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  1. Example: Poster 1: What's for dinner? Poster 2: 30,000 pounds of bananas. {Harry Chapin} Then poster 2 would ask a question, and it goes from there. Have fun! Start What's your favorite color?
  2. Hey, Im a musician and pretty big pony fan and frequent the ponyville TF2 servers. I have a song that I contributed to the fandom/community that is currently playing on ponyville live stations. (youtube audiowave dasher fly into the night for my channel) and I could potentially donate it to the server. Good feedback is always appreciated for musicians, especially since this is an all original song. Also as a musician I find new music intriguing, and this pony server was a great attribute for those that appreciate music in its purest form. Great song selection for the bosses admins. I just wish there was a way to identify the mix or suggest new songs, as many are obscure. Heres a link to the song
  3. You can reply about the Music Games stuff. likes cytus, beatmania, osu, and others. I know has same topic before, but that topic is Deactived I think. so I Decided submit this topic.
  4. Hello Everyone! I am Mandurs, or in-game "Method Man". I recently had a few people asking about the songs on the bosses and how to get them, so I decided to show everyone a little guide on how to access and put all of these songs together. First off, we need to access these songs, so this is how you do it in your files: Windows(C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > SteamApps > common > Team Fortress 2 > tf > Download > Sound >vs_ponyville. From here, youll see a BUNCHA different boss names. All i did was hit "ctrl+f" and search for "theme" here. Because all the boss music has the word "theme" in it. I copied all of these and pasted them into a new folder, so they are easier to manage. After that, all I did was upload that folder to some music playing program, like "Winamp" or other, and play all the songs. Have fun with this! I certainly know many already know this, but this is for those who do not. With lots of love, Mandurs~
  5. Anybody got the list of songs for all the heros? its a very good selection I would like to add to my own. *squee*
  6. made some touches to my favorite song from MLP except winter wrap up ofc... So i have removed the dialogues and added much more bass. enjoy:D
  7. Ok so after a month of work I finally finished my orchestration of Hearts Strong as Horses! I took a lot of time and effort into this project so mind checking it out and leave some feedback? I would appreciate it! More "My Little Orchestra's" are coming soon, so subscribe to stay up-to-date! Thanks in advance! - TMM VIDEO:
  8. I rarely ask for help when doing things. But this time I am getting kind of desperate. I am a dj and I love what I do. But the problem is. No one will take me serious since my set up is so small and cheap. So i am asking for your help if you will please go to the page in the link. And share it. Like it. and post it. and if you feel generous donate to the cause. there is a video on the page of me djing. One of the reason I am doing this is so that. One day I may be able to have a job that I can enjoy and have a income I can raise a family one.
  9. So I've been really excited ever since they released their single "Get Lucky" and i was wondering if anyone else shared my feelings towards this. If so, place your experience with Daft Punk below. c: P.S:Pre-Order the Album :o P.P.S: Here's the link to "Get Lucky"
  10. I'll be posting any music-related stuff I make here. It'll probably be mostly covers, but I hope to eventually have some original stuff. Yesterday, I made an arrangement of the from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal in Finale SongWriter: I'd like to record this with real instruments at some point.
  11. Pretty much, what is your favourite album (of any genre) of all time? For me, it's a tough choice, but i'd have to say Gotye's Making Mirrors. It's just so artistic and beautiful, with a song for any mood. In Your Light for happy times, Somebody That I Used To Know for hard times, and Bronte for sad times. Another album which i believe deserves recognition is Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. The whole album just runs beautifully, and is so surreal and unique that it's hard not to love it
  12. So, after playing a forum game where the point is to answer the previous poster's question with a song's title I thought to myself: "Why can't we answer with some lyrics from a song?" It was then that I got the idea to start this topic. Basically, the rules are to answer the question posted above with lyrics from a song (while posting the song's name and artist) and then to ask your own question. The answer doesn't have to be lyrics from a song you like or hate, the song doesn't have to be any specific genre or anything, and while I prefer everypony to post lyrics that make sense when applied to the question above, you don't have to and can post lyrics that make little to no sense when applied to the question. And the question can be about anything ranging from pony to the end of the world. Quite simple, no? Here's the game format: "Song lyrics" Song Title - Song Artist Question Just to clarify the game's rules and format, I will be posting an answer to the first question and then another question to start off the game. Is everypony ready?
  13. Here's a rap I spewed out in 5 minutes.
  14. I found this picture and I thought it would be funny to see what others get xD this is what I got: 1. Rock your socks -Tenacious D 2. Papagenu -Tenacious D 3. Turtleneck & Chain -The Lonely Island 4. My Band -D12 5. No Sleep -Wiz Khalifa 6. Cinderella Man -Eminem 7. On My Block -Scarface 8. 40 Oz. -D12 9. When I'm Gone -Eminem 10. Psychosocial -Slipknot
  15. Eight VA, that is my name. I have been able to play musical instruments since I was a filly, no learning necessary. I have a musical gift, which has some cons to it, but I won't bother you with it at the moment. I'm building a band and I need members. If you join, you will learn the full power of music. The places we are going to aren't your everyday stadiums. We may be going to places such as dragon's keeps, the Everfree Foresr, Fadrealm, maybe even Earth. Will you join our band?
  16. Let's filk ponies! What's filk? Is it dirty? No. Filk is song parody. Basically, you take lyrics from a pre-existing song, and swap them out for lyrics related to whatever. In this case, Ponies. The general format, I suppose, would be to post the Name/Artist of the original song, so that everypony can listen to it to get a general idea of the tune, then post your filked lyrics. I'll throw some up as they come to me, but for now, the floor is yours...
  17. Here's one PGHP made a few days ago;
  18. This song is utterly and inarguable amazing. This is the kind of beauty I that makes me proud to be part of this community, not just the song, but the inspirational act behind it. As someone whose life has been literally saved by this wonderful children's show, I can see how this is a message that everypony can relate to, not just bronies. Warning: if you have a soul, you will cry.
  19. (If this is the wrong place for this thread, I'm sorry.) In this thread, we're talking about music related frisson. In general, this is the definition copied from a sudden, passing sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion;thrill: The movie offers the viewer the occasional frisson of seeing a character in mortal danger. EDIT: just to expand with some personal experience, it kind of shivers down your back/arms. Chances are, you've felt this feeling while listening to music at some point, and I want you to post it here. The song does not need to be famous, or the opposite, only requirement is you've felt frisson because of the song. I'll start with this one.
  20. Hey. I made this... and stuff. Remember youtube's audio improves @720p, make sure it's enabled before you watch the video. [media=] If you want to hear some more of my stuff (includes a pony remix):
  21. a bunch of links to my favorite pony themed songs! Nightmare Night beyond her garden Pinkie's lie sister hate love me cheerilee let me know any other songs that you guys like! sincerely, bluprint
  22. I just finished editing a PMV today, check it out and give feedback. Be nice, it's my first This is a PMV of "Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta" by the Geto Boys. I included lip syncing and video synchronized to the lyrics. Tell me what you think.
  23. Here is the new remix to my song Drowning In Friendship (Footwear Is Magic) Hope you all dig it.
  24. Ok, so there have been threads about favourite bands and genre's of music, but lets narrow it down to the favoutire song shall we >:) At the moment mine would have to be: But when it comes to pony music? This: