society we’re slowly pushing ourselves into. Nevertheless, we eventually decide we’ve had enough Biblical research today and just decide to watch… err… listen… to some TV. We recently acquired some visual-description-thingy so that a narrator can describe the visual side of what’s happening on the show to Tara; I find it rather obnoxious, but I imagine it’s a life saver for Tara. When the clock strikes midnight we decide we want to go to bed. I brush her teeth before brushing my own, and then I lay us both down on our bed, which is probably one of the most expensive things in this balcony. “Goodnight, dear” “Goodnight” “I love you” “I love you too” We share one last passionate kiss, and then we officially call it a night. I almost can’t fall asleep, I am so excited about tomorrow; it’s the day when I can finally give Tara her present. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Critique is encouraged and accepted
  4. What are the things you love about being a brony and being part of the brony community? What makes this community special? Let this thread be a place of only positive thoughts and words.