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  1. So what exactly is so great about the psp vita? i heard there is a market where you can download cheap games. but is that very much worth buying compared to the 3DS?
  2. Please post your Builders Application In This Topic! After Posting Let an Admin or Moderator Know Ingame and they will promote you to Builder. Applications MUST be Posted in this format.. And No other way EXAMPLE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IGN: Cyrate Pony-Class: Unicorn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copy paste that into the post box and fill it in with your own Information! Pony Class Information Welcome To The Server I hope you have a great experience! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. I've seen alot of people (Basicly everyone but Sweetie Belle and Applejack) being against the fact that EE, one of the two major mods in tekkit, being banned in it's entirety. Basicly I'm giving an oppertunity for people to show their opinion wether or not to keep EE on the banned item list, and I hope Sweetie Belle will listen to reason if the (vast) majority of the voters vote to remove EE from the ban-list and thus allow us to use the mod. Because, after all; Tekkit isn't tekkit withoud EE, just industrial craft with some fancy mods. And, we are the players; a server owners job is to listen to his or her players to adjust the server to what the majority prefers, to increase enjoyability.
  4.! PonyMC Minecraft Servers Friendly. Fun. Pony.
  5. Post in this section if you have been banned and you feel it is unfair... Ban appeals that are made in anger will not be considered. This is the only section that ban appeals will be read or decided upon. Ban Appeal Format! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Username- Ban Reason: (do not put no reason) Why You should be Unbanned: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. Hello every one I got some good news for you all. Today I found this awesome map for minecraft its a map based on team fortress two dustbowl no mods are required to play this map. Cause its a full blown pvp arena and you can also choose which class you wanna be part of as well. Gameplay: * Suggested team sizes: 6v6 - 12v12 * Three stages, each with two control points * Attackers (Blue team) must capture control points in order * Defenders (Red team) are trying to run out the clock before attackers capture both points Features: * No mods/plugins required! Completely vanilla! * 8 classes, each with their own perks! * Instantly respawn wearing full gear! * Change classes mid-game! * Respawning health packs, free health/food at the spawn points!
  7. August State Of The Server We've been having a few issues lately on the server that I would like to address in this topic, as well as give you a bit of insight into upcoming plans. I may make these State Of The Server posts a regular thing if they seem to go over well. Update to 1.3.1: If you haven't checked already, be aware the server is on Minecraft version 1.3.1. We tried to update as quickly as possible to let you all experience this update as soon as you could. This has come with it's own challenges, but certainly nothing we can't work through. Again, if you haven't checked out the server in a while, come back and take a look around, we'd love to have you on! Lag/Latency: Over the course of the last few days, we have been battling connection latency issues from the server. We have narrowed the source of the lag down to two main sources: Bukkit 1.3.1 R1 chat issues, and Pony Classes database connection issues. The Bukkit chat issue has been resolved; Bukkit released an update that corrected this issue, and the lag has significantly decreased since. The remaining lag was due to Classes; after 1.3.1's update, Classes inexplicably began to eat up connections to the database like crazy. As of now, Earth doubling has been once again temporarily disabled due to causing significant issues for the rest of the server. I will be working to get this resolved, but because the spikes in connections are seemingly random, I'm having a very hard time locating the problem. I'll keep you up to date on the status of doubling as I work to get it functioning again. Classes updates: Classes got a few updates today. Firstly, as mentioned in the previous segment, Earth doubling was disabled as we work to resolve issues with database connection. It's not all bad though, there are also a few good things that came with the updates. Pegasus flying was changed JUST slightly so that you flying just a little above where you're aiming. We also added in a new feature that should make Vondrim's life a bit easier and you all a bit happier. You can now change YOUR OWN classes after 30 days (not just on the 1st of each month); you can only change it once, and then you have to wait again. The start date was set to one month ago, so everyone should be able to change their class the next time they're online. Lastly, we made a few tweaks to player class caching, so you shouldn't lose your class anymore upon relogging. If you do however, please contact me; I would love to get it fixed. Unicorns get no update this time around, sorry guys! Events: We took a break from events for a while because all of the admins' schedules got a bit hectic. Don't fret! This was only temporary and we're planning to have an event within the next two weeks, so keep your eyes open! We've taken a couple of suggestions from the Suggestions thread on the forums, and also come up with a few ideas of our own; there should be no shortage of events to attend! PvP: We're making final preparations for the long-awaited faction-PvP server. We're hoping to have everything completely finished and verified working within a month or two. I'll give you a small sneak-peek at what's in-store... The plan is to try to keep the action concentrated: we don't want people staying up late just so they can get an advantage. Thus, we decided to make the server automatically enable and disable a whitelist so that there will only be two small two-hour windows in which players can participate. We'll have them at opposite times of day to allow people from varying time zones to participate, without sacrificing the competitive aspect. Better get your factions ready! Griefers/Harassment: Lately we've had an increase in the number of malicious players coming to the server. I just wanted to remind you that we don't tolerate players greifing, stealing, or harassing one-another. If you have been griefed, we have systems in-place to repair any damage, and an obsessive moderation team that would be glad to help. Just contact anyone with an orange or red name if you have any issues or questions. But wait, I'm not finished, I also said "harassing one-another". We've had a few people join with no other goal in mind but to "troll" and cause disruption. Please do not harass or antagonize players trying to cause problems; let the moderators take care of it, and ignore them. As the saying goes "do not feed the trolls"; retaliation just makes you look immature, and stresses everyone out. Aug 19, 2012 EDIT: Now, it goes without saying, something weird happened on the server today. This leaves us with two options: Leave you all uninformed, or inform you of what happened and how we plan to fix/prevent it. Neither one will stop people from asking us questions, but at least the latter will help you all feel a little better knowing what went down. Some time early this morning, for a reason that has yet to be determined, the server was updated to 1.3.2. We do not know why this happened; there is a strange absence of logs from that specific window of time. The problem is, this was not a Bukkit version, this was a Vanilla version. Thus, fire spreading, creeper damage, and the like all were re-enabled due to the mysterious update. Many members chose to decorate their homes with fire; the spawn was decorated in a similar manner. When the fire-spread was re-enabled, it caused damage to the spawn and many homes. After reverting the Minecraft version back to 1.3.1 Bukkit, we observed the current damage and decided that reverting the map or starting fresh was not the best course of action. Instead, we will be compensating players for any losses and assisting them in re-construction. Thank you for bearing with us, we know it's been a rough week for all of us. We hope to see you on the server! ~Orca
  8. I Have recently been starting on a new 2_fort project for minecraft...After seeing some of the previous attempts on youtube of people trying to re-create it... I have decided to take it onto me, to create a new 2_Fort... Now up to now I have only made the red base, I need to create the blue base, but I am still figuring what blocks to use for it Lapiz of course but what else... I dont know how long it will take to replicate the base, the scenery and all the little look's of 2_fort but hopefully it will look great! ^_^ As you can tell, there is alot of stuff left to do...So...Please be patient... :D
  9. Minecraft was recently updated to 1.3.1 There are many cool things added, including tripwires, and jungle/desert temples (AWESOME) Unfortunately, my mods don't work with the new update, so all my data has been wiped Anyone else have problems/experiences with this update? (The mods were pony related) (Mine little brony, Mine little pony) HA
  10. Hey people I got a new idea for a pvp event that is called the walls. http://www.planetmin...--pvp-survival/ The Walls is a PvP survival map that takes back Minecraft to it's roots: crafting, surviving and creativity. The map is separated by giant sand walls, players start each on their own platforms and when the timer reach 00:00, the walls falls and the player can kill each others. The last man standing wins the game. You can craft armors, build traps, canons, fortress and much more... just like minecraft, the world is yours. Hidden treasures will give you an edge with unobtainable items on this limited world. However there are some rules! The Rules (Player) Wait for host to give you a "cell" before the game starts. This is your starting position. Once the cell pushes you up, you can free to go and prepare yourself before the walls goes down. DO NOT break any sand blocks. DO NOT leave your zone delimited by bedrocks. DO NOT build over the sand walls height. You can create alliances, however only one player can win. Treasons are encouraged. Use your skills, intelligence and creativity to kill other players. The Rules (Host) Place the players in their cells or "tubes" on the corners of the map. To start the game, press start when everyone is ready. You cannot reset! So make sure everyone is ready. Make sure to have a player assigned to the Zone close to the clock with 2 wires. Make sure your server have view Distance to 15. Make sure you have monsters OFF. If you want to play with the players, you have about 15 seconds to reach your cell and put back your gamemode 0. If you want the game to do on longer, you can give each players a bed and the goal would be to destroy your enemies's beds.
  11. Due to the Equestrian Armed Forces starting their own army, and my realizing that there has yet to be anyone to challenge them, I am forming the New Lunar Republic. This will make the factions much more interesting rather than one huge group. Positions such as general and secretary will be given shortly after our first meeting, which will hopefully be next saturday at 5pm Central Time. Should this time conflict with your schedule, please inform us in your sign-up, and we will try to find a time that better suits everyone's needs. There are three main categories as of now, but I might add a few in the future. Friends or groups can also form smaller squads within these categories, but only after the leader of the said categorie consents. 1. Army- will spearhead our offense and defend our fort 2. Thieves- will infiltrate the enemy base and steal/destroy as much as they can 3. Builders- will construct our fort, and rebuild when necessary we will also need citizens who will trade with the peaceful miners outside of the Equestrian Armed Forces So in your post, please provide your player id, the category you wish to join, and whether you want to form a group or run for a position in command. Thanks, Stargazer.
  12. Equestria Nations Space Command Keeping Equestria Safe. Due the the lack of space/air support. i'm looking for pony's who can build: Ships,Vehicles and Bases.​copy Halo's design for Ships and Vehicles I'm looking for people that can Mine resources in order to build these things. I'm also looking for Army Forces: Marie's: Join Stats: Available [Always looking for forces] O.D.S.T's: Join Stats: Unavailable [Prove yourself from being a Marie] Spartan's: Join Stats: Unavailable [specially Selective] Their will be more Forces. Ranks: Private Corporal Sergeant Warrant Officer: WO for short Captain Major Lt Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Field Marshall: FM for short Inheritor:Only one [Respect the the ranks higher than you] [being disrespectful to a rank higher or lower will demote you] [if you are given a order from a higher rank do it] _____________________________________________________________ Forum to Sign-up IGN- Builder or Army Forces- Tell me a little about yourself- What Class are you- ------------------------------------ Example: IGN-ODSTSPORE Builder or Army Forces-Both Tell me a little about yourself-I like to build and fight What Class are you-Earth ------------------------------------ I hope you join us.
  13. This event has ended with an epic win by kman224! Don't fret! We'll have plenty more events soon! NOTE: YOU MUST BE REGISTERED AND HAVE BUILDER PERMISSIONS ON THE MAIN SERVER TO PARTICIPATE! Friday May 25, 2012 @ 10:00PM CST we will be having a Minecraft event! Server Information: Event Server: Event DynMap: Event Livestream: http://www.livestrea...bellesminecraft It will be a Hardcore Skyblock PvP event. If you don't know what SkyBlock is, watch this video: You will be started on your own little SkyBlock island. If you die, you will be banned from the event server for the duration of the event. There will be a dynamic map displaying the event for those who are disquaified and still wish to view the event. No cheating or using modified clients. Anyone caught cheating during the event will be disqualified from the event and banned on both the event and main server. Any players banned on the main server will not be allowed to participate on the event server. Good sportsmanship at all times, no hateful remarks before, during, or after the match. Excessively malicious remarks will result in disqualification from the event, and potential penalties on the main server. Teams are allowed, but not required or moderated. There may only be one winner, and team-kills will not be penalized. Players will be started on their own island at random positions regardless of teaming; teams will not be spawned on the same island. Players should join within 10 minutes of the event opening. After 10 minutes, no other participants will be allowed to join. Building will be allowed at the moment the server comes online. Anyone joining within the 10-minute leniency period will be disadvantaged by their late join. If a player disconnects or leaves during the event, they will have roughly one minute to re-join. Extended disconnectss, multiple disconnects, or leaving to flee from battle will result in disqualification. The winner of the event will be able to change their class, and recieve a fully enchanted diamond sword. Address of the event server will by posted the day of the event.
  14. A Minecraft server for the people of Ponyville! IP: MAKE SURE YOU READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES
  15. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ponyville Minecraft Players: The Real Ponyville Project will now be recruiting workers to build the parts of the city Work will be judged and it must meet certain material and quality restrictions build items will be provided. Work That does not meet the standards will be "destroyed" If you would like to be added to the project please post your Ingame Name, And the definition of a project you have done on the server! I am the project leader all things I say are final. The City should go up pretty quick. Main Projects: Finish Clocktower Windmill Rarity's botique School House Town Hall Sweet Apple Acres Minor Projects: Houses Fountains Plaza Lighting Admin Only Projects: Trees Please write into your application any interest in working on a specific project Have Fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Builders AppleJack (Openplease1)
  16. this was made to upload my minecraft builds from my single player worlds and also a chance for the minecrafters of ponyville to show of some recent projects they have been working on.lately i have been working on a flim and flam brothers cider shop since i have finished i thought i should make this page not only to show what i made but to get an insight on how well you can also build on minecraft a suggested layout for posting your builds: ign name: schematic if others are allowed to use it: title of your build: screenshots of the build: any notes attached to it e.g. 1 door is bugged etc... thanks for reading the following build is my flim and flam brothers cider shop name: ghb52 schematic: n/a title: flim and flam brothers apples cider shop screenshots: http://forum.ponyvil...necraft-builds/
  17. Hey guys I am no longer gonna play minecraft so I am gonna quit it and it was a pleasure on being on the server made lots of friends and had a good time but real life got in the way so it is gonna be hard for me to be on here I got a job and also I am gonna go to school to help me out with my disability I got. So I am no longer gonna be ale to be on the server or on here I am to busy is all hope you can forgive me for that. But in any case Sweetie Belle and others it was a pleasure to be with you all and Sweetie Belle I give my permission to Open and to Drummerdj to have all my items that I have earned on the server during my time with you all also open and Dj you guys if you want can continue my project I have left in the nether if you come cross huge landscape in the nether and see some buildings you can continue the project I had left and make it yours,Also you can do what ever you like with my old home as well as the underground base I built. also Sweetie Belle knows and Sgt knows of the location of my nether base project if you do not you can ask them to teleport you there so in any case I be I will be leaving minecraft cause real life is more important for me right now cause I need all the help I can get so take care all and good bye.
  18. Brick Force is a combination of minecraft and a first person shooter game where you can build you're base like you would do in minecraft and also after building you're base you can have matches against other players. This game is in beta but here is the site where you can signed up to be able to play. here is the site also closed beta begins in february 28th .
  19. a good friend who thinks all of you guys are pretty cool she has seen the forums but dose not want to make an account (don't know why?) she loves to make minecraft skins and she will love to take requests a few thing must be said she can do Mine little pony skins if needed it might take a bit to get them to you nothing bad or grusome please attach a pic of what it is you want if you can and add your email so it can be sent to you i am mad tht i can't put her skins on the forums some evil error sign come up >:(
  20. Sorry I haven't been active on the server I am dealing with lots of real life situation and also I got inform that my step brother has cancer so I wont be able to be on for quite some time cause of it...
  21. Well.... just joined the server a few days ago, made some friends, helped mine and build some stuff, and then supposedly broke, stole, and hacked all kinds of stuff. so i honestly didnt do any of this, the only expanation i can think of is my account got hacked or someone hacked my name and came into the server or something IDK. but i didnt do any of this myself, im sorry that all this trouble has been caused, could someone tell me how long the ban is or if i can ever come back on the server, or at least look around and prove it wasnt me cus i really like you guys... the only thing i did do that i guess could be frowned upon is use a coordinate trick to find ores at certain levels in the ground, thats how i got so many diamonds so fast, thats why i gave the diamonds away to people, so im sorry for doing that. also i love your Daft Punk skin Sgt
  22. Ok first of all I am having troubles as of today I can not log unto minecraft at all cause it always says log in fail..Secondly when I try to go to the main site of minecraft and type in my email and password it always says " Oops, unknown username or password."... when I know I type in the correct info when I try to log in.. Secondly every time I try to change my password it always " User not found " every time I click on submit query so I can not change my password either..But when ever I try to verify my email it always goes through with out any prooblems and I know that I never gave no one any info about my password or email...So I am not sure if I have been hack or what or if theres any way to fix this situation cause I'm not about to cough up another twenty bucks on this game I will do what ever it takes to fix this problem.
  23. I got good news every one after months of searching and looking for some my little pony's schematics for villages and structures I finally found an entire my little pony theme town of equestria ... It contains cloudsdale ponyville and much much more and also upon going through these maps of equestria I have seen some buildings that have been on fire and other structures as well.. Hopefully since you guys dont allowed fire to spread on the server this will all be fix and you guys can just fix up on some minor damages that you may encounter on the map...Also this is all thanks to for sharing their maps to every one .. Here are the links to the maps also I put all the maps into a single package but also I will leave the site where I got the maps as well.. http://www.4shared.c...ville_pack.html So please sgt consider uploading this map to the server so we can have a place to role-play and have a wonderful experiance in equestria x3..
  24. So I was gifted Minecraft by an awesome friend of mine. I've heard many good things about this game, and curiosity has finally overcome my inherent aversion to sandbox games. I decided to record and share my experience. Here are my notes; I wrote them as I played--only slightly edited for clarity and such things. Keep in mind, that I know next to nothing about Minecraft. Everything I do know is inference and hearsay. Enjoy my story-- * * * * * * * * * Finally loading up the game. After hassling with an account name (Rainbro Dash was taken! RAGE) I finally settled on my pre-pony internet name "Ambris". Name this world? uh--Equestria! Maybe I'll find some ponies. :D I load into a snowy tundra of a landscape. Just hills and snow as far as the eye can see, plus some scattered trees. First thing is first: harvest wood. Get ready for the night; Monsters. Punched a tree for wood. Odd how the top of it stays afloat. O_o While I want to discover most of the game for myself, I don't want to be utterly clueless. So I skimmed over a basic guide to crafting-Spent less than a minute on the page. So I need to make a crafting table. A few experiments. . .try this there. Then try that--Ah! There we go. A table. Made a mining pick. . .of wood. Hmm, the minutes are ticking by. The top of this hill doesn't seem defensible. Need to find better grounds to fortify myself. Exploring. Everything is snowy. Lots of cows and sheep. Crap. I left my crafting table behind. How do I pick it up? Beat the crap out of it I guess--that usually works. Eyup. Exploring again. I see a different colored block in that hill side. Is it stone? I better mine some, might be useful. . . Nope. Just sand. lol On a sudden impulse I dug straight down. Encountered harder rock for sure this time. I Went deeper. Suddenly worried that my pick might break. Work my out at a diagonal angle. Exploring again. Some strange block in the distance. . . investigate! It might be a useful material. hmm . . .pumpkins. I want to find someplace defensible. What exactly that is, I'm not sure. But for the moment it's all snowy hills and rivers. Not much variety---wait what's that? A cave. . . leads underneath the river. Do I explore it? Monsters like the darkness--I'm in no way ready to deal with them. And I still have no shelter. What to do? Deciding to explore the cave some. It's a little cramped--can't get through this part. I'll break away some--crap, my pick broke. hmm. . .lets see if I can guess how to make a better pick. . .I'll set up my table outside. Easy! Stone pickaxe. Awesome. Hmm, how about a weapon? Wait, to make pick requires a certain shape in that 3x3 grid--it happens to look like a pick. How about a sword? AHA! I now have a stone sword--I'm a genius! Truly, this is no challenge for. . .why is suddenly getting dark? . . .FFFFFFFFFFFFF- OCRAPOCRAPOCRAPOCRAP CRAAAAAAAAAAAP Back in the cave! NO! Forgot my crafting table! Got it now! BACK IN THE CAVE! OMG-SCARY-8-BIT-MOON. This cave looks really small actually. No baddies in here--thank whatever pixelated god rules this realm for that! BLOCKADE THE ENTRANCE. Leaving one block open for light. Waiting for daylight--I don't dare even look outside. Been waiting awhile, Nothing but the sound of the river. It's rather soothing actually. I think I'll see what else I can make while I wait. So that's how you make shovel--Not sure what I'll need that for, but I'll keep it in mind. And that's a hoe--Oh! It's dawn outside. Little sound effect too. Should be safe now. Time to explore some more. It's refreshing out here after all that time in the cave---CRAAAAAAP forgot my crafting table. Exploring again. hmm. . .I'm going to assume that gauge represents my hunger or something--I'll need to figure out how and what to eat. I picked up some green stuff earlier--vegetable of some kind? Or just grass--in either case, how do I eat it? Hey, chickens! And eggs! I should be able to eat eggs. But how? whoops, just plastered the hill side with an egg. I'll figure it out later. Perhaps I need to cook it or something? Still nothing but snowy landscape. Pretty, without a doubt. But I'm looking for something of significance. Another cave? I'm feeling brave. I think I'll go down into-- OH SWEET ELEMENTS OF HARMONY ITS A HORRIBLE EXPLODING THING WITH THE FACE. running-running-running. Okay, safe out here. It doesn't seem to want to come out--or can't. I'm outta here. Found a massive hole in the ground--I imagine it connects with the last cave I was in. But this thing is deeeeeeep. I think see a bridge way down there. More caves. I don't want to explore until I know I can survive. hmm. I know you can have armor in this game--time to experiment with crafting. Well, I know how to make an axe now--not sure how it compares to sword. Yay a boat! Can't figure out armor. . .more exploring. Is that an island? or maybe new land? I do have a boat. . . Made it across! Just as Dusk starts. I'll dig myself a shelter, but I don't fancy another night of staying in there. I'll take a look around this night. CRAP A CREEPER. CRAP ANOTHER. CRAP A ZOMBIE. OH GOD IT SAW ME. INTO MY CAVE. IT'S MY CAVE. IT EATING ME OM NOM NOM. I MUST BE DELICIOUS. I am now dead--My sword didn't seem to do much. I guess I really just need some stupid armor. Re-spawned. Still night time. Dug myself another hole. WITH MY FISTS, LIKE A MAN---OH GOD THERE IS A ZOMBIE OUTSIDE. SUCH HORRIBLE NOISES IT IS MAKING. Finally daytime--all night with that zombie outside. I'm scarred for life. Why did drop arrows and bones? Digging around. Found a strange stone block with orange-ish bits in it. Much harder to mine. What is it? uh--I didn't get anything unusual from it. *shrug* I need food too. . .Hmm, I really hate to just kill those cows, but I'm not sure what else to do for food. Oh hey, leather? Could I make armor with this? Made a leather cap! After gratuitous animal slaughter--and experimenting with the crafting window, I've some leather armor pieces now. And it's night again. This time I'm build a house for shelter. Made 4 dirt walls pretty fast. Gonna dig down while I wait for day though. Crap-so dark. Oh a cavern? AH CREEPERS. ZOMBIES. SO DARK. Mining my up and out. dark. mining. dark. still mining. still dark. OH ITS DAY OUT SIDE. Still monsters though? BAH! I'm back with a vengeance! Screw you zombie! Screw you skeleton archer! Screw you skeleton archer that is also on fire--that's kinda neat though. Screw you other skeleton--wait, what's that hissing noise? --and now I'm dead. Alas, so ends my first experience with Minecraft. In spite of the fun I'm having, I need to get to bed now. 1 AM in the morning--I imagine this will happen many times.
  25. Out of curiosity, is anyone else getting an Error 502 when they try to connect to the server?