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  1. Alright, about a week ago, I posted to see if there would be interest in a StarBound server. I'm happy to announce (for myself, the community, and fellow StarBound fans) I've bought a 16-slot server for 3 months, hosted out of NY, NY, USA. The IP is at the following: (The port is needed on the end or it will connect you to an entirely different server). I will be spending time there through the following months, and I hope other players will enjoy it as much as I do. Have fun guys! I want to see how this server does before committing anything more to it. If it remains popular enough, I will extend the subscription. BASIC RULES: * Be courteous to your fellow adventurers (Derogatory language and inappropriate communication [Character name or otherwise] WILL NOT be tolerated.) --- Inappropriate consists of: Excessive cursing, sexual terms, etc. * Bombs and "Launcher" weapons of any kind are NOT allowed near planet spawn-points, and player-built structures. (Anti-Griefing) THIS LIST WILL BE UPDATED AS MORE RULES ARE ADDRESSED. With that out of the way, Get going and enjoy your adventure! Invite your friends if they want to join in! The more the merrier!
  2. Alright so I took some suggestions into consideration while updating this map. I also added a lot more. Please let me know what you guys think!
  3. Hey guys. my name is Andreas Alexander Fox II. but you can call me andy for short. i'm looking to start a new RP and i was wondering if anyone would like to help me out with this. Send me your OC's background and i will send a message back letting you know that you can join. I have just a few rules. 1.) Be nice to everyone else 2.) No bullying 3) Have fun
  4. Recently at night on the server there hasn't been many admins on. Very rarely we see admins online, not saying the admins are useless but we need some that would stay online and play regularly. On the server some of us have actually been talking about adding a new admin and asking about it.
  5. My name is Icey Juicebox, now Icey Icebox. I am normaly online constantly, and I've been on the server for some time now, I'd like to apply for adminship. Although I haven't been active much on the forums, that will soon change. I will take a serious attempt to enforce the rules in a way that is still fun for all. I appreciate you reading this, and if you could vote (+1/-1) that would be excellent. Thank you.
  6. August State Of The Server We've been having a few issues lately on the server that I would like to address in this topic, as well as give you a bit of insight into upcoming plans. I may make these State Of The Server posts a regular thing if they seem to go over well. Update to 1.3.1: If you haven't checked already, be aware the server is on Minecraft version 1.3.1. We tried to update as quickly as possible to let you all experience this update as soon as you could. This has come with it's own challenges, but certainly nothing we can't work through. Again, if you haven't checked out the server in a while, come back and take a look around, we'd love to have you on! Lag/Latency: Over the course of the last few days, we have been battling connection latency issues from the server. We have narrowed the source of the lag down to two main sources: Bukkit 1.3.1 R1 chat issues, and Pony Classes database connection issues. The Bukkit chat issue has been resolved; Bukkit released an update that corrected this issue, and the lag has significantly decreased since. The remaining lag was due to Classes; after 1.3.1's update, Classes inexplicably began to eat up connections to the database like crazy. As of now, Earth doubling has been once again temporarily disabled due to causing significant issues for the rest of the server. I will be working to get this resolved, but because the spikes in connections are seemingly random, I'm having a very hard time locating the problem. I'll keep you up to date on the status of doubling as I work to get it functioning again. Classes updates: Classes got a few updates today. Firstly, as mentioned in the previous segment, Earth doubling was disabled as we work to resolve issues with database connection. It's not all bad though, there are also a few good things that came with the updates. Pegasus flying was changed JUST slightly so that you flying just a little above where you're aiming. We also added in a new feature that should make Vondrim's life a bit easier and you all a bit happier. You can now change YOUR OWN classes after 30 days (not just on the 1st of each month); you can only change it once, and then you have to wait again. The start date was set to one month ago, so everyone should be able to change their class the next time they're online. Lastly, we made a few tweaks to player class caching, so you shouldn't lose your class anymore upon relogging. If you do however, please contact me; I would love to get it fixed. Unicorns get no update this time around, sorry guys! Events: We took a break from events for a while because all of the admins' schedules got a bit hectic. Don't fret! This was only temporary and we're planning to have an event within the next two weeks, so keep your eyes open! We've taken a couple of suggestions from the Suggestions thread on the forums, and also come up with a few ideas of our own; there should be no shortage of events to attend! PvP: We're making final preparations for the long-awaited faction-PvP server. We're hoping to have everything completely finished and verified working within a month or two. I'll give you a small sneak-peek at what's in-store... The plan is to try to keep the action concentrated: we don't want people staying up late just so they can get an advantage. Thus, we decided to make the server automatically enable and disable a whitelist so that there will only be two small two-hour windows in which players can participate. We'll have them at opposite times of day to allow people from varying time zones to participate, without sacrificing the competitive aspect. Better get your factions ready! Griefers/Harassment: Lately we've had an increase in the number of malicious players coming to the server. I just wanted to remind you that we don't tolerate players greifing, stealing, or harassing one-another. If you have been griefed, we have systems in-place to repair any damage, and an obsessive moderation team that would be glad to help. Just contact anyone with an orange or red name if you have any issues or questions. But wait, I'm not finished, I also said "harassing one-another". We've had a few people join with no other goal in mind but to "troll" and cause disruption. Please do not harass or antagonize players trying to cause problems; let the moderators take care of it, and ignore them. As the saying goes "do not feed the trolls"; retaliation just makes you look immature, and stresses everyone out. Aug 19, 2012 EDIT: Now, it goes without saying, something weird happened on the server today. This leaves us with two options: Leave you all uninformed, or inform you of what happened and how we plan to fix/prevent it. Neither one will stop people from asking us questions, but at least the latter will help you all feel a little better knowing what went down. Some time early this morning, for a reason that has yet to be determined, the server was updated to 1.3.2. We do not know why this happened; there is a strange absence of logs from that specific window of time. The problem is, this was not a Bukkit version, this was a Vanilla version. Thus, fire spreading, creeper damage, and the like all were re-enabled due to the mysterious update. Many members chose to decorate their homes with fire; the spawn was decorated in a similar manner. When the fire-spread was re-enabled, it caused damage to the spawn and many homes. After reverting the Minecraft version back to 1.3.1 Bukkit, we observed the current damage and decided that reverting the map or starting fresh was not the best course of action. Instead, we will be compensating players for any losses and assisting them in re-construction. Thank you for bearing with us, we know it's been a rough week for all of us. We hope to see you on the server! ~Orca
  7. Celestia raises the sun. Luna raises the moon. But, that is only for half of the planet, if it's not flat. So, what happens in the other half? Are they under tyrant rule? Is there another Mane 6? What would happen if the two worlds collide? Let's find out
  8. So, in the newest episode (S2 E18), during 'Smile smile smile', I noticed an unnamed character I liked the design of, this character: As stated in my gallery, I was hoping that she would appear more frequently in the show (dunno why, just like her), and that she could be the next big side pony (like derpy or octavia). I don't have a name for her yet, but I was thinking Penny Doodle (as a joke) since she looks like my avatar, but if you guys have anything I'd like to hear it
  9. The Dawn of a New Relationship By:Parthenon Rated:T Cast: Applejack,You,Twilight Sparkle,Pinkie Pie,Fluttershy You wake up,sunlight in your eyes, and you notice that you are in Applejack's bedroom. Then you remember what happend last night. It felt good. You kiss her through her blonde mane and she laughs and wakes up. "Hey baby." she says,sleepilly. You say"Hi" back and look at her with your blue eyes and she smiles. "Lets go see Twilight" she says. You say "Ok" and get out of bed. As your walking to Twilight's house with Applejack, you notice that all of the ponies are looking at you with dreamy eyes. You ignore it for now. You finally get to Twilight's house. She then says"Oh.Hi. What are you doing with Applejack?" Applejack explains what happend last night. Twilight smiles and says "Well. Good for you two." You and Applejack then start to exit Twilight's house. Then,with no warning, a swarm of ponies greet you."Love me!" they all say. You and Applejack look at eachother. She then says"Run for it!". You then run for your life as te ponies follow your every move. The noise behind you dies down and you think it is ok to walk again. You then suggest going to meet Pinkie Pie. When you enter Sugarcube Corner, you notice that Pinkie Pie is making cupcakes. You say"Hey Pinkie.". She then looks at you and Applejack with a smile. "Pinkie, are you alright?" you say with worry."Oh Im ffff-fine. Yes. Fine."."Pinkie. it looks like you ate too many cupcakes. You should stop baking them." you say. As you finish your sentence,you notice that Applejack is gone. "Gotta go,Pinkie. Bye!" you say as you open the door. She then mumbles" Cupcakes are tasty." in a derranged voice. You then wonder where Applejack has gone. You then see a orange pony walk slowly down the street. Infront of her is Fluttershy. "Where is Fluttershy going with Applejack?" you wonder. You follow them,quietly and suspiciously, to where they are going. You then find that they are going to Fluttershy's cottage. You look inside the window.You scream with horror. WATCH FOR THE SEQUEL"You Go Insane"!