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  1. As I would love to put this down I can't this is a giant smack in the face when I read it. Arokhantos posted a GIF of cellshader and he said this: "Bassicly to sum it up simple agreed that deserve to become vsp dev and get exclusive tittle but needed to talk to Raini first, Raini disagreed then told excuse that maps aren't exclusive like i even care that they are, models aren't exclusive either. So she say'd if i don't agree she will remove my map......... I'm ofcourse not gonna agree, because map makers have never gotten same respect from anyone as model makers, even valve does the same thing hat makers make hats in just a day of work roughly and submit it to workshop, and get more respect. Map makers get map stamps which who the hell buy's anyway. With that in mind all i asked for to be treated the same. If also decided to leave the community for now untill raini and simple change there mind, and treat map makers the same way as model makers. Some of the work model makers have done does't even come close to the amount of work if done on cellshader map, not mention some devs haven't really created anything did contribute, but it still does't compare to amount of work if done on my map. The map looks simple but it really been lot of work due cellshading the whole thing, keeping in mind also that hammer is very outdated so working inside hammer takes much more time then inside blender for example. With that in mind i'm not gonna agree with raini that map makers should be treated as bag of crap, i won't come back untill things been set straight, and untill raini simple apoligize for their childish behaviour. There a few that have agreed and consider map awesome, if spend 1 month straight fixing the map to please a minority that did't like the map in its brightness. So i'm already quite pissed i did't get what i deserve without asking, let alone not getting it while asking. Treating map makers like crap just because of exclusiveness is the dumbest excuse if ever heared, and i will not accept it. Like and comment if you agree." Here is the link: I know this might be starting stuff but I only wanna show this to pretty much Simple and Raini and other members of this community. Thank you for reading it have a great day~ Scootz~ Edit #1: a total of 11 people upvoted it and 2 people commented saying they agree