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  2. CISPA: Worse Than SOPA Basically you all remember the whole PIPA/SOPA fiasco from a few months ago. Well we knew they'd be back once the initial furor died down. Behold CISPA, the 100x worse bill. In effect what CISPA is trying to do is take the new Arizona Internet Censorship law and taking it to unheard of heights. The way the law is written gives the government the right to censor basically, anything and everything on the internet that it deems is "disruptive or offensive" to government or business. -You want to use Facebook or Twitter to organize an otherwise legal protest? Well it's inherently disruptive therefore can be censored. -You and a partner want to create a business that competes with another business, maybe one that has strong government ties? Well, that's disruptive, so therefore censored. -The government will have the authority to access read and preemptively censor "WITHOUT ANY DUE PROCESS OR OVERSIGHT" basically anything you write if it wants to. Emails social media hell even this site. -It does not matter if the intent of the law is this or even if the law stands up to the unquestionable challenges it will face. The fact of the matter is Congress is even considering this bill let alone having written it.
  3. Ok people the new video game systems, that is set to be release on 2013 would not have any backwards compatibility, meaning you can not buy used games or take you're games to you're friend home to play together. Also gamestop and other palaces that sells used games and systems would not sell the new systems cause of lost sell revenue. I think that this is gonna be a big hurt for Sony, and Microsoft, if they do this so whats you're thought of this matter are you gonna buy the new systems despite that you can not purchase or play used games on it and also you think this will help out Nintendo, cause of Sony, and Microsoft, issue with the backward compatibility issue.
  4. UK Online Privacy Threatened Here is the article for it in case you wanna read about it. So people what do you think about this situation and if it does come to the states what will you do about it ?.
  5. Name a movie that's the next one alphabetically from the one before. Avatar Bad Santa Casablanca Next one starts with D.