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  1. I hated it. :c I haven't really played the maps, but everything else is boring. The cosmetics are all mehhh, except the Sniper set, and the reskins are well.....reskins. The pass is completely worthless to buy, unless you manage to sell crates for a lot on hype. Other then that, it has literally no use, unless you want to just support the makers of it. Oh yeah, we got some more broken crafted weapons though, I got the craft #56 Star Shooter. :3 Discuss or something, I dunno.
  2. I prefer Sweet Apple Acres. I actually made this primarily for a Source Filmmaker sketch I'm working on, but decided to make sure it looked reasonably good (even though it won't be seen so close in the sketch) You can download the VTF here. It goes in materials\models\weapons\v_bottle\ If enough people like it, I will also take a moment to put together a zip file, to make it easy to extract to your game folder. EDIT: Darn it, I'm pretty sure it's "I don't normally drink..."