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  1. names

    hi everypony i need a name for my strange prof natasha, i could not find one by myself, i renamed my rocket launcher pinkie pie Party Cannon and my flamethrower party blower
  2. (It is ironic that this repeats my first post on this site.) Anyway, I still have the name and description tags along with writer's block from the christmas event and I can not think of any names. I politely ask the memebers of this community to give their name ideas for my unamed weapons: Strange Carbondo Rocket LauncherVintage SanvichVintage wranglerI thank you for your time in looking in this thread.
  3. Hey guys! I wanted to change the old post name for my custom skins to just “Custom Skins” instead of “Halloween Custom Skins” but the only thing I can do is hide it. So, I hid the post and made a new one! This is where I will be posting my custom skins for EVERYONE to download! How to install: It's one single basic step! Unpack the zip inside your steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf folder I also am posting my halloween custom skins in this post here so yeah here we go! Rainbow Factory Dash: Preview: Download: Future Twilight/ Solid Sparkle: Preview: Download: Danger Suit Fluttershy: Preview: Download: Lil' Miss Rarity: Preview: Download: Timberjack: Preview: Download: Alushy: Preview: Download: All right then have a good day everybody and if you want to suggest a custom skin type it below! PS: FNaP (Five Nights At Pinkies) Has been postpone'd for reasons I will not say
  4. Okay I came up with a good question for everypony to answer. Feel free to be as creative as you like on this one. On TF2 you have 6 Name Tags. With these Name Tags you have to name at least one gun after the Mane Six. Which Gun would you call which Pony and Why?
  5. I just thought that sometimes that some of the names in the show (example, cutie marks ) sounded misleading or girly and could be named something different and make more sense (not that this would be canon.) i'm just suggesting a little thread to make up alternate names for stuff like cutie marks (only thing i can think of right now) and other stuff could be called a more appropriate name, for example cutie marks might be instead called talent marks. makes a lot more sense right? not that i don't mind it sounding girly (maybe a little) it just sounds so much better as talent marks. (once again only thing i could think of)
  6. Ever since the MannConomy Update, people have named and described their weapons, hats, and misc. items. What items have you named and/or described? For myself: Vintage engineers hat: description: "Worn by the Conductor of the Fail Train" Vintage Gunslinger: Gentleman's Power Fist S. shotgun: Dashwood's Doomstick; "A gift from the Doom Marine for outstanding slaughter." S. medigun: Liquid Futtershy Dispencer (a special thanks to one of the repliers to my "Another Plea for Weapon Names" post) Machina: description: "The last thing you never saw"
  7. Hi, I am new to the forums. Like TG+P Trixe!, I have a few stranges but I am uncertain on what to name them. I would like to ask for suggestions. They can be pony or refer to classic shooters (Doom, TS2, etc.) The stranges are: S. shotgun S. Southern Hospitality S. Sniper Rifle S. Medigun S. Half- Zatiochi Thank you for your time.