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  1. So after seeing Cinnamon Groove do this with movies, I thought to myself "Why hasn't anypony done this same topic for games yet?" Well instead of looking for the answer to that question, I decided to start the thread myself. Basically, the rules are the same as the movie version of this thread: - Play a game - Display your opinion about it as well as why you felt that way if you feel the need to describe such info (details are very much encouraged) - Post description(s) in spoiler blocks if you deem it necessary* *For those of you who don't know how to do spoilers (like me before this site), you basically put [ and ] with "spoiler" in between in front of your spoiler text and then you put [ and ] with "/spoiler" after your spoiler text. And no, it doesn't have to be put in bold. The final rule is one that I believe most bronies will follow regardless of me posting it, but just in case: Love and Tolerate. This is a forum for opinions to be posted and read, not to be critiqued upon. If you read a post where you disagree with the opinion stated there, keep the disagreement to yourself and consider the other person's point of view instead. Thank you /)
  2. Well like the title says I am a newbie to tf2 and I was thinking I should start playing the game more often to see how it is and all I only play it couple of time but in practice mode cause I am just just trying to get the hang of the control's and I was wondering what is the best server to go to on here and how do you connect to it and again sorry for the newbie questions. Cause if I start liking the game maybe later on I should start buying different guns and accessories for the characters also whats a good class to start off with right away so then I can move on along with another different type of class once I am use to the game play and all and the environment.