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  1. Alright so I took some suggestions into consideration while updating this map. I also added a lot more. Please let me know what you guys think!
  2. So everybody, I've made maps for Ponyville before... about a year ago. I came back and spent around 25 hours on this new map, hoping to see it up on servers possibly soon. I worked pretty hard on it, not sure if it's 100% satisfying. Hoping for the best, check it out!
  3. Hi all again! I confess that I'm a bit confused about map exploiding. What I can learn from Verex and Videogames on chat, the map exploit is: "every place where the VSH hale can't reach or difficult to reach" Before encountering serious penalties, I have some question about this argument: 1) the difficulty of the boss to reach a place is relative or have precise conditions? 2) Look this 3 screenshots I made: 1- 2- 3- (vsh crevice map, on a tree) What of this places is an exploit? 3) (If the 3° screen is not an exploit) Yesterday (gmt+1 Italy) I find a particular situation: On a tree, because a wrong hit to Trixie on rage, I had 7 hp. During the Trixie boss trying to kill me, the mod Videogames360 talk to me to go down. If another time the same episode returns, can I defend my place and trying to dodge the attack of boss, or I go down and die by fall damage? Thanks in advance.
  4. Okay! We are running rather short on maps, and I made this thread so that people could post the maps they would like added. Please do so! If you would like a map added, you should post its name, link to it, and a screenshot. Keep in mind that TTT-compatible maps take priority!
  5. Hey! this is my first post. And I was wondering if anyone wants to help me make a TF2 map for all of our servers. It will be inspired and based on the Canterlot Maze in "The Return of Harmony" I would expect it to enable all gamemodes koth ctf cp etc.. Although I have lots of experience in CGI I have never worked on a project this big. If anyone wants to help me out with this, you can email me here >>> <<< CGi Experience would be awesome, but some people can even simply email me some drawings that they might have for things like decorations/ textures/ and even ideas for how the map itself would look. ps. This is Darkmattermedic for those who do not recognize my acid reign account name