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  1. I'm tired of ..... everything and idk y
  2. Me: "Gah, im SOO bored... I KNOW!! I'll start a thread!" And that's how Equestria this thread was made! So, if you have an avatar/OC, and if it has a backstory, what is it? Mine would be: At a young age Pencil Doodle's parents were violently killed in the crossfire of a terrible war that crippled his homeland. While search parties where sweeping up the reckage and gathering fallen bodies, he was found under the rebel of his house. He was then taken back to an orphanage in Canterlot, he showed great magical potential during childhood, and was enrolled as a student of Princess Celestia. He is currently studying and working under her, but also studying the dark arts without her knowing, growing more powerful to get revenge on those responsible for his parents death's... now of-course that has nothing to do with my real life, but meh...
  3. Why not.. get to know my fellow friends better.. what are you worst phobia or phobias? you can just post a phobia if you want.. Well for me i have huge phobia of bee's. when i hear one just buzz i freak out and run faster than sanic away from that thing..I also have a huge phobia of death.. thinking about it scares me.. i may actually have a phobia of heights.. I would have to see if that's true one day.. In a safe manner ofc. So what Phobia do you guys wanna share with us?
  4. Username: Vinylbat Scratch Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41559205 Ponyville Server: Dallas Texas #1 (i think, it's been some time sorry) Transgression: Harassing comments and starting drama Hi, i went to create an appeal on the website, and it said that my ID already had an appeal pending. I'm sure that means my old appeal hadn't been reviewed even if the page states "within 24 hour reply" when it was created some time ago? Anyways, ill just copy and paste what i put there into here. Hopefully no issues with that. Hello, i was banned on 11-13-14 19:31 for harassing comments and creating drama. At the time my username was Vinylbat Scratch. Some time has passed now and it would be appreciated if to whoever this may concern, to look over my ban appeal. I would like to prove to the staff members of that i will follow the rules and wont be a nuisance to the community. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take your time into this appeal and i would welcome a reply email. Thank you. Could admins please email a reply to And please, dont send spam if you aren't a staff member. Cheers.
  5. Yes I realize this goes in Boss suggestions but It's probably gonna cause a bit of a storm so I'll separate it. It's also been talked about in the past. Lets go back to the day when I was just starting up as a Moderator. Around that time Jug was the only Administrator that allowed Team killing during Discords rage due to "If they didn't, the rage would be useless". Most of us weren't convinced. Jump to today and suddenly Simple and Raini are both saying it's now OK? (Granted its only one per rage but still an Intentional kill). Now every admin is suddenly agreeing with them. I know they're the 2 highest powers but I feel I need to say something here. Do you wanna know why I hate intentional team killing? Because it dicks someone over and ruins their fun. Sure for a cheap laugh between friends on the occasion is fine or if you say Sorry, it's fine. But how would you like it if you got team killed every time discord was on? Not very fun is it? Now I've had this discussion/argument with several High powers and I feel the only way we're going to get an agreement is by simply removing the team kill part of the rage. It has caused enough trouble on the server as is and more stress on myself and possibly others. I cannot sit idly by and watch players lose fun in the server, that's how you get them coming back and donating to the server, actually looking out for them.
  6. hello may i plz be unmuted on your tf2 sever ponyville versus funbox if i may be unmuted brohoof
  7. I recently got Garry's Mod and have been playing TTT. I soon found out about Ponyville, and being a brony myself wanted to get a piece of that action! However, when I try to join, it says that I am banned, even though I have yet to play once. Name is CALL ME ZEBRA.