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  1. Tired of Particle effects ruining your TF2 experiance? Tired of all those annoying miscs dropping your frames too? Well i have your solution and it's something i used while i played and boy does it help. It's called Clean TF2 and comes with quite a few mods that remove effects,Textures and other uneeded things to greatly improve FPS. This can remove so much crap hopefully this will be a good temp solution for anyone having problems and a perma solution to those who just need a FPS boost in generall. WARNING A CERTAIN MOD WILL CHANGE FOOTSTEP SOUNDS TO NOTHING BUT METAL. TO FIX THIS DO NOT INSTALL THE SURFACE PROPERTIES MOD. Thank you and enjoy! Lastly this is ALL ONE MOD FOLDER that comes with ALL THE MODS. So every mod you need and don't need comes in a folder NAMED CLEAN TF2. Anyways Enjoy! LINK:
  2. Hey guys! I wanted to change the old post name for my custom skins to just “Custom Skins” instead of “Halloween Custom Skins” but the only thing I can do is hide it. So, I hid the post and made a new one! This is where I will be posting my custom skins for EVERYONE to download! How to install: It's one single basic step! Unpack the zip inside your steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf folder I also am posting my halloween custom skins in this post here so yeah here we go! Rainbow Factory Dash: Preview: Download: Future Twilight/ Solid Sparkle: Preview: Download: Danger Suit Fluttershy: Preview: Download: Lil' Miss Rarity: Preview: Download: Timberjack: Preview: Download: Alushy: Preview: Download: All right then have a good day everybody and if you want to suggest a custom skin type it below! PS: FNaP (Five Nights At Pinkies) Has been postpone'd for reasons I will not say
  3. I am currently starting up a HL team that is looking for mains and subs, feel free to post here if you are looking to be in a HL team and adding me on steam if you want to talk about what you want to do, your time schedule and if you will be able to attened matches and scrims. If you have any form of expirence within a HL team or a 6s team, that would be great information to post!
  4. apology for bad english when were you when john lenin dies? i was sat at home eating butter when pjotr ring 'john is kill' 'no'
  5. A couple people were talking in chat about this and we were just talking about how season 2 worked. Personally, I think Pinkie Pie carried S2. She did most of the work and more often than not dunked any if not all of the episodes she was in. Rarity did give alot of dev into herself while still remaining the way she was and Discord was just by far one of the best villians ive seen yet in MLP. Rainbow tried to carry but she doesn't even lift so she kind of broke her back and made Pinkie have to carry harder. Applejack really just transversed into a Background Pony due to the fact that she never had much of an episode to herself like the others did, Fluttershy was mostly a bad stage performance and Twilight was kind of ehhish to me.
  6. After watching this video: =And reading this comment: "My Little Spikey, My Little Spikey, Ah Ah Ah Ah...My Little Spikey I used to wonder what the friend zone could be (My Little Spikey) Then I got put there by Rarity I thought it could be Tons of fun Then I realized I'm gettin' none Forever alone, I'm quite averse, And flirting makes it that much worse Yeah, My Little Spikey, Do you know we're nothing more than friendsssssssssss" It got me thinking... so I guess all neigh-sayers about the "first canon couple" Secret of my Excess were right after all huh? Discuss.