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  1. Several players that mainly play on the Texas Server has been wanting to know if these issues have been discussed about and resolved within the Admins to suppress any future problems on the VSP servers. The problem with ping maskers especially those that mask their ping when they actually have 200+ ping while in the Texas servers, Hopefully this problem has been discussed about resolved as being kickable and or a bannable offense? The R rage problem with Pinkie Pie and Braeburn since it can be used in the air during it making the Hale able to freely strafe through the air and get goombas' when the hale itself is supposed to do the taunt as well in which to my eyes is an exploit, Hopefully this has been resolved as a kickable and or a bannable offense especially since exploits is clearly mentioned on the motd. Hopefully these problems has been discussed about within the Admins and resolved with the recommended judgement to them so the people in this forum community that Constantly play on the VSP servers would like the clarified responses on these problems.
  2. I'm starting this thread because every once in awhile, I have something really heavy to get off my chest. I welcome everypony else to use it for the same purpose. Also, any feedback or words of encouragement you have for anypony on this thread would be great.
  3. Starting thread specific to California votemap issues. Medics No Kumar, you weren't overthinking after all. Seems there's a problem with outside medics interfering with all the game modes...not just Dodgeball. Mediguns can leak through the type of wall used to block the arena. The problem with coming up a solution is that medics are a legitimate part of Free For All and Arena. Maybe breaking the medibeam in PreThink (removing the Medigun's target) might fix the problem? Do this for anyone outside of the arena's bounds, much like how their attacks are currently ineffective. (note: I have not tested this myself)
  4. Basically {Violet} Motherly DemoScootabat got banned by videogames. I myself saw videogames ban my friend without his physical proof and he never checked the spray himself. He just went off of holy bird popes advice. This is his first ban and it was for two weeks! My friend was simply talking to others about the spray and they say he was mouthing off. Again videogames heard this from bird pope. There was no verification on this ban. EDIT: I didn't know where to post this sorry ;_; im just worried about my friend. EDIT : I just seen the ban submissions/protests forum if you can move this.
  5. Hey, I've always been a fan of this series, and I wanted to share all of the drama that follow it with you guys!
  6. Hey, I've always been a fan of this series, and I wanted to share all of the drama that follows it with you guys!