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  1. Now from what i have been seeing on the HOW IT FEELS TO PLAY VSP topic people are pitching the idea of wanting Texas to move to Jersey as they seem to agree with me when i said "Two Texas servers are just dumb". So here is a more "Official Topic". Having 2 texas servers is kinda stupid and ONE OF THEM should be moved. Now the most suggested so far that i have seen is NORMAL TEXAS but i will leave it up to the ponies of this little forum to decide. From what Col and them have said doing this would allow EU and TEXAS to play together to so they wouldn't have asstacular ping range on each other and would be a lot more playable.Thanks for reading and thanks for voting!
  2. Well cause this one certain character you guys may know him as Ahuizotl This will be something I am looking for when the Daring Do hale is finished and I am kinda doing a competition thing whoever does the best Ahuizotl voice can be possibly used in the hale fight with Daring Do so here is how he sounds like. (just look at the english one this is multi language) Here are some line examples: "Don't let her get the Sapphire Stone!" "Go, my minions stop her from getting the Stone!" and yeah leave your voice clips below and may the best Mercenary win
  3. I rarely ask for help when doing things. But this time I am getting kind of desperate. I am a dj and I love what I do. But the problem is. No one will take me serious since my set up is so small and cheap. So i am asking for your help if you will please go to the page in the link. And share it. Like it. and post it. and if you feel generous donate to the cause. there is a video on the page of me djing. One of the reason I am doing this is so that. One day I may be able to have a job that I can enjoy and have a income I can raise a family one.
  4. Hey, I know this has happened before, and I seem to be the next victim of it. Tail rotor clipped something, and the helo went down. Needless to say I got banned for it. Would greatly appreciate some help on the matter. Thanks. P.S. - the spin out was pretty epic. (But certainly not intentional)
  5. Lately there has been a distinct lack of artwork i have been producing, not because i can't be asked or the fact that i have no equipment to complete such tasks but inspiration, something i lack at the moment. So i ask YOU, do you have any idea on what i could draw (No Pawnies pl0x!@!@!) I'm looking for something i can really sink my teeth into and create a variety of different pictures using all sorts of techniques and styles. Wai nou pawnies? ;( I find it hard to draw them, always have and i feel more comfortable in work i do other then the small selection pawnies i did draw. An example of something not pawnies would be the following: not very good but still an 'attempt' of some form. So do you guise has any ideas?
  6. Being bored and wondering when to reinstall minelittlepony, any ideas when the new server is going up? Btw are we incorporating PARK into the new server map :)?