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  1. Her crossbow does 250 damage which can kill any class beside heavy. I think a more reasonable damage is somewhere between 125 to 200 so that its still boss like but can't be used to 1 shot 95% of the classes . PS: I know it takes skill but its still too OP PSS: Just think of there was a Lyra + Bonbon boss ( Lyra would heal bonbon health by 250 hp to 50% hp causing the fight to be pointless ! )
  2. Hello all and welcome. If you own Cave Story+ and want a pony in it other than Pinkie,Fluttershy or Pip squeek or just a fan of Lyra then you may have come to the right place! I took the time to make a tiny little mod that replaces Quote on Original mode only with Lyra. This mod uses the curly Story mod so it will change the normal game into Curly or lyra in this case.Sadly i don't know how to edit the game dialogue so if someone knows how to do that please tell me and i will look into it. To install simply just copy the BASE folder and replace the BASE folder in the cave story+/Data file. Simple as that. If someone wants to fix it or you com across anything big let me know. First time at modding something so yay? And before anyone says so yes i know it is pretty much a bigger version of the original Cave Lyra sprite but enjoy anyways. EDIT: I wanna add one more thing. For those who complain about this being a tiny thing or not that amazing i would like to point out it's better than nothing. I don't see anyone else making a pony mod for this that involves Lyra. Here is a link if you want it PIC
  3. Another poll, with unis for now. Also, no, I don't support Twilicorn.
  4. Hello, Ponyville: New Jersey community! My name is Lyra, and many of you more than likely will know me. I'm the one with the Lyra model. I've been on the server since..June, I think? So..I am fairly new. But I've come to see the server as family. Now, quite a few people have mentioned it, and I do want it..I/they want me to be an admin on the server. I have admin experience, modding a livestream and minecraft server, and I am an admin on RavenShadow's server. I'm also..well, liked. People know and like me. Now, please, be honest. If you don't think I should be an admin, say it. I understand. I don't have much to say, so I'm leaving it to the community. If you want me to be an admin, just..say it here. Thanks so much! --Lyra
  5. When in chat I noticed a big debate in whether the background ponies should get lines, an argument which is often thrown around in brony communities. Many people are for it, but even more seem to be against it, so what is Ponyville's stance on this matter? Personally I think no because I recon it will ruin the appeal of them.