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  1. So Today At A Sunday Morning Day In Tokyo I Logged On To My Computer Hop On To Vsp United States Then You Know What Happened I Saw Default Loadouts Everywhere With Not Even A Single Hat,To Be Honest I Think Is A Great Idea That People Are Playing Like in a Communist Society,But You Know What Shits My Pants Hale Without Fixing Ranges And They Still Had Crossbow and Different Weapons, Okay That Is Not Even The Main Point We Can't Avoid It, Like No Ham Shanks Or Razorbacks Or Even Demoknights With Shield Or Protection Or Even Atomizer Users Or Wingers Users And That Is Not Really Fair. I Wish They Can Stick Into The Old Traditional Versus Ponyville With Cosmetics And Choices Of Weapons Hope You Guys Can all Hear Me Out On This And Stop Cancer From Spreading #BringBackOldVsp Have A Nice Day And PEACE! (Photo)My Score For Today Worst Then Before Without My Atomizer
  2. So after seeing Cinnamon Groove do this with movies, I thought to myself "Why hasn't anypony done this same topic for games yet?" Well instead of looking for the answer to that question, I decided to start the thread myself. Basically, the rules are the same as the movie version of this thread: - Play a game - Display your opinion about it as well as why you felt that way if you feel the need to describe such info (details are very much encouraged) - Post description(s) in spoiler blocks if you deem it necessary* *For those of you who don't know how to do spoilers (like me before this site), you basically put [ and ] with "spoiler" in between in front of your spoiler text and then you put [ and ] with "/spoiler" after your spoiler text. And no, it doesn't have to be put in bold. The final rule is one that I believe most bronies will follow regardless of me posting it, but just in case: Love and Tolerate. This is a forum for opinions to be posted and read, not to be critiqued upon. If you read a post where you disagree with the opinion stated there, keep the disagreement to yourself and consider the other person's point of view instead. Thank you /)
  3. ive had the idea of writing a fic and came up with this please give me ur opinion on it nd whether or not i should carry this onAbhorrent Behaviour The origin of the story is on a dark and gloomy summers night, the moon covered in smoke from the factory the smoke was dense, thick and impossible to see through. As the night extended in time the amount of smoke coming from the factory became denser and larger. From the outside of the rusty corroded gates you could hear screams of fillies being tortured with what seems to be sharpened cleavers and poison gas chambers. After they were killed the leader of the factory would cook them in an oven on the ovens inside was charred pieces of filly flank imprinted onto the oven and stains of blood sprayed against the side. At the top of the oven was a vent it led all the way to the top of factory the smoke that made the night so gloomy was coming from the ventilation hole. No pony ever dared go inside because of the horror they’ll be exposed to. The factory was owned by sacrament a devilish and spineless mad scientist pony who became at one with Satan earlier during the year. He wore a white scientist coat as white as paper with crisp brown trousers that look like they had just been ironed. Inside his factory he also had “filly killer” I device more sickening and abhorrent than the other contraptions inside the factory of doom. The factory had been there for decades no one ever comes out of it not even those who dare face the exposure of what is truly gruesome. Enough about the factory lets the start the story at the beginning. The origin of the story is on a dark and gloomy summers night, the moon covered in smoke from the factory the smoke was dense, thick and impossible to see through. As it so happens it was a night of true terror, Halloween! The cutie mark crusaders were trick or treating at every door they knocked. “ Sweetie belle… do you think we should knock at every house” applebloom said whilst staring at the face of the nauseating rusty gates of sacrament’s lurid factory. By this time scootaloo and sweetie belle both looked up together almost in sync to see the thick dense smoke. They gulped in sync as they looked upwards.
  4. I made this blog to see who is the epicest character in MLP. BTW I don't really have favourites but I like Spike, Appledash, Rainbow Dash, Luna and Derpy.