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  1. Hey every pony! I am new here and trying to gain friends! I love MLP
  2. It *might* be a tad early for this, but I've got 15 minutes to kill and I felt like starting a topic. DEAL WITH IT. So, who's you're favorite all powerful villain? This isn't a who can beat who contest--though feel free to start some trash talk if you want. Just vote for whoever you think is cooler! I'm really curious to see how this turns out, so I intend to keep a running tally. My vote? Nightmare Moon I'm a night person. Always have been. I dislike sunlight that is too bright and find I just think better in slightly dim lighting. The ethereal and mysterious themes of night have always appealed to me. So that makes Nightmare Moon pretty epic in my book. I mean, I like Luna even more, but as far as villains go, Nightmare is awesome. UPDATED FOR SEASON 2 FINALE Now we have Chrysalis. Cast your votes!
  3. This is a two-part question that's been bugging me lately. Way back in the first two episodes of season 1... 1) Was 1000 years a bit extreme of a punishment for Luna, considering that Luna's betrayal was really based on the fact that no one would stay up to hang out in the night she provided? Is banishment and isolation a just punishment for actions brought about by loneliness? 2) Celestia and Luna wielded the Elements of Harmony together before Luna's betrayal. Then Celestia used them herself in Luna's banishment. Did Celestia lose the power to wield them due to her using them against her sister? If she could still wield them, the Mane six would not have been neccesary to stop Nightmare Moon. Please Discuss!