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  1. In a week a con is beginning in western canada in alberta, anyone interested in meeting at such con if you're from the area and hanging out? There's already lots of bronies there, but not sure if any of them play these servers. Last year had spike's voice actress. :D
  2. PAX East is only a few days away (and thankfully not on top of Anime Boston this time) and I'm just curious to see who's able to come around this year. being lazy and late this year, i only managed to grab myself tickets for sunday (seriously, those tickets sold out FAST!). Still, it'd be nice to get even a small group together and meetup. P.S. online tickets are SOLD OUT!
  3. Well it seems like all of the conventions and such are too far out of the way for me to feasibly go to so here goes: Anyone in the CO/UT/NM/KS area interested in some sort of brony/pega-sis meetup? As you might imagine my being in the military (and consequently my circle of friends) doesn't allow me to associate with like minded individuals so I'm kinda branching out lol. Just casting a line out to see if anyone is interested. At this point it would be really cool to meet people with the same interests where I don't have to hide it and I'm kinda tired of the BS around here. I am in Colorado Springs (which is close to Denver), have my own car, and am active duty out of Fort Carson. I'm usually out and about on the weekends doing nothing and I'd be willing to help carpool or whatever if anyone is genuinely interested. Maybe someday I'll make it to the conventions but my work obligations and distance kinda make it impossible for me at the moment. If anyone is interested in hanging out let me know. I can give you my FB info in a PM too if you want it. Thanks!