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  1. So, I know many of us would love to go to Equestria. What happens when the series ends though? If you could move to Equestria, a one way trip, but it would mean living for only four or five more years, would you do it? And what it you could just live happily ever after? Would you go? Just you, you can't take anyone with you. Edit: tweaked poll options.
  2. Hello vsp community, today I would like to do some science, and I would love if you guys could chip in and help me out by answering these 10 quick questions, please be as honest as possible. So here is what I'm asking. 1.What class do you usually play in vsp 2.What class do you think is the most underpowered (does least amount of damage and has low sustainability) 3. What class do you think is the most overpowered (does most damage and sustainability) 4.Do you think most hales are over powered? 5.Out of these 4 what kills you the most (lag, super jump, rage or neigh down) 6. What do you believe is your average damage you gain on hale,per life 7.If you are having a bad day, what is your average damage per round 8.How long have you been playing vsh/vsp/ff2 type game modes for. 9.On a scale from one to ten how good are you at vsp in your opinion 10.What two classes do you do the most damage with (not what you are best at, what classes give you the most raw hale damage) Try to keep the answers as short and sweet as possible, if you can't think of an answer just take a well educated guess. Thanks! Also sorry for the grammar mistakes auto correct in iPad and all.
  3. Just a simple poll, curious about how many people on this website (that vote) actually play the home of our beloved VSP.
  4. Since I really think there should be a new poll for this... well, here it is. (derp) Anyway, before you vote (and don't really read the suggestions thread), Scootz recently revealed that the FNaP hales are (maybe) coming back. (That's Five Nights at Pinkie's, for those who voted 4) However, it's likely that some people share Col's view: My point regarding if a boss should even exist if the first place has nothing to do with how it plays out. I just don't like the ideas of "ponifying anything" and making it a boss. My 2 least favorite bosses when it comes to this is Thi and Judge. Neither of the characters are related to MLP at all, and just shouldn't be bosses to begin with. I don't care how well it actually plays, why does it even exist as a boss to begin with? This is a reason why the brony fandom is despised so much, ponifying literally everything. So basically, I can make literally anything into a pony, and make it a boss, as long as it plays decently, it can get added? I just don't agree with that. If it has nothing to do with MLP to begin with, I don't see its point in existing. Said this before if I remember correctly, but if if a majority of new players don't know who a character is when they're played, why is it a boss anyways? Sorry for rambling so much. :/ So... vote away! (These endings really need to be more creative) Also, apologies if I've made this poll a bit... too soon. ​
  5. Sometime within the last week or so, the dedicated multiplayer servers have become available for StarBound. As much as I enjoy the game with my own friends, I don't see myself justifying buying a server that may only be used 50% of the time it is launched. My point in short: - I'm looking into buying a 12-20 slot server (depending on the response to the poll) - The server will begin Vanilla (No mods). This might be changed, still considering. - It will be password protected to help keep random players / potential griefers from getting into the server. I understand the servers are generally left unlocked, but anyone who can find this thread, will be able to locate the password. This is to see if there is any public interest beyond hosting it for my own friends. If you do vote "No", I would be interested in knowing why. Please do not vote "No" because you do not have the game though. EDIT: I like the part where someone decided to vote no without explaining it anyway. Shit happens.
  6. Hi everypony! I decided to make a thread for requests, since I can't really remember them that well during TF2, though I tend to grab the ones I remember. So feel free to post your song requests here, and if I think the song will sound alright over micspam (and it doesn't fit my 'Ew! no.' list), I'll scrounge it up and add it to my play list! I'll occasionally go through and post responses with songs I've gotten but I should say this now. I don't stock depressing songs, rap, most forms of country, or songs with strong language, and I try to avoid adult concepts. So, premise given, here's a list of what I have so far, and I'll keep this up to date as I can. Pony Music Art of the Dress Winter Wrap Up BBBFF This Day Aria At the Gala Cupcakes Giggle at the Ghosties Gotta share, Gotta Care Looking For That Special Somepony Becoming Popular Pony Pokey Flim Flam Brothers May The Best Pet Win (Find a Pet song) Smile Smile Smile Intro Intro Extended Pony Remixes / Arrangements / Fan Music Equestria Girls Hush Now, Quiet Now (Fandub) A Lonely Distress Applejack's Fighting is Magic BBBFF - Toastwaffle's Remix Beyond Her Garden - Instrumental Dubstep Dishwasher Elements of Harmonics Evil Enchantress -Super Ponybeat Fluttershy's Lament For the New Lunar Republic (original) For the New Lunar Republic - Hymn to the Moon She's a Pony (General Mumble) I Will Rise (Kinda Better vocals version) I Will Rise (Final Mix) Like A Spinning Record -Instrumental Love Is In Bloom (original Archie Remix) Lower The Moon Lunar Eclipse Luna's Fall to Darkness Luna's Fallen Hero Nightmare Night - Instrumental All Powerful Trixie (original) All Powerful Trixie (Instrumental) Octavia's Dream Octavia's Requiem Party with the Apple Family Giggle at the Ghostly -Silva Hound vs Jack the App remix Party with Pinkie Pinkie's Brew (extended) Pinkie's Fighting is Magic Rarity's Fighting is Magic Song to the Princesses (original, by request only) The Stars Will Aid In Her Escape Twilight's Fighting is Magic Theme TF2 Fan Music 13 Days of Christmas BLU Wonderland Extra Dispensial It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Dustbowl Spy Sappin My Sandwich TF2 Gun Sounds Orchestra When the Pyro is Doing His Job From TV Animaniacs - Nations of the World Animaniacs - Wakko's 50 State Capitols Animaniacs - Intro Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers - Full Code Lyoko - Full Cowboy Bebop Opening Darkwing Duck Intro Duck Tales Theme Evangelion Theme Freakazoid Intro Inspector Gadget Theme Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme Pinky and the Brain - Parts of the Brain Pinky and the Brain - Intro Pokemon Theme - Original, Full Pokemon Theme - 8 Bit Samurai Jack - Intro Samurai Jack -Intro Loop Tales from the Crypt Theme Pink Panther Theme -Full Xmen Animated Series Theme Yakkity Sax (Benny Hill) Yu Yu Hakusho Theme From Movies Back to the Future Theme Boondock Saints Theme Ghost Busters Theme Indiana Jones Theme -Full Jaws Theme Mission Impossible Theme -Full Mortal Kombat Theme - Original Original Oompah Loompah Songs (Request only) Pirates of the Caribbean -Orchestral Medley Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka) The Imperial March Lord of the Rings - Revelation of the Ringwraiths This Is Halloween Chrono Trigger Chrono Resurrection OST Chrono Symphonic Soundtrack Final Fantasy Clash on the Big Bridge -Orchestral FFII Main Theme - Orchestral FFVI Terra's Theme -Orchestral One Winged Angel - Black Mages Version Those Who Fight Further -Black Mages Version Metroid AriesT Metroid Prime Opening Remix Avien Beneath The Red Soil Berinstar Cranial Symphony Kraid's Theme -Original Metroid Prime 3, Bryyo Cliffside (Request Only) Metroid Prime, Phendrana Drifts (Request Only) Metroid Prime, Title Metroid Space Orchestra One Girl In All The World Ridley's Theme -Super Metroid The Crimson Depths The Galaxy Awaits Torvus Clockwork Yellow Valkyrie Zelda -Originals- Song of Healing Song of Storms Fi's Theme Follow Fi (Interior) Follow Fi (Exterior) Fi's Theme #2 Fi's Theme #2 (Variation) Lanayru Mine -Laynaru Gorge Lanayru Mine -Timeshift Stone Faron Woods Silent Realm Eldin Volcano Silent Relm Fi's Lament Fi's Farewell -Remixes- Bolero of Fire -Hylian Ensemble Enter the Temple of Time (Request Only) Eye of the Storm Stone Temple Tower Serenade of Storms Song of Storms - Hylian Ensemble Song of Storms, Blood Lightning Tears of the Sky Temple of Time Techno Temple of Time - BearTheShadows Mix From Other Games Brawl Music -Fountain of Dreams Brawl Music -Tetris Type A Brawl Music -Sonic Boom Castlevania - Bloody Tears (Piano) Castlevania Judgement - Vampire Killer Civ 4 - Baba Yetu Kirby Superstar - Gourmet Race Kirby Superstar - Green Greens Megaman 2 - Air Man Megaman 2 - Metal Man Megaman X - Spark Mandrill Megaman 10 - Solar Man Metal Gear Solid - Alert! Metal Gear Solid - Main Theme Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater (Request Only) Portal 2 -This Is Aperture (fan music) Sonic 2 - Emerald Hill Zone Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone Act 1 Sonic & Knuckles - Invincible Sonic & Knuckles - Lava Reef Zone Act 1 Sonic Adventure 2 - City Escape Star Fox Orchestral Game Concert #3 Street Fighter 2 - Guile's Theme Street Fighter 4 - Cammy's Theme Super Mario - Original Theme Suepr Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks Super Mario Bros 2 - Overworld Tetris Type A - Original TES4 - Skyrim Theme - Full General Music - Anything that doesn't fit the above but isn't numerous enough to warrant its own folder Ain't No Rest for the Wicked Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry, Be happy Bonnie Tyler - I Need A Hero Boom Deyada Daft Punk - Around The World Daft Punk -Better Stronger Faster Darude - Sandstorm Do You Believe In Magic Doctor Who -Jakazid Remix (AKA DJ P0N-3 Takes a request from Doctor Whooves) Dona Crei Tun (Request Only) E Nomine - Mitternacht E Nomine - Vater Unser Epic Sax Guy Escala - Palladio Eye of the Tiger Flight of the Bumblebee - Violin Flight of the Valkyrie Homestuck - Umbral Ultimatum Hot Butter - Popcorn Hungarian Dance no 5 -Piano Johnny Cash - Aint No Grave Johnny Cash -God's Gonna Cut You Down Johnny Cash - I won't Back Down Johnny Cash - I've Been Everywhere Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire Massive Attack -Paradise Circus (Request Only) Maxwell's Silver Hammer Minecraft - Diggy Diggy Hole Nightwish -Everdream Nightwish -Last of the Wilds Parov Stelar - Catgroove Parov Stelar - Chaimbermaid Swing - Full Particle Man Qntal - Winter Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up Royal Crown Revenue - Hey Pachuco (AKA that one song from The Mask) Scatman John - Scatman Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me (Request Only) Sisters of the Light Sunshine Lolipops and Rainbows Sweet Victory - Full The Protomen Act II - The Hounds (Request Only) Trouble is a Friend Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth Yellow Submarine Derp? -Humorous 'songs' only played when server is goofign off OR by request. Moonbase Alpha provides a realistic portrayal of life. Hey what's goin' on? - He Man Parody. Trololol - Original Just for clarification, this thread is to request *new* songs that I don't have.
  7. what do you like about being a brony, or being with other bronies? (this poll may have been done before, but i dont think it has)
  8. Which of these 'adversary' type characters would you like to see return in a future episode? Most of them will not likely be adversaries again, as their matters were resolved by the end of their respective episodes. But they'd still make for interesting cameos or plot devices. You should be able to pick multiple entries, vote for as many as you like. This is my first poll atempt, so I hope I got it right.
  9. This thread is to discuss giving donators the ability to use a /teamswitch command to change teams. Donators may also become immune to the auto-balancer as part of this perk. Such a command / perk would allow donators to: Play on the same team as their friends Play their preferred play style, such as defense or attack Avoid the frustration of being auto-balanced Avoid rage by being able to escape an incompetent team But, it comes with risks: Possible team stacking Other abuses I haven't thought of So, the floor is open for discussion. Voting is open. The second option is multiple choice with sub-options. Choose all options that apply.