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  1. names

    hi everypony i need a name for my strange prof natasha, i could not find one by myself, i renamed my rocket launcher pinkie pie Party Cannon and my flamethrower party blower
  2. A couple weeks back some person called "Spy" started joining the server and has become a regular on it.. But after a while he has started called himself "Caboose" (Me) when I am not on and sometimes he does it when I AM on the server There are other things like him pushing me away from a dispenser or pushing me off cliffs/objects, as well as wasting a scout spot and doing practically no damage what-so-ever Surely there must be something you can do about this for it has been a long-on-going thing and I am starting to get tired of it Sorry for this being my first post on the forums, I may be more active on the forums but I am not certain yet
  3. So the current name is okay, but I was thinking that some other name would fit in better. If you have any suggestions post and vote here! It has to have the format of: Ponyville: **** is ***** . Some suggestions are already up, I will add more of them if you guys come up with something nice!
  4. The Great and Powerful Aloe was in the Ponyville Santorum and found out some odd facts about the 2nd fastest Gen I pokemon and its pre evo. The files are listed as such. Diglet, the mole pokemon... Or so it would have you believe. This certian "pokemon" if you can even call it that has a seceret that it refuses to reveal to the world. It looks 1'04 feet tall but in reality it is really inaccurate. It turns out that diglet is really a buff man who is embarassed by his disfigure so he hides his body and took up the the title of the mole pokemon. It is a front to make everypony believe what they were told by the pokedex. This will keep them believeing the fallicies of judgement givien by the pokemon association. You remeber its voice when it moves around "Diglet dig diglet dig" That is the sound of its tone muscles contracting and expanding while it swims underground. No you didn't read it wrong yes The Great and Powerful Aloe did say swim not dig. It is just that strong it swims through solid ground like it was some feeble liquid that you drink to quench thrist and take a dip in to relax and clense the body and mind. This explains why it learns moves such as Sucker Punch,Slash,Hone Claws,Shadow Claw and Rock Smash. This proves that not only does it have hands, it is strong enough to move them in and out of the dround at a speed faster than the pony eye can percive. Then we have its evolution, Dugtrio. His story isn't for the feint of heart so you may not read it if you don't want to. The Great and Powerful Aloe shall look into more facts that are less Shippy on Dugtrio. The Great and Powerful Aloe will make sure to keep you updated when it comes to scientific finds in the realms. Till then, Be strong, be brave and make sure to love and tolerate.