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  1. Well, this is awkward. I'm working on a boss that unlike my others, I'm actually releasing the code to the public. (and I've already pledged to elsewhere so I can't reneg, heh, see my alliedmodders post) It has very unique mechanics, and I'd hope to get the go-ahead to make a pony version (sent Raini a PM) as a super thin excuse to add it to VSP (think Judge Stallione) but well,'s a demonstration with more bugs and less polish than the current version: Ironically, if there were a pony version of her, it'd probably be released on VSP sooner than anywhere else, cause converting the actual character model from Unreal Engine would take a very long time. Anyway, I'm looking to test her extensively tonight at 10pm eastern/7pm pacific, since I imagine most folks will be available around then. I plan on using MC Village, Nucleus, and maybe Lumberyard for testing. I need to find bugs, balance issues, see what Bananable our resident game-breaker can do, etc. Aside from VSP being kind of a home server for me, it's also the place where I can find people who have most of the resources in my downloads folder already. ;) But testers will still need these: So sorry for the short notice, but spread the word. Feel free to add me on steam "sarysa" since I dunno what my IP is TBH and since my test server is my gaming PC, it can change whenever Verizon feels like changing it. Hope to see a good turnout. :)
  2. Yes I realize this goes in Boss suggestions but It's probably gonna cause a bit of a storm so I'll separate it. It's also been talked about in the past. Lets go back to the day when I was just starting up as a Moderator. Around that time Jug was the only Administrator that allowed Team killing during Discords rage due to "If they didn't, the rage would be useless". Most of us weren't convinced. Jump to today and suddenly Simple and Raini are both saying it's now OK? (Granted its only one per rage but still an Intentional kill). Now every admin is suddenly agreeing with them. I know they're the 2 highest powers but I feel I need to say something here. Do you wanna know why I hate intentional team killing? Because it dicks someone over and ruins their fun. Sure for a cheap laugh between friends on the occasion is fine or if you say Sorry, it's fine. But how would you like it if you got team killed every time discord was on? Not very fun is it? Now I've had this discussion/argument with several High powers and I feel the only way we're going to get an agreement is by simply removing the team kill part of the rage. It has caused enough trouble on the server as is and more stress on myself and possibly others. I cannot sit idly by and watch players lose fun in the server, that's how you get them coming back and donating to the server, actually looking out for them.
  3. I would like to be admin for the GMod server "Ponyville: TTT is magic" because there are too many RDMers on the server now and I think I would be the best for the job. If you let me be admin not only will I be admining your server I will be admining about 3 other servers too. If your server is not allowing porn sprays I take care of that too, so just let me know if that is the case on the server for sprays. Please consider me for admin and thank you for your time.