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  1. Who here plays this game and absolutely loves it! I do if you do comment here and we can talk and I might even be able to help you 😉
  2. Hello Forums! Official Website! Story and Book by James Stryska Music by Unknown Lyrics by Unknown Introduction Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James, a theater and music student. I have been in musical theater for the past six years or so. I have been in shows from Grease all the way to Willy Wonka. For the past month or so I have been starting a new project, not your usual project though... A full length original two-act musical based off My Little Pony. Now I know what you’re thinking. This sounds crazy! But! It is possible. Over the course of the next year or so I will be working with a few other people on an original musical based off the cartoon. The Project The musical will have a brand new storyline as well brand new songs. You may hear some familiar ones, but most songs will be original. By the end of this project we should have either an audio only, or an animated feature film showcasing the musical. Synopsis The synopsis will be released on a later date. All I will say is that, it will be a Spike centered musical. How Can You Help? I am going to need help on this project, since writing and arranging a whole musical is not easy. I need people to help me arrange the sheet music. We have limited access to the show's sheet music, so we're going to need to write up some original music. You need to meet the following requirements in order to help with music: - Be at least 15 years of age - Speak and write in fluent English - Have some type of composing software (They cannot be Musescore, Noteflight, Finale Notepad, or any type of free MIDI writing program.) The full Finale version is allowed. That is what I use. I also recommend Sibelius. - Play at least one instrument - Be in any type of band at the current moment (Rock bands, marching bands, concert bands, acapella bands, etc.) - Can fully understand music I also need help with some of the writing. I'm taking a lot of the show's script but that won't be enough. We need to come up with a subplot as well as write brand new scenes. You need to meet the following requirements in order to help with writing: - Be at least 15 years of age - Speak and write in fluent English - Have taken and passed English II in high school - Understand how to write a script - Have been in at least two plays or musicals in their lifetime If you're interested in helping then use one of the contact features below. Once I add you I will ask you some questions as well as ask for some examples of your previous works. If I find you qualified you’ll be in the running. I am looking for one composer and one lyricist. Or one person to write music and lyrics, since I am writing the script (or book). Thank you guys for checking this out, I hope to hear back from you guys! This project is going to be great! - TMM Contact Information Skype - themusicman1105 My Little Pony - The Musical! email - My personal email - Website - F.A.Qs Can I be in the cast? I can sing! I will hold auditions for all roles once we are about done with the show. This is obviously not going on Broadway, so why are you doing this? Once done with the show we will have a digital, sounds only show available for download. This show won't go to waste! When will you be done? We won't know the official release date until we have our cast. One song may be easy to transpose while other songs can be extremely hard. You never know. Is this "My Little Musical?" No we are not. They are a different group of talented people who are putting on a whole different musical with original songs. Go check them out here! My Little Pony - The Musical! by James Stryska is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Characters and titles from “My Little Pony” franchise © Hasbro, Inc. 1982-2013 As this is a non-profit and wholly amateur production independent of Hasbro, Inc., it is currently protected under the Fair Use doctrine as applied by the U.S. Copyright Office.
  3. You guys are gonna be my second proofread following after a once-over that was done by Applejinx on Ponychan. Critique, comment or appraisal is welcome on any and every aspect of what I've written, from the most nuanced line to the synopsis and title itself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teaser Image "Big Macintosh and Rarity flip minds and bodies. Thanks a lot, Trixie." Shipping/Friendshipping, Rated E for Everypony Big Macintosh, Rarity, TG&P Trixie, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy English, ~12,000 words, Incomplete Teaser text Story Link (GoogleDocs)
  4. I wanted to start this topic because, let's face it, TF2 is getting boring. I still play it, but not as much. This game can be fun as heck if you play with a couple friends. What you do to them in the game is another story. Between blowing yourself up, electrocuting your friends, or pushing them off of cliffs, killing the enemy is just as fun. Tonight, for example, I played with my roommate and after a long and stressful day and it was so fun to just play and have fun. This is probably one of the best games to take out your frustration in. I would love to play with anyone else that has it. It's a max of four players though, so don't ask all at once. :P When I manage to get some screenshots while playing I will post some up on here. I'm usually too into the game to think about that kind of thing. There are plenty of different weapons and spells to choose from. How you play is completely up to you. I have Skype and vent so communication is not a problem. I could even get teamspeak(though, who uses that anymore) or something else like these. There's no need for Hamachi. It has the Steam multiplayer network so it makes it much easier to join. If anyone does wish to play and I'm not on your friends list, there's a link to it in my profile and be sure to let me know who you are please. I don't know everyone's steam Ids, unfortunately. -cheers-
  5. Ok I was looking for my little pony websites and by accident I type in an address that lead me to a pronographic site and I was like what the hell is this crap and then I left real quickly it was kinda like 2 girls one cup kinda of thing and I am not sure if that kinda of stuff have ever happend to you before.While looking for information or sites on the net but then it always leads to something ackward and weird..
  6. This has been bothering me for a while I just started to watch my little pony friendship is magic and I have really grown a liking to the show. I am almost done with season one and this came to mind while watching the show I have notice that they all wear saddles half of the time and I was wondering if the show may include humans in the future. Cause if my memory serve me right they where humans in the old 80s cartoon show of my little pony and I was just wondering if they will include humans in my little pony friendship is magic. as the show progresses..