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  1. So... just sitting around doing nothing Thinking for ideas to model for fun... Nope I got nothing good bye But my table goes back to normal right after ok then well I guess I have to do this I am looking for ideas I can model Either for the Halloween costume skins thing or just for fun (it must be pony models not skilled enough to do big projects like making something for the workshop) So yeah any ideas?
  2. I recently drew up a concept for Rubic, a character in DOTA 2. I've grown to like and think it and I believe itmay have a chance to get it with the right support. PRoblem is.....I'm not all that confident in my non-existent Modeling skills. So! If anyone would be so kind as to point me to a modeller (besides Jug. He doesn't like dota) that would be great. Here is the concepts. If you interested:
  3. I've had this hobby for the past year and I'm really enjoying it.. Y'see I'm a huuuuuge Gaint Mecha fan. Gundam, Mazinkaiser, Macross, Gurren Lagann.. I absolutely LOVE watching gaint fighting robots beat the snot out of each other..So naturally I was excited when a friend told me about model kits. I was introduced to a line of Models called "Gunpla" They're pretty awesome snap together models that don't require painting or glue. Just pull them off the tree frames and put them together. This past year I've built 3.. A High Grade Gundam Exia. Master Grade Burning/God Gundam and a Master Grade Freedom Gundam. Unfortunately the better model kits kinda get expensive..about 40-70 bucks for a master grade..So kinda of an expensive hobby..but it's an absolute blast. Building the inner working skeleton, piecing the armor on and adding all the stickers..An awesome way to kill an afternoon. *Oh also..Incase anyone's interested..The grades are as follow. High Grade 1/144 Scale Master Grade 1/100 Scale Real Grade 1/144 Scale Perfect Grade 1/60 Scale So what about you guys? What Gunpla or other kind of models have you built?