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  1. Heyoo everyone, I am finally putting myself out there to face the requests of the community in Source Filmmaker. From posters, to animations, it's time to start somewhere, and soon. Just to barter with you guys, I'll be taking two free poster requests per month, then the rest are priced. You don't HAVE to request from me, Source Filmmaker is free, and so are all the resources I use, anyone can easily make their own. I'm just doing this to get better at it. Here's the details: Rules: Ask nicely, as simple as that. Nothing NSFW. Go find someone else for that. I'm here for professional work. When requesting a commission, please state the type of commission you want: Poster, Wallpaper, Avatar, Banner. (Animated Posters will have to be discussed through PM). When requesting a commission, please refer to the examples of quality: Lazy, Meh, Average, OCD. Basically will help me understand how much TLC to put in the project. When requesting a commission, please give an estimate of "how soon" you want this done: 3 Days, 1 Week, 1 Month, etc. This will help me prioritize projects. (Don't go competing with each other to get your poster request earlier. That will just get your request ignored.) When requesting a commission, please point out if you want post-processing: Raw SFM Render or Photoshop. This will organize which projects need post-processing and help speed up the priority of projects. When requesting a commission, please use the template provided to request your character, background, and other additional details. That's basically it for the rules. Now to give examples and details: The Free Commissions: Basically the first two people to post a request here will get their poster done for free. Restrictions: The free posters will be created under the "Average" and "1 Week" categories. Refer to the examples for a better understanding. Paid Commissions: Basically every other commission request that the person is aware of and paying for. Paid commissions are 2 ref for the base poster (consisting of one character and background [e.g. maps]). Any additional character would be 1 rec, particles based on complexity could vary from 1 scrap to 1 ref for each variation used, and 1 key for custom scenebuilds (additional keys will be required based off sizes of scenebuilds, and examples will be provided). And just to clean this up and make it cleaner, we'll call these "elements": Elements: Base Cost: 2 Refined Background: Backgrounds are basically maps (e.g. Upward, Hightower, etc) Additional Characters: 1 Reclaimed each Particles: Consist of Unusual effects, killstreak effects, weapon projectiles, or clouds, water, smoke, fire, etc. 1 Scrap - 1 Refined ; based on complexity and type. Scenebuilds: Scenebuilds are custom designed "maps" which take a good amount of time to build: 1 key - 3 keys ; based on general size of scenebuild. Template for Requests: Main Character: Background/Scenebuild: Additional Character(s): Particles: Summary: So a perfect example for this would be: Main Character: Scout (with whatever hats/miscs/paints) or Ponies, etc. Background/Scenebuild: Upward (location optional: e.g. Near Last, or Point B.) Additional Character(s): Soldier (hats/miscs/paints) or Ponies, etc. Particles: Unusuals, Clouds, Explosions Summary: Define what you want. Scout jumping over the cart while Soldier shoots the ground at Scout's feet, rocket explosions, cart toppling over, and rainy skies. You can even do a sketch of how you want something to look if you really want to. Examples for Commission Requests: Type: Poster/Wallpaper - Poster is a lower 1080p resolution version for use on DA or websites, whereas Wallpaper will be in 4K for use as your desktop wallpaper, etc. (Posters can be wallpapers and vice versa.) Poster Example: Spoiler Wallpaper Example: Spoiler Avatar - Steam avatar, youtube, twitter, etc. Example: Spoiler Banner - A banner for any where, twitch, tumblr, websites, etc. Example: Spoiler Quality: Lazy: Spoiler Meh: Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Average: Spoiler Spoiler OCD: Spoiler Post-Processing: RAW: Spoiler Photoshopped: Spoiler Examples for Commission Elements: Characters: Team Fortress Characters, Dota Characters, Ponies, Custom Characters. Backgrounds: Team Fortress Maps, Dota Maps, CSS/CSGO Maps, Pony Maps, Custom Maps. Particles: Clouds, Rain, Fire, Bullets, Explosions, Rocket Trails, Magic Particles, Custom Particles, etc etc etc. Scenebuilds: Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler More details to come soon... *sniff* Maybe.. **Examples are up, requests are open. Have at it!** Link to the original topic:
  2. Feel free and comment here if you want Nightmare Rarity as hale back. Greetings
  3. BUCK has returned for the spring 2016 season with a shiny new logo! We will be holding our convention at EventCity in Manchester UK on the 9th and 10th April 2016. Our first announced guest is Daniel Ingram who will be talking to us about his music. Hope you can join us! Find out more at
  4. Not sure if this counts as a forum game... >> What is your scenario? Mine is Handcuffed for life with Nightmare Moon
  5. Soooo... TrotMania. For me, it is a match made in heaven. You take my most favorite game of all time, Dance Dance Revolution, and you add a crap ton of pony songs, and custom themes. That is freaking awesome. Sadly, none of my friends play it, which means I always have to play by myself :(, but it is still amazing nevertheless. Not much to say, I love this mod. And if there is anyone who loves DDR as much as I do, and likes ponies, then download this mod.
  6. Hello everypony. I was bored at school and then I decided to make a sketch of Spike. I've sent the image to my computer, and I made this.
  7. Right now, I am conducting a fanfic where spike is spyro's son, but gets sent to ponyville through one of the dragon worlds archway portals. If you wanna keep updated on my art and the fanfic, my deviantart is this link here ---> Comment your feeling and opinions, and if so, watch my DeviantArt.
  8. Okay I came up with a good question for everypony to answer. Feel free to be as creative as you like on this one. On TF2 you have 6 Name Tags. With these Name Tags you have to name at least one gun after the Mane Six. Which Gun would you call which Pony and Why?
  9. "Games Ponies Play" posting this really quick before watching it, gonna post my impressions later
  10. Who do you think your most like? I believe I'm like Snails because he has freckles and is considered 'annoying' but don't worry I'm probably not as annoying. I'm also like Twilight Sparkle because I know lots of stuff (but not magic D:)
  11. I just wanted to start this topic to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the very show that started this forum site. Two years ago today, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic premiered it's first episode on the new television network, The Hub. Shortly after, Amid Amidi wrote the article, "The End of the Creator-Driven Era in TV Animation" on Cartoon Brew talking about how having creative people like Lauren Faust work on a show made for the sole purpose of selling toys was an idea to be concerned about, causing people to become more interested in the show even after the previous discussions on 4chan's cartoon forum. The show soon sparked 4chan posts relating any and every topic with ponies which in turn sparked several debates between fans and trolls leading to a temporary ban on 4chan about anything pony related. Because of this ban and the amount of trolls still present after the ban, bronies decided to make their own websites to celebrate the magic of love, friendship, and ponies leading to the creation of sites like this one, Equestria Daily, Derpy Hooves News, and so many others. Since then, the fandom has exploded and done amazing things in terms of art, music, charity functions, and others as well as causing the creation of a full-length documentary that is produced by John de Lancie, Lauren Faust, and Tara Strong and filmed at some of the many pony conventions that take place throughout the year in the U.S. and Europe. So I'm gonna take the time to wish My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a happy two year anniversary and hope that the show continues spreading the love for many more years to come. I'm also gonna take the time to wish the My Little Pony franchise a happy 30 year anniversary because if it wasn't for those first generations, ours would never have come to pass and would never have done the great things it is known for by all the fandom. HAPPY 2ND AND 30TH MLP!!! *Yes, I know that the second picture is a year old, but it still summarizes what I believe quite well
  12. This mod looks like fun. Oh, Pinkie Pie.
  13. I've always wondered how we've all come to love the show, so I've created a thread for that sole purpose. Post here your story on how you got hooked on the show, or how you hooked your peers!
  14. Please give me help with how to make really cool pictures of MLP because the only pictures I make are usually two photos together. Ideas would be appreciated too.
  15. I made this blog to see who is the epicest character in MLP. BTW I don't really have favourites but I like Spike, Appledash, Rainbow Dash, Luna and Derpy.
  16. Does anyone know a good place to find plans for good MLP pixel art? The widget I've got for converting images into pixel blueprints works surprisingly well on real images, and kind of sucks for 2d cartoony images.
  17. Hey All, I've been learning some Ruby, and I'm toying with programming a MLP game using the Gosu framework. The game I have in mind is a simple catching stuff game. The idea is Applejack is in the background, apple bucking a tree. Twilight is in the foreground with a basket on her back. You control Twilight and try to catch the falling apples. Also thinking every so often, Twlight can use her magic to sweep all the apples on the board into the basket. And you see how many you can catch until you miss one. Should be a moderately challenging first major project. Not sure if this will actually be easy, or if I'm jumping in way over my head. So, any suggestions? Variations on gameplay? Tweaks? Easter eggs? I'm open to ideas on how to improve the game concept, and ideas for fun things to add. I'm fishing for ideas early so I can plan for those ideas in the code now, and not have so large a rewrite later.