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  1. Got this idea immediately when the Balloonicorn was released, why not have PINKIE PIE follow you around instead of a balloon? Replaces the Balloonicorn! Download: here Credits: Models/Materials - Kp-ShadowSquirrel Idea - Me (Although it seems if it wasn't for copyright infringement, valve would want to do this :P) Bugs? Shouldn't be, but let me know if there is a problem! Notes: I'm learning more and more about TF2 modeling as I go so there might be updates to this!
  2. Since this seems to be an often requested thing, I am creating a topic where you guys can suggest what game modes you want us to add to the funbox server so that it lives up to its name. Several pointers: Make sure you include a link to the game mode download location that you are proposing. If no link, make sure to include a descriptive name. This thread is not for full conversation about the game modes. A comment on the viability/popularity of the gamemode is fine, a page-long discussion about it isn't. At the same time, don't just drop links, explain what the game mode is and why you think it's a good addition. Before you post anything though, try to find out if the gamemode has been updated or works on TF2 as it currently is. If your game mode has not been updated since 2010, it's probably not a good sign.
  3. I see that we are taking in a wing of refugees from a community similar to ours. With this comes different ideas and a playstyle that's from their servers. Now the question is: what in particular is that mod like? What other mods do you guys play? Is Vanilla TF2 still a big thing prior to the server closure? How would you compare the Versus Ponyville Mod with any of the mods y'all run?
  4. This mod looks like fun. Oh, Pinkie Pie.
  5. Today, Nathan Hale, leader of the BattleGrounds 2 Developer Team announced that I got accepted in the BG2-Devs as their new texture artist. I'll be using this thread to post my work and give you details on the mod, as well as tell you important details when allowed to. I'll also be taking texturing requests for TF2 (only players, though). Just tell me what do you want and i'll fix something within one or two weeks. Will be useful, free practice. On another note, to the guys in UFF, I was thinking in texturing a small logo for you and applying it to the TF2 player models. Will take at least a month (got LOTS of things to do for BG right now), but worth giving it a shot. Dont know what BG2 is? Click here: Thoughts?